A small bathroom needs small pieces of furniture but it demands style and finesse in order to look fabulous. There is no reason to fear the choice of the bathroom’s vanity because beauty comes in all sizes. From transparent glass designs to solid wood cabinets every vanity has its own characteristics to make the space stylish. In today’s post we are presenting you with a collection of small bathroom vanities that will really amaze you. You may also see Bathroom Vanity Designs

Small Rustic Bathroom Vanity

In the rustic style the bathroom vanities need to be made of wood. You can find many designs that incorporate other materials like glass and metal in a lesser degree but you will end with a stunning small bathroom setting. You may also see Rustic Bathroom Vanity Designs

Small Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanity

small rustic wood bathroom vanity


Small Rustic Bathroom Vanity Countertop Design

small rustic bathroom vanity countertop design


Modern Small Bathroom Vanity

If you want a modern design then you have many options to go about it. You can choose minimalistic vanities that offer cabinets or drawers while you can also choose a wall mounted design to make the space look larger. You may also see Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Small Modern White Bathroom Vanity

small modern white bathroom vanity


Small Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

small modern wall mounted bathroom vanity


Small Corner Bathroom Vanity

Corners are awkward spots that stay unused. However with a corner vanity you will be able to take advantage of the space while adding storage solutions to your small bathroom. The materials used range in wood, glass and metal designs.

Small Corner Bathroom Vanity with Storage

small corner bathroom vanity with storage


Simple Small Corner Bathroom Vanity

simple small corner bathroom vanity


Small White Bathroom Vanity

White is a color that makes every space look brighter while at the same time gives the illusion of wider room. You can find many designs like wooden cabinets or metallic white frames that will make your bathroom look scrumptious. You may also see Bathroom Vanity Lighting Designs

Small Black and White Bathroom Vanity

small black and white bathroom vanity


Small White Bathroom Vanity with Cabinets

small white bathroom vanity with cabinets


Small Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating vanities have a stylish design that can be incorporated in almost every style. You can go for a simple shelve design that will have minimalistic style or you can choose a cabinet or drawer look for extra organizing features.

Small Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

small modern floating bathroom vanity


Small Floating Bathroom Vanity with Mirror

small floating bathroom vanity with mirror


Small Wood Bathroom Vanity

Wood is a classic material that can give you stunning looks with lots of character. There is a great variety of designs to go for in the size that will fit your needs offering you storage solutions and extra style. You may also see Double Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Small Wood Cabinets Bathroom Vanity

small wood cabinets bathroom vanity

Design by Chalet Development

Small Wood Bathroom Vanity Lighting

small wood bathroom vanity lighting


Small Antique Bathroom Vanity

Antique designs are going to make even the smallest of bathrooms look fantastic. These designs have an old look that gives off an all time classic ambiance turning your space into an elegant yet fashionable space with extra satisfying character.

Small Antique Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Idea

small anitque bathroom vanity cabinets idea


Traditional Small Antique Bathroom Vanity

traditional small antique bathroom vanity

Photo by Sequined Asphault

DIY Small Bathroom Vanity

You can make your own bathroom vanity with any small piece of furniture. If you have an old table with the right size for your bathroom you can have it as a vanity with style while choosing a bowl sink.

DIY Small Bathroom Vanity Idea

diy small bathroom vanity idea


Small Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity

Wall mount designs will help your space making it look larger. You can find many designs in various materials ranging from metal to wood while also offering extra features like a towel bar or side shelves for extra storage space.

Small Wall Mount Floating Bathroom Vanity

small wall mount floating bathroom vanity


Simple Small Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity

simple small wall mount bathroom vanity

Photo by Chris Snook

Small Vintage Bathroom Vanity

Vintage designs come in all sizes giving you the opportunity to style your space with a small bathroom vanity. You will find them in classic designs that feel and look magnificent while also giving you a romantic character of style.

Small Vintage Bathroom Vanity Storage Design

small vintage bathroom vanity storage design


A small bathroom vanity has to look stylish while at the same time offering you the utmost functionality. Small vanities are a great choice in order to achieve creating a space where everything works as they should without disturbing you. Also you get to have everything organized in a way that is convenient. Choosing a design with shelves or cabinets will help you store your things safely while a set of drawers will look elegant.

If you want to add a visual interest in your space you can go for a mirrored vanity. These designs will help you make your space look larger while reflecting the light beautifully in the bathroom. No matter what you choose we sure hope that you will check all designs.

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