Having a properly designed bathroom that has modern looks along with the required facilities is essential. You can’t neglect bathrooms while just focusing on the rest of the house. If you are looking for a dark-colored bathroom design and are confused regarding what design to choose from, this article might help you out in giving you a few tips.

Dark Grey Bathroom Design

dark grey bathroom design

J Design Group

Grey is one of the most trending colors today for the purpose of interior deisging. A combination of grey, white and black can give your bathroom a rich and sophisticated look.

Dark Contemporary Bathroom Tiles Design

dark contemporary bathroom tiles design


Black and grey combination in the bathrooms also looks very modern. You can also set up textured tiles or mosaic tiles of a different hue of the same shade and it will change the look of your bathroom completely.

Luxury Master Bathroom Design

luxury master bathroom design

Robeson Design

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can think of setting up a dressing table along with a mirror and a chair to fill up the vacant spaces. You can also set up big rugs and a bathtub of any color of your choice.

Asian Bathroom with Granite Marble Walls

asian bathroom with granite marble walls

Danenberg Design

You choose from a variety of dark shades like brown, burgundy, magenta, etc, and combine them with alittle hint of white to have a new makeover for your bathroom. You can also include marble walls to give your bathroom a rich look.

Stunning Bathroom Renovation Design

stunning bathroom renovation design

Astro Design Centre

You can choose this design if you have a bigger bathroom. Choose white color for the walls and floor and a darker shade like brown, black or grey for the furniture like cabinets, wall pieces, vases, etc. This will make your bathroom look stunning.

Traditional Bathroom with Polished Floor

traditional bathroom with polished floor

Tim Barber Ltd

Add a touch of white and dark brown to your bathroom to give it a traditional look. Select wooden cabinets and polishing and the rest of the bathroom as white to make it look beautiful. You can also add traditional wall pieces or paintings and flower vases if you wish to.

Contemporary Master Bathroom with Chandelier

contemporary master bathroom with chandelier

Weber Design Group

This is one of the modern styles of the bathrooms that are found in royal hotels. Just add a chandelier to the ceiling of your bathroom in a complimentary color with that of your bathroom and it will make your bathroom look modern and exquisite.

Custom Master Bathroom with Marble

custom master bathroom with marble

A. Perry Homes

A dark colored bathroom with white marble floor is a very popular choice for bathroom design. Choose this design along with golden hangings and decorations and make your bathroom look royal. This design looks the best when the bathroom is spacious.

Traditional Bathroom with White Countertop

traditional bathroom with white countertop


This too, is one of the traditional bathroom designs used by many people. Choose brown furniture and a more dark shaded flooring to give the traditional touch. You can add simple flooring or textured flooring, both will look great with the white colored countertops.

Mosaic Marbles Bathroom Design Idea

mosaic marbles dark bathroom design ideas

Joni Spear Interior Design

A combination of cream or off white with dark brown makes the bathroom looks rich and stylish. You can choose from chocolate brown, chestnut brown, etc and change the look of your bathroom. For the flooring, you can opt for mosaic tiles or tiles that have designs of the same colored hues as that of the bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom with Dark Cabinets

traditional bathroom with dark cabinets

MFM Design & Construction

Modern Bathroom with Double Vanity

modern bathroom with double vanity1

Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

Simple Dark Bathroom Design Idea

simple dark bathroom design idea

John Kraemer & Sons

Bright Grey Wall Bathroom

bright grey wall bathroom


Rustic Bathroom with Wooden Cabinets

rustic bathroom with wooden cabinets

Cameo Homes Inc

Unique Bathroom with Green Wall

unique bathroom with green wall

Meritage Homes

Lavish Bathroom with Crystal Chandelier

lavish bathroom with crystal chandelier

Blackbird Interiors

Luxurious Bathroom Design Idea

luxurious bathroom design idea2

Griffin Enright Architects

Blue Eclectic Bathroom Idea

blue eclectic bathroom idea


Grey and White Transitional Bathroom

grey and white transitional bathroom

Charlie & Co. Design

Vintage Bathroom with Cherry Wood Cabinets

vintage bathroom with cherry wood cabinets

EuroCraft Interiors

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