Mosaic tiles are unarguably an ideal flooring option to go for in bathrooms. They have a very classic look and perfectly suit the contemporary styled bathrooms. For an out of the box look, you could play with some irregular patterns and motifs and choose colors like blue and turquoise to give your bathroom a truly refreshing mosaic look.Here is a list of trendy mosaic tile bathroom designs to be incorporated in your bathroom.

Modern Mosaic Tile Bathroom Idea

modern mosaic tile bathroom idea

Ownby Design

A whole new range of mosaic tiles are available in the interior shops nowadays. They are new both in terms of design and the materials used, from stainless steel to pearl finishes. Choose the one which suits your style.

Trendy Mosaic Tile Bathroom With Glass

trendy mosaic tile bathroom with glass walls

Glass walls around the shower makes the entire bathroom and the bathing space feel larger than they normally are. With mosaic pattern on the larger wall you can give your bathroom a desired theme.

White Color Bathroom Tile Design

white color bathroom tile design

If you are looking for a spa-like vibe, a relaxed environment to soothe your body and soul, then none can give you this feel other than a mute color. And what’s best than white?

Traditional Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles

traditional bathroom with mosaic tiles

Having a bathroom with a traditional mosaic tile setting is a great place to unwind from your modern or contemporary surrounding, you can achieve this look by creating a tile motif or simply choosing your mosaic in traditional colors.

Black And Grey Tile Design for Bathroom

black and gray tile design for bathroom

Black or grey mosaics add a sense of dominance and are a perfect for a showstopper white bathtub, while a white ceiling and floor saves the room from feeling too enclosed.

Attractive Mosaic Tile Design Idea

attractive mosaic tile design idea

Inspired Interiors

Mosaic tiles, an ancient art form can be used in the home to create any pattern of any color of your choice. Before installing a mosaic project, know the basic types of mosaic and how they’re manufactured and installed. Play bold with flashy colors and catchy designs and you are sure to grab attention.

Stylish Bathroom With Blue Color Tiles

stylish bathroom with blue color tiles

Water is the main element in any Bathroom because it speaks about the natural connection between the room and the man. Blue being the world’s favorite color is one of the most sought after color for bathroom these days. It gives a clean and sophisticated feeling in the bath area. The mosaic backsplash can display designs of water, ocean etc.

Simple Mosaic Tile Design

simple mosaic tile design

Some people don’t like drama in their restrooms, simple mosaic arrangements can give you the required environment. Simple mosaic arrangements consisting of subtle designs can minimize the movements created by the bathroom vanities.

Scandinavian Bathroom With White Mosaic Tiles

scandinavian bathroom with white mosaic tiles

Scandinavian bathroom renovation can be achieved by simply changing out some of your old vanities and swiping the color scheme with new fabrics or paint. Implementing a Scandinavian mosaic tile backsplash or countertop in white color can help brighten up a dull bathroom.

Red Color Mosaic Tile Bathroom

red color mosaic tile bathroom

Red color speaks bold, a dominant color be it in furniture, fashion or home décor. A red mosaic backdrop or backsplash can be a perfect choice for a nude bathroom color scheme.

Unique Bathroom with Large Mirror

unique bathroom with large mirror

Douglas Design Studio

Elegant Bathroom with Glass Enclosed Tub

elegant bathroom with glass enclosed tub

Carlson Stenner Architects

Blue Tile Bathroom Design

blue tile bathroom design

Colorful Eclectic Bathroom

colorful eclectic bathroom

Photo by Anthony Lindsey

Green Color Tile Bathroom with Glass Shower

green color tile bathroom with glass shower

Latest Contemporary Bathroom

latest contemporary bathroom

Best Bathroom with Gold Marble

best bathroom with gold marble

Kia Designs

Spacious Bathroom with Wooden Cabinets

spacious bathroom with wooden cabinets

Blue and White Tile Bathroom

blue and white tiled bathroom

Heimsath Architects

Fabulous White Tile Bathroom

fabulous white tile bathroom

How to Install a Mosaic Backsplash

  • Plan the location of the backsplash on the wall.
  • Apply thin adhesive to the wall.
  • Place the sheet on the wall, and press it into the adhesive.
  • Cut the tile to required size using a tile saw.
  • Let the adhesive dry overnight.
  • Remove any protruding adhesive from the tile joints.
  • Dampen the tile surface with water on a sponge before the application of grout.
  • Apply the grout to the tile joints by using rubber float.
  • Let the grout dry completely, remove any leftover grout from the surface.

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