Brick walls are not restricted for outdoor use. These days, more and more people are using brick wall designs for their home interior design. The beauty of this wall design option is that it adds that durable and functional look into the room.

Walls with exposed bricks truly looks amazing before they add character into the whole interior design concept. They provide that rustic atmosphere and give the space a fresh and charming appeal.

Amazing Brick Wall Design

amazing brick wall design

St Louis Interior designers

Exposed Brick Wall Design

exposed brick wall design

Laura Garner Design

Indoor Bedroom Brick Wall

indoor bedroom brick wall


The best thing about this wall interior design is that it is less expensive than other options available. Instead of trying to hide the bricks, why not just go for that industrial look and let the bricks get exposed?

Interior Living Room Wall Design

interior living room wall design


Brick Wall Living Room Design

brick wall living room design


Stylish Brick Wall Decor Ideas

stylish brick wall decor ideas


Brick Wall Texture Design

brick wall texture design


You can let the red bricks just be what they are; charming, fiery and bold. This is a good option for the bedroom or around the fireplace. If you want an immaculate look, but still want to maintain the bricks exposed, just paint them white. This option is equally ideal for the bedroom.

Bedroom Brick Wall Decoration

bedroom brick wall decoration 1


Modern White Brick Wall Decor

modern kids bedroom wall brick designed


Painted Brick Wall Ideas

painted brick wall ideas


Living Room Brick Wall Ideas

living room brick wall ideas


Living Room Exposed Brick Walls

living room exposed brick walls


Bedroom Brick Interior Wall

beadroom brick interior wall


Stylish Brick Wall Design

stylish brick wall design


Living Room Brick Inside Wall

living room brick inside wall


Modern Brick Wall Design

modern brick wall design


Amazing Rock Wall Design

amazing rock wall design


Interior Brick Wall Design

interior brick wall design


Awesome Brick Wall Design

awsome brick wall design


White Brick Wall Design

white brick wall design


Bedroom with Exposed Brick Decor

bedroom with exposed brick and antique decor


White Painted Brick Walls

modern bedroom with white painted brick walls


Low-Level Bedroom With Brick Wall

loft bedroom with brick wall design

Photo By: Matt Harrer ©Photographed by Matt Harrer

Modern Brick Wall  Bedroom Decor

modern wall brick designed bedroom


Stunning Bedroom with Brick Wall Design

contemporary bedroom with brick wall design


Sassy Bedroom Interior Brick Wall

modern designed wall brick bedroom

S and K Interiors

Brick wall designs are being used as well, for the bathroom, kitchen, home office and for those small spaces under the stairs, entry ways. They also create a nice rustic background for walls that support shelves for books and other decorative pieces.

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