When you think of a personalised home, you look to customise the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most private areas of the home, which you can arrange according to you taste. There are various Rustic Kitchen Island ideas that will come handy to you when you plan the setting of the kitchen. So, here are ten classy kitchen design ideas that you will find interesting.

Rustic Kitchen Cart Design

rustic kitchen island design

Design by : Dalia Kitchen Design

This is a rectangular kitchen with dark brown cabinets. There is a butcher table block installed in it. You will find it easy to tackle the rolling table. The variety is countertops make the kitchen beautiful. White walls and black floor are ideal for this setting.

Kitchen Island Cabinets

kitchen island cabinets


If you are in need of the right compatibility between the walls and furniture, go for the white and brown combination in your Kitchen Island. Paint the ceiling white and the floors polished in light wood colour. Paint the cabinets alternately in brown and white.

Black Rustic Wood Kitchen Island

black rustic wood kitchen island


An elegant kitchen is marked by its furniture and lighting. In this case, you will find beautifully polished wooden tables with black countertops. The leather cushions on the stools go well with the brown floor. The leather finish granite on the countertops with rough edges attracts the eye.

Rustic Kitchen Island Table

rustic kitchen island table


You may find your interest in the centre island with stove. This is one of the best designs that serve as a kitchen cum eating space. The wooden polish on the table and matching chairs complements the wooden floor. The cove ceiling in the room makes it ideal for dining.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

reclaimed wood kitchen island


When you look out for a beautiful French kitchen, this is one of the rustic designs for you. It comes with a hood by the window and raised panel cabinets. This is one of the best ideas, with rock flooring and remarkable architecture. Look out for the hanging lights with shades.

Small Kitchen Island

small kitchen island

Design by : Mutschler Kitchens

You will find this little condo kitchen classy in terms of looks. Install raised panel cabinets in the room and use black countertops to make them elegant. The movable lighting and granite slabs go well with the well-polished walls and flooring.

Traditional Wood Rustic kitchen Island

traditional wood rustic kitchen island


If you are fond of the traditional kitchen ideas, perhaps you will find interest in this one. The furniture, shelves, and floor-everything come in polished wood colour. The wooden cupboards and rustic flooring match the metal countertops in the kitchen.

Rustic wood Kitchen Island

rustic wood kitchen island

Design by : Oumf design

Well, you may like this country kitchen design with white walls and large wide windows on one side. It comes to you with plywood floors, well-polished and beautiful. Their table has a white countertop and the ‘L’- shaped design will cater the expectations of a peculiar country-home. You can also see French Kitchen Designs

Rustic Kitchen Lighting

rustic kitchen lighting


A royal lighting changes the attire of the kitchen. With brown floors and well-polished wooden cabinets, you will find the right taste in the luxurious chairs and table. A white marble countertop will make it even more compatible. A lantern-like lighting will deliver the blend of antiquity.

Kitchen Rustic Pendant Lighting

kitchen rustic pendant lighting


You may be hunting for the perfect lighting for your kitchen, and this setting with the tear drop pendant lights will cater your needs perfectly well. The half wall breakfast bar with diagonal wooden floor goes well with the white ceiling of the room. The diagonal tile backsplash makes it look even more elegant.

Rustic Pine Kitchen Island

rustic pine kitchen island


Outdoor View Rustic Kitchen

outdoor view rustic kitchen


Vintage Rustic Wood Kitchen Island

vintage rustic wood kitchen island

Design by : Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc.

Outdoor Rustic Kitchen Island

outdoor rustic kitchen island


Modern Rustic Kitchen Island

modern rustic kitchen island


Pool Side Rustic Kitchen Island

pool side rustic kitchen island


French Rustic Kitchen Island.

french rustic kitchen island


Rustic Kitchen Island with Chandelier Idea

rustic kitchen island with chandelier idea


Rustic Wood Kitchen Cabinets

rustic wood kitchen cabinets


Outdoor Kitchen Island

outdoor kitchen island

Design by : SJ Renovations

In case you are searching for innovative ideas to design your kitchen, you may incorporate any of these. Personalise your kitchen with all the necessary elements so that it lives up to your taste and expectation. Apart from these, if you have own ideas, we would be glad if you share them with us.

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