If you are thinking of using gold tiles for your bathroom design, you must be ready to consider some factors. This only means that you have to think about the colors and the materials you are going to use for the rest of the room. Gold is a classic color. It can also be contemporary if you use the lighter shade.

Awesome Gold Tile Bathroom Idea

awesome gold tile bathroom idea

Designed By : Kitchen Mart

The use of gold river tiles on this bathroom provides class and elegance to an otherwise simple design. The tub is of regular design, as well as the toilet and the shower. The space is limited, but every available inch is used efficiency.

Spacious Bathroom with White Soaking Tub

spacious bathroom with white soaking tub

Designed By : Great Spaces Inc

The gold tiles used for this bathroom are of different designs and textures. This indicates diversity and the need for a fusion of different materials and accents. There is more than enough space for this bathroom, but minimal accents are used, creating a truly spacious bathing, soaking and showering area.

Modern Bathroom with Large Mirrors

modern bathroom with large mirrors


The wide mirrors used for this bathroom provided the main accent. The freestanding white tub in one corner beside the window provides relaxation when soaking. The gold tiles used for the shower area and above the sink is in contrast to the whiteness of the rest of the interior (including the sink area).

Luxurious Bathroom with Enclosed Bath Tub

luxurious bathroom with enclosed bath tub

Designed By : Sazama Design Build Remodel LLC

A golden bathroom is a luxurious bathroom. If you want to be surrounded by golden lights and golden accents, you should take some hints from this bathroom design. Gold tiles are used for flooring, the tub frame, and the sides of the window. The golden wall in the enclosed bathtub area sparkles with the rays of light coming from the small ceiling lights.

Contemporary Gold Tile Shower Bathroom

lavish stone wall bathroom


Gold, blue and white, these are the colors that make up this contemporary shower bathroom. The blue floor tiles are in total contrast with the whiteness of the tub. The gold tiles used on the walls and the floor of the shower area provide the best accent to this small-spaced bathroom.

Unique Gold Marble Bathroom Design

unique gold marble bathroom design

Distinctive Remodeling

The dark colored cabinets under the sink area are the only accents that break the golden monotony of this bathroom. Gold marble tiles are used on the flooring and the walls. This unique golden bathroom is also very spacious, which allows for the beauty of the gold shade to dominate the whole area.

Beautiful Traditional Look Bathroom

beautiful traditional look bathroom


For the traditional look, this bathroom has a classic lighting fixture. The arched design on the vanity mirror adds to the traditional appeal. Gold tiles are used for the sides of the tub framing and gold is also used for the marble sink top. The dark colored wood cabinets provided a nice touch of contrast.

Simple Bathroom with Double Vanity

simple bathroom with double vanity1

Designed By : Bubbles Bathrooms

Light gold is the motif of this simple bathroom design. It is spacious enough for two vanity mirrors to be installed – with enough space in the middle for a nice classic candle enclosure accent. The tub, sinks, cabinets and toilet are all in white, making the gold tiles stand out. A smaller version of the candle enclosure accent is placed on one end of the tub frame.

Small Gold Tile Bathroom Idea

small gold tile bathroom idea


For a limited spaced bathroom, you may want to get inspiration from this bathroom design. Gold tiles are used for the small corner tub, as well as one side of the wall. A small vanity mirror rules above the white sink.

Lavish Stone Wall Bathroom

lavish stone wall bathroom1

Designed By : Roots Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

Dark gold tiles lavishly filled this room with their magnificence and sparkle. The silver towel rack provides a bit of contrast, as well as the light colored flooring tiles. The tub has the same shade as the flooring and the dark brown wood cabinet stands out (even if it is under the white sink top).

Mediterranean Designed Bathroom

mediterranean designed bathroom


Colorful Eclectic Style Gold Tile Bathroom

colorful eclectic style gold tile bathroom


Blue and Gold Subway Tiled Bathroom

blue and gold subway tiled bathroom


Traditional Gold Tile Bathroom Design

traditional gold tile bathroom design


Classic Gold and White Tile Bathroom

classic gold and white tile bathroom


Gorgeous Lighting Gold Tile Bathroom

gorgeous lighting gold tile bathroom


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