Looking for a bathroom design that looks rustic and enchanting? You would probably love the idea of stone wall design theme. Stone walls for bathroom are nothing new and have been incorporated into exotic architecture for ages now. However, it has been in the last decade that we have arrived at more polished and stylish versions. Simplicity and warmth is the main theme of the décor. Here are our top picks from across the globe.

Beautiful Stonewall Bathroom Design

beautiful stonewall bathroom design


Stone wall theme actually takes the form of rugged looking tiling by you Jacuzzi! Complimenting the rustic wall color are wooden cabinetry and ceiling beams that complete the look of the theme. Add a plant pot in the décor and this would be a surreal environment to be in.

Modern Bathroom with Double Vanity

modern bathroom with double vanity


Stone walls take more prominence here with only the ceiling and the floor being laid out in the conventional tiling. The ruggedness is just in the looks but the décor is actually quite polished, making the bathroom completely safe. An earth themed cabinetry and a flower vase will add to the exotic romance of the space.

Rustic Stonewall Bathroom Idea

rustic stonewall bathroom idea

Design By : Eldorado Stone

The bathtub takes the center place in this bathroom theme. The rustic ambience is perfectly created by rugged stone walls and warm lighting to make it look even cozier. Wooden beams and cabinetry are an essential part of the complete décor.

Cool White Bathroom with Hanging Chandelier

cool white bathroom with hanging chandelier

Design By : Sticks and Stones Design Group Inc

Stone walls take a more polished form in this décor. Polished and carefully inlaid, this stone wall forms a singular wall on the face of the basin. The rest of the room features white tiles and employs unique lighting fixtures to bring out the mood.

Traditional Bathroom Design Idea

traditional bathroom design idea


The stone theme follows itself to even the sink bowls. A stone mosaic work all around, everything from the door to the ceiling beam follow a rustic theme. Privacy and luxury cannot be more alluring!

Trendy Master Bathroom with Stone Wall

trendy master bathroom with stone wall


For bigger bathroom schemes, stone work can be inlaid as the bath walls, sink and any opportunity of tiling. Lit ambient, this bathroom immediately portrays a warm appeal that cannot be missed.

Modern Glass Enclosed Shower Bathroom Idea

modern glass enclosed shower bathroom idea

Designed By : Rejoy Interiors, Inc

Glass and stone can come together to create an exotic bathroom space. Wooden handles, timber work on doors, cabinets and ceiling and chandelier type lights complete the appeal of this décor scheme.

Traditional Bathroom with Wooden Soaking Tub

traditional bathroom with wooden soaking tub

Designed By : Gabberts Design Studio and Fine Furniture

Wall mosaic can be made quite interesting with the right choice of veneer. Wooden cabinets, storage and tubs will rightly compliment this design scheme. A cozy and private environment can be created using warm lights and candles.

Transitional Bathroom with White Cabinets

transitional bathroom with white cabinets

Photo By : William Quarles

White stonework looks gorgeous when combined with modern day elements like glass and metal. The overall white scheme can be well contrasted with a couple of contrasting pieces of metal like the rustic bath tub or a part of the cabinetry. Either ways, it looks phenomenal.

Stylish Gray Stonewall Bathroom

stylish gray stonewall bathroom


Grey stone wall in modern bathroom can be well complimented with the right kind of lighting installations. Glass and other reflective surfaces on the floor and ceiling will create an ambient mood using the diffused beams. Overall it will be a space that perfectly balances the need for modern and the quest for the traditional.

Contemporary Stone Wall Bathroom Idea

contemporary stone wall bathroom idea

Designed By : POC+P architects

Awesome Lighting Stone Wall Paneling and Vanity

awesome lighting stone wall panelling and vanity


Modernistic Cream Stone Wall Bathroom

modernstic cream stone wall bathroom


Latest Stacked Stone Wall Bathroom

latest stacked stone wall bathroom


Fabulous Gray Stone Wall Bathroom with Mirror

fabulous gray stone wall bathroom with mirror


Attractive Cabinets with  Half Rock Sinks Bathroom

attractive stone bathroom and cabinets with half rock sinks


Brown Stone Wall Bathroom Design

brown stone wall bathroom design

Photo By : Brandon Barre

Polished Stone Wall Bathroom with Vanity

polished stone wall bathroom with vanity


Chic Stone Wall Bathroom Design

chic stone wall bathroom design


Dazzling Contemporary Stone Wall Bathroom

dazzling contemporary stone wall bathroom


Slick Traditional Stone Wall Bathroom Design

slick traditional stone wall bathroom design


Bathrooms are supposed to be one of the most private spaces in the home. The design should thus follow an ambient mood and themes that reflect romance, warmth and style. If you have liked our collection, we would like to hear a feedback. We would also like to take a peek into your ideas for stone wall bathrooms.

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