Looking for unique ideas to create a contemporary master bathroom in your premises? We have collected a few examples from across the internet that you might want to check out. The basic idea about a contemporary design to your master bathroom would be creating a relaxing retreat with the use of contrasting colors and textures. Fully equipped, the master bathroom is supposed to be the grandest and deserves the dreamiest looks!

Luxurious Contemporary Bathroom Idea

luxurious contemporary bathroom idea

Michael Abrams

Who said that bathrooms cannot be colorfully luxurious? A themed contrast with blue glass and dark tile work can do well to beef up the space. The use of big glass, be it for the sink mirror or the shower space separator will be more than functionality. Ambient lighting is the final element that makes the master bathroom look grand.

Traditional Bathroom with Ceiling

traditional bathroom with ceiling

Susan Hersker, ASID

From the door knobs to the frame mirrors and the wall scones, everything needs to reflect the touch of preciseness. As opposed to a single lighting source for the whole space, several small and warm installations will bring out the traditional appeal while keeping up with the modern demands.

White Contemporary Bathroom Design

white contemporary bathroom design

Kristin Lam Interiors

Clean lighting and bright bath is well supported by white marble and a lot of glass work. Perfect for any modern couple there is freshness and great style to this well equipped and decorated master bathroom. The use of natural flower pots and ambient lighting in the corners makes the room feel bigger.

Gray Accent Wall Bathroom Idea

gray accent wall bathroom idea

Astro Design Centre

This is a perfect contemporary design scheme for master bathroom. Using the right crisp colors and lighting, you will be able to create a warm ambience. Elements like the ceiling water tap and tiled showers will make it feel luxurious and yet cozy.

Black and White Tiles Bathroom

black and white tiles bathroom

J Design Group

In mood for the exotic? This completely dark scheme for a master bathroom actually looks very elegant and can be a dream project. The balance created by big gray tiles, the charcoal borders and the white furnishing looks classy in every aspect. Some abstract paintings on the wall would be great addition to the theme.

Traditional Bathroom with Dark Stained Wood Cabinets

traditional bathroom with dark stained wood cabinets

Parkyn Design

If you are passionate about dark bathroom schemes, you will be flattered with this dark coffee colored cabinetry. Balanced well by lighter mosaic and white furnishing, this would be a highly luxurious project. Evoking the essence of rustic traditional home designing, it would be perfect for any couple looking for the best.

Luxurious Beach Style Bathroom

luxurious beach style bathroom

Spinnaker Development

Bathroom designing can be fun too and doesn’t always need to be coined with words like contemporary or traditional. A good example would be this beach styled master bathroom. The colors of the sand and the sea come alive with effective use of tiling, lighting and woodwork. Putting in décor elements like pebbles, shell vases and similar other things will add to the mood.

Modern Bathroom Design Idea

modern bathroom design idea


Spacious and simple, this bathroom adheres to plain inlays and smooth paint work. Sticking to the very basic necessity and not blowing it up is the basic idea for this beautiful modern bathroom.

Awesome Bathroom with Corner Bath Tub

awesome bathroom with corner bath tub

Photo by Candace Nordquist

The arrangement of individual elements like the bathtub can have a lot of say in the overall mood of your master bathroom. Kept in a corner, this particular scheme doesn’t just look comfortable but also frees up a lot of space. Perfect for young couples!

Neutral Bathroom with Glass Shower

neutral bathroom with glass shower

Photo by Michael Saunders & Company

This bathroom scheme follows a simple yet elegant décor scheme and arrangement. Granite countertop is balanced with streamlined tiling to create a contemporary look. Installations like marble showers will also beef up the available space and helps disperse from a single source of light.

Sophisticated Master Bathroom with Mirrors

sophisticated master bathroom with mirrors

Ulrich Inc

Small Bathroom with White Cabinets

small bathroom with white cabinets


Gold Tile Bathroom Design

gold tile bathroom design

Revive Home Design

Unique Bathroom with Brown Cabinets

unique bathroom with brown cabinets

Fredman Design Group

Classic Bathroom with Blue Wall Paint

classic bathroom with blue wall paint

KraftMaster Renovations

Cozy Farmhouse Bathroom Idea

cozy farmhosue bathroom idea


Elegant Bathroom with Mosaic Floor

elegant bathroom with mosaic floor

Sklar Design Group, LLC

Rustic Contemporary Bathroom

rustic contemporary bathroom

Stanton Homes Inc

Simple Bathroom with Double Vanity

simple bathroom with double vanity

Creative Remodeling and Designs

Modern Bathroom with Decorative Wall

modern bathroom with decorative wall

Spellacy Schroeder Interiors

White Siberian Tiled Bathroom

white siberian tiled bathroom

Enviable Designs

We hope that you liked our ideas for master bathroom. If you have something unique to share on these lines, we would be glad to hear!

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