Zen kitchens are modern, sleek and stylish. They are Japanese kitchen décor ideas that can be incorporated in contemporary homes. Although Zen is a traditional Japanese décor idea but it is also adapted in modern décor. A Zen kitchen typically consists of light colors ranging from beige to white along with hardwood floors. Kitchen is that place of the house where the cooking takes place, and for that a peaceful ambiance is a must. Zen kitchen décor is all about creating a harmonious balance through the use of sleek and minimalist décor. You may also see outdoor kitchen designs.

Modern Zen Kitchen Design

modern zen kitchen design


This is a modern Zen kitchen design with the use of light beige color all over the kitchen. The modern kitchen comprises of light beige wooden flooring along with a large island with granite countertop and stainless steel appliances. It has a wooden ceiling with mood lights.

Small Zen Style Kitchen

small zen style kitchen


This Zen style kitchen features wooden accessories and interior in dark chocolate color. It features a center island in an irregular shape which has lights above and it contains wooden cabinets along with stainless steel appliances. The lighting has several variations including pendant lights, ceiling lights etc.

Zen Kitchen Cabinets Idea

zen kitchen cabinets idea


This is a traditional kitchen with Zen style interior décor, features grey painted cabinets and oak flooring. It features special pendant lights in white that has white lights within. It has a white island in the center in a modern design along with black chairs as seating.

Contemporary Zen Kitchen

contemporary zen kitchen design


This contemporary Zen kitchen has a very unique color combination with white, that is lime green. It also has a greenish neon backsplash, a center island with green chairs and feature lighting in a yellowish color which enhances the ambiance of the space. You may also see asian inspired kitchen designs.

Restaurant Zen Kitchen Design Idea

restaurant zen kitchen design idea


This is a restaurant style Zen kitchen idea featuring wood panel tile backsplash. It features a lot of stainless steel appliances along with white cabinets with granite countertops. It also has hanging pendant lighting in white which creates a comfy ambiance in the kitchen space.

Zen Kitchen Interior Design

zen kitchen interior design


This is a very beautiful Zen kitchen interior design featuring wooden flooring, ceiling and reclaimed wood walls. It has lovely bluish gray cabinets in a rustic design and granite backsplash. The pendant lights hang right above the island table, it also has ceiling lights.

Vintage Zen Kitchen

vintage zen kitchen


Zen kitchen design is also incorporated in vintage style kitchens. It features traditional style wooden cabinets with a glossy granite countertop, beige tile flooring and hand painted boards hanging on the wall.

Transitional Zen Kitchen Design

transitional zen kitchen design


This is a transitional Zen kitchen design featuring a lot of wooden interiors including the cabinetry and flooring. It has an island table in wooden with a granite countertop. The lighting includes both feature lights fixed in ceiling as well as hanging pendant lights

Zen Kitchen Lighting Idea

zen kitchen lighting idea

Design by Jill K. Greene - Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

This is a contemporary kitchen built in a small space containing of very interesting lighting idea. It features LED lights in the entrance having an under cabinet light rail that gives a stunning glow to the floors. It has black and gray kitchen cabinets with granite countertops.

Tropical Zen Kitchen Island

tropical zen kitchen island


This is a transitional Zen kitchen with an island in the center that can as well be used as a dining table. In fact it is designed like a dining table with chairs for dining and two chandelier lights above that. It has a beautiful printed white backsplash with lights fixed above that.

Zen Square Kitchen Design

zen square kitchen design


Mountain Residence Zen Kitchen

mountain residence zen kitchen


Luxury Zen Kitchen Idea

luxury zen kitchen idea


Transitional Zen Kitchen Idea

transitional zen kitchen idea

Design by Zen Construction Co.

Contemporary Zen Kitchen Design

contemporary zen kitchen design 1


Attractive Zen Kitchen Design

attractive zen kitchen design


Wooden Zen Kitchen Design

wooden zen kitchen design

Design by Yuko Matsumoto

Southwest Zen Kitchen Idea

southwest zen kitchen idea


Classic French Zen Kitchen Design

classic french zen kitchen design


Zen kitchen designs are minimalist, luxurious and stylish. They are traditional Japanese décor which is also mixed with modern designs. It consists of subtle décor with a very functional design and usage of light colors. You may also see kitchen island designs.

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