Block walls are used for both building exteriors and home interiors. They are durable and can be trendy at the same time. In today’s construction field, people are getting more and more aware of the convenience of incorporating functionality with aesthetic appeal.

That is the reason why when they want to build block walls, they chose materials and designs that can provide those two purposes; to secure and beautify the area.

Concrete Block Walls Design

concrete block walls design

The Ranch Mine Architects

Decorative Cinder Block Wall Design

decorative cinder block wall design

Kitchen Room With Clay Block Walls Design

kitchen room with clay block walls design

Block walls can be built tall for full walling support or home security. They can also be designed low, for providing support for landscape gardening or for separating the higher ground from the lower part of the lawn. Block walls for the gardens can be constructed in straight rows or they can be curved or in circular formations.

Open kitchen with Cement Block Walls Design

open kitchen with cement block walls design

Photo by Paul Siskin

Industrial Dining Room With Block Wall Design

industrial dining room with block wall design

Modular Block Retaining Wall Design

modular block retaining wall design

Photo By: South view Designs

Simple Decorative Cinder Block Wall Design

simple decorative cinder block wall design

Nice Cinder Block Wall Design

nice cinder block wall design

Designed by Sarah Richardson

Large Seating Wall with Wall Block Design

large seating wall with wall block design

Photo By: Chipper Hatter, Belgard

Modern Exterior Block Wall Design

modern exterior block wall design

Elegant Country Kitchen With Block Wall Design

elegant country kitchen with block wall design

Large Stone and The Wall Block on Floor

large stone and the wall block on floor

Photo By: South view Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Designed Wall Block

contemporary dining room with designed wall block

Super Mid Century Exterior Wall Block Design

super midcentury exterior wall block design

Modern Zen Backyard Block Wall Design

modern zen backyard block wall design1

Living Room with Concrete Block Walls

living room with concret block walls

Ancient Block Wall Design

ancient block wall design

Master Bedroom with Stone Accent Wall Block Design

master bedroom with stone accent wall block design

Concrete Outdoor Block Walls Design

concrete outdoor block walls design

White Bathroom with Block Pattern Wall Design

white bathroom with block pattern wall design

Modern Bathroom with Small Block Wall Design

modern bathroom with small block wall design3

Spacious Room With Ceiling Beams and Block Wall Design

great room with ceiling beams and a block wall designed

Green and Blue Contemporary Room with Cinder Block Walls Idea

green blue contemporary room with cinder block walls design

There are block wall designs that provide additional function; like a place for cute flowery plants. This idea can be achieved by placing concrete pots randomly at one side of the wall. Block walls are great, as well, for outdoor kitchen bars. They do provide the natural outdoor appeal that enhances the beauty of the whole set up.

Block walls are use for home interior designs, as well; they can be seen in almost every room of a house, but mostly in the living room and the kitchen. The most common options for block wall materials are solid and semi solid blocks and natural stones.

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