A house is not complete without a bathroom. Modern houses have elegant bathrooms. Designer bathrooms have adorned the bathroom space, transforming the look of the house. There are a number of attractive bathroom designs that adds charm to an individual’s bathroom space.

The contemporary bathroom with granite countertop, classic bathroom countertop design, grey countertop tiles idea, double vanity with brown granite, two toned bathroom with black granite countertop, black and white granite bathroom countertop, gold colour granite vanity top, double countertops with green granite, small bathroom with granite countertops, antique granite bathroom vanity are some of the designs that are used to adorn the bathroom interiors of modern bathrooms.

Contemporary Bathroom with Granite Countertop

contemporary bathroom with granite countertop


This bathroom style is popular in recent times. Construction of the bathroom involves the use of Colonial Cream Granite. Such Granite is readily available from the local supply stores. The bathroom has an attractive faucet. It is gorgeous in appearance. The bathroom has a granite floor. Other attributes of the bathroom include the bathroom cabinet, counter top combo, vanity sinks, bathroom mirrors, and a host of other bathroom furnishings and all these make the contemporary bathroom with the Granite Countertop a perfect choice in modern households.

Classic Bathroom Countertop Design

classic bathroom countertop design

Design By : Greystokes Millwork Ltd

The classic bathroom countertop design is meant for those bathrooms that are part of spacious houses. The bathroom floor is made up of Baltic brown granite, dark granite. The bathroom has a faux finish. As part of design the bathroom has the oversized mirrors. Other important features of the bathroom include the presence of vanity cabinet, floor, counter top. The stylish look and appearance of the bathroom makes it the perfect choice for the modern home users.

Grey Countertop Tiles Idea

grey countertop tiles idea


In many modern bathrooms, the idea of Grey Countertop Tiles Idea is gaining pace. Such idea makes an individual’s bathroom experience more inviting and luxurious. A user of the infrastructure can find solid granite slabs on the bathroom floor, shower wall. The beautiful shower floors are made of granite. The grey countertop tiles make the bathroom space attractive. If the bathroom is spacious then the attractiveness of the bathroom space gets augmented with a host of bathroom furnishings.

Double Vanity with Brown Granite

double vanity with brown granite


The Double vanity with Brown Granite countertops is apt for the spacious bathrooms. If there are antique cabinets in the bathrooms then the use of the countertops simple adds to the beauty of the bathroom space. Other attractive features of the bathroom include the presence of ivory natural stone floor tiles which cover the floors, bronze fixtures, other bathroom furnishings that enhances the look of the bathroom space.

Two Toned Bathroom with Black Granite Countertop

two toned bathroom with black granite

Design By : Nancy Snyder

Bathrooms have sinks but with this design they have the double vanity along with the under mount sinks. The purpose of the vanity lies in the fact that it offers storage space. The vanity keeps the granite counter top clutter free. The bathroom sinks have their own mirror, sconces. With proper illumination, painting on the bathroom walls, the interior of bathroom look attractive.

Black and White Granite Bathroom Countertop

black and white granite bathroom countertop


Granite stones are mostly used for bathroom designs. Black and White granite bathroom countertops are available for bathroom furnishings. If the bathroom is spacious then the use of the stones enhances the interior beauty of the bathroom.

Gold Colour Granite Vanity Top

gold color granite vanity design


The traditional bathrooms need to use tiles, stone and countertops. Well illuminated bathrooms with proper furnishings, use of gold colour granite vanity top make the bathroom space attractive for the user.

Double Countertops with Green Granite

double countertops with green granite


The use of double countertops with green granite in bathroom renovation makes the bathroom space attractive. In this context, one need to say that finding the colour counter top is relatively easy. These are available in e-commerce websites from where the buyers can purchase them conveniently. With bathroom furnishings, countertops, desired level of illumination the entire bath space becomes attractive.

Small Bathroom with Granite Countertop

small bathroom with granite countertops


The bathroom space is brightened using light pendants in the bathroom. The bathroom also contains mirrors. To reflect the lights that comes from the pendants. All this brighten the bathroom space. The use of rugs decorate the bathroom floor make it attractive.

Antique Granite Bathroom Vanity

antique granite bathroom vanity

Design By : DzignIT

The antique granite bathroom vanity is often recommended by interior designers, decorators. The design incorporates countertop cabinets, green granite tiles, green countertops, etc. The design style of the antique granite bathroom vanity makes it popular among the users.

Black Granite Countertop for Bathroom

black granite countertop for bathroom


Traditional bathroom with Double Vanity

traditional bathroom with double vanity

Angela Todd Designs

Yellow Granite Bathroom Vanity

yellow granite bathroom vanity

USI Remodeling

Spacious Bathroom with Double Vanity

spacious bathroom with double vanity

Cornerstone Architects

Elegant Bathroom with Blue and Gold Granite

elegant bathroom with blue and gold granite


Vintage Look Bathroom Design Idea

vintage look bathroom design idea


Rustic Granite Bathroom Countertop

rustic granite bathroom countertop

Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Brown Color Countertop Tiles Design

brown color countertop tiles design

DW Dively Construction Services

Black Galaxy Granite Vanity for Bathroom

black galaxy granite vanity for bathroom

Jil Sonia Interiors

Classic Bathroom with Mosaic Tile Arched

classic bathroom with mosaic tile arched

MainStreet Design Build

Luxurious Master Bathroom with Double Vanity

luxurious master bathroom with double vanity

Mary Dewalt Design Group Inc

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