Kitchen islands serve various requirements at your home. People who are passionate about housing, look out for customised kitchens to make the judicial use of space. Apart from space management, you also need to allocate seats in the kitchen island. One of the trending architectural features is curved kitchen island designs. These are preferred by people not only due to the architectural splendour they deliver to the kitchen but also for using the space for sitting arrangements. Here, you will find ten kitchen island ideas and you can incorporate any of these into your house.

Small Curved Kitchen Island

small curved kitchen island

In modern homes, people often complain of space constraints. In this case, you can personalise your little kitchen with the curved kitchen island design ideas. The bar-front style is ideal for the curved kitchen island. Wooden floors and matching wooden beams on the ceiling looks compatible for the room.

Modern Curved Kitchen Island

modern curved kitchen island

Modern homes with spacious kitchens are quite experimental. In this setting, there is an exposed brick wall that creates a good contrast with the polished walls and floor. The large glass panels for the door goes well with the curved bar table. Get white-based furniture for the room to create the right match of colors. You can also see French Kitchen Designs

Curved End Kitchen Island

curved end kitchen island

Houses with an angled kitchen can incorporate this curved kitchen end idea. It has a circular bar and the sitting arrangement is made around the island, optimising the use of space. Wooden floors make a great combination with the white walls and cabinets. A metal cabinet adds variety to the room. You can also see Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Large Curved Kitchen Island

large curved kitchen island

Spacious kitchen-cum-dining areas can experiment with accessories placed in the room. The curved kitchen island has wooden cabinets on the walls. These go well with the brown island and matching floor tiles. Turquoise chairs and sofas are ideal for the room, yielding the right colour contrast.

Curved Portable Kitchen Island Design

curved portable kitchen island design

A Wood Kitchen Design can make simple kitchens elegant. Snack bars need curved kitchen islands that are easy to be carried. In this setting, you will find a lightly shaded island with a wooden shade, mounted with a polished stone surface. This goes well with a rounded island in the centre. Fix small pendant lights on the ceiling to yield a brown attire in the room.

Curved Kitchen Island with Seating

curved kitchen island with seating

Design by : Chris Johnson

When you look out for vibrancy, you can try out the cream and lemon yellow combination for the curved kitchen island and the chairs. This is a perfect setting for a kitchen-dining room. Hang elongated lights from the ceiling over the island to get a trendy fashion.

Contemporary Curved Kitchen Island

contemporary curved kitchen island

Contemporary eateries prefer a polished metal finish for the furniture. In this case, a curved counter is fixed with high metal chairs. The room has an overall white ambience, with polished floors and glass doors. A stone countertop matched the rounded counter perfectly.

Rustic Curved Kitchen Island

rustic curved kitchen island

People with rustic minds can opt for this particular kitchen island. The Rustic Kitchen Island has a gorgeous ambience here. The wooden floor and red backsplash complement each other. The chairs and island look royal with great wooden architecture. Hang royal lights above the island to gain complete beauty from the setting. The high cabinets are light brown in colour with a wooden texture and dark borders.

Traditional Curved Kitchen Island

traditional curved kitchen island

A perfect combination of brick and stone yields the perfect beauty in the kitchen. With leather counter stools and a cherry brown floor, you can strike an elegant combination in the room. The narrow wall cabinets are polished with a dark wooden burnish.

Diy Curved Kitchen Island

diy curved kitchen island

You can be quite fashionable with your kitchen-cum-dining space ideas. In this setting, the curved kitchen island has a white-based theme. There are raised wooden cabinets on the walls, which complements the grey brush strokes of the floor. Lights with rounded steel shades make the right combination for the room.

Curved Cabinet Kitchen Island

curved cabinet kitchen island

Classic Curved Kitchen Island

classic curved kitchen island

Countertop Curved Kitchen Island

countertop curved kitchen island

Design by : Drury Design

Wooden Curved Kitchen Island

wooden curved kitchen island

Black Curved Kitchen Island Design

black curved kitchen island design

Small Modern Curved Kitchen Island

small modern curved kitchen island

White Curved Kitchen Island

white curved kitchen island

Decorative Curved Kitchen Island

decorative curved kitchen island

People from different parts of the world have an inherent tendency to customize their modern kitchen to perfection. You can be quite experimental with the curved kitchen island ideas. There are various innovative themes for the kitchen islands. Apart from these designs, you can come up with new ideas as well. Let us know about your innovative ideas as well.

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