Planning for something different for your kitchen space? Outdoor kitchens have always been an exciting addition but not many of us have the privileges. Well, if you are among the few, there shouldn’t be any alternatives! The best thing about an outdoor kitchen is the ambiance that it creates. A transition between the outdoors and indoors, it creates a fun and free breathing space and will always make your food even more delicious. Well, here are some ideas to take a cue from. You may also See Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Designs

outdoor kitchen cabinet designs

Looking to live a gypsy-like life on your own property? An outdoor kitchen room in your open yard can be a great idea. Another unique advantage of taking your kitchen outdoors is keeping your main property free and away from the kitchen cores. Use proper lighting and modular installation to make your cooking interesting and organized.

Granite Outdoor Kitchen Island

granite outdoor kitchen island

If you are fond of barbecues and regularly host guest who love the idea of coming together and cook for each other, this outdoor installation of your kitchen would be quite exciting. This space is highlighted by the oven set in a rustic platform. You can even set your dinner table on stone platforms, as shown beautifully in this example.

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Idea

outdoor kitchen grill idea

Another exciting idea for an outdoor kitchen, you can take the food affairs into the woods! A completely modular setup, the granite platform both act as a rustic addition and a shelter for your kitchen equipment. The wooden roof can be either covered or open, depending upon the time of the year. Add a modern seating and you will establish something really unique.

Stone Outdoor BBQ Island

stone outdoor bbq island

All that BBQ needs is a grill and a fireplace. The good thing is that a fireplace can be exposed to the elements when not in use and the grill can always be carried inside. Given the space you have, you can always go for a permanent structure to suit your outdoor parties.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Idea

outdoor kitchen sink idea

Modular kitchen arrangements can be taken completely outside as long as you have an organized arrangement for it. A permanent place for your steel sink will ensure that you will not have to worry about keeping our outdoor kitchen ready for the regular parties you host.

Backyard Kitchen Design

backyard kitchen design

A backyard cooking space can also be a more weather proof arrangement by having a room and three walls for your kitchen. As shown beautifully in this example, you will be always sheltered and your kitchen equipment will always be safe. This could be a rather permanent installation at your backyard. You may also See Outdoor Kitchen Bar Designs

Outside Patio Kitchen Idea

outside patio kitchen idea

A kitchen space can also be an extension of your patio. If you desire to take the cooking outdoors, only a roof will suffice. An amazingly rustic arrangement, you can create a fun traditional dining space. This would be perfect if you have a large property, concealed by nature all around.

Small Outdoor Kitchen

small outdoor kitchen

A small outdoor kitchen will just require a permanent setup from rustic materials – wood and stone. You can even choose for modular kitchen equipment to make your cooking easy and exciting. Eating outdoors is always fun!

Built-in Outdoor Kitchen

built in outdoor kitchen

Here we see a completely modular installation for a kitchen space outside the property. The only thing missing here is a roof and walls and this makes things more exciting. This could be your kitchen space during holidays, weekends and other occasions for get-togethers.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Design

outdoor kitchen bar design

Design by : Heynssens + Grassman, Inc.

An outdoor kitchen supported by a small bar space always adds fun to the outdoor space. Well, you don’t just have the opportunity for BBQ but also have some beer with it, fresh out from the cellar! You may also See Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Designs

U Shape Outdoor Kitchen

u shape outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Wood Kitchen Design

outdoor wood kitchen design

Design by : SJ Renovations

Outdoor Pool Kitchen Design

outdoor pool kitchen design

Classic Look Outdoor Kitchen

classic look outdoor kitchen

Tinny Fireplace Outdoor Kitchen

tinny fireplace outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are always exciting. Whether you are looking for an outdoor grill island or a modern outdoor kitchen layout, there are several ways of going about it!

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