The dining room in your home is the place in your entire residence where eating is not just an activity to fill your stomach but a retreat where you enjoy your favorite platters with family and friends. To make your dining space grab attention of your guests, how about adorning your wall with some innovative ideas that will make this area distinguishable from the other parts of your home? To add your signature vintage panache you can deck your refectory windows with Roman shades of floral motifs can spice up the atmosphere of your dining area.

A quintessential part of your dining experience is the cliquey ambiance in the company of family and friends. While choosing a wallpaper to drape your dining wall, the lighter shades will render an earthly and contemporary ambiance to the entire dining area while choosing the darker shades with bold prints will make the place look sophisticated and modern.

Dining Room With Retractable Walls Design

dining room with retractable walls design

The Ranch Mine Architecture

Dining Room With Bold Wall Design

dining room with bold wall design

Vanessa Deleon

Dining Room With Accent Wall Design

dining room with accent wall design

St Louis Interior designers

For a different kind of wall decor instead of using the usual wallpaper, you can use innovative lighting in your accent wall to highlight any portrait on the wall. Simply by changing the curtains of your dazzling dining space, you can bring an instant change on the particular nook of your home. Curtains with corkscrew bands or fringes will surely win you the applause of many.

Transitional Dining Room Blurred Wall Design

transitional dining room blurred wall design

Vanessa Deleon

Eclectic Dining Room With Wall Letters Design

eclectic dining room with wall letters design

St Louis Interior designers

Lavish Dining Room With Flora Walls Design

lavish dining room with flora walls design

Barry Dixon

Contemporary Dining Room With Wall of Windows

contemporary dining room with wall of windows

Decorative Accent Wall Enlivens Dining Room

decorative accent wall enlivens dining room

Black and White Wall Design Dining Room

black and white wall design dining room

Eclectic Dining Room With Wall Art Plates

eclectic dining room with wall art plates

Exposed Brick & Orange Accent Wall in Dining Room

exposed brick orange accent wall in dining room

Dining Room with Stone Focal Wall Design

dining room with stone focal wall design

Photo By: Nadia Molinari

Eclectic Dining Room With Yellow Accent Wall Design

eclectic dining room with yellow accent wall design

Photo By: Windermere Real Estate Southern California

Neutral Contemporary Dining Room With Brick Wall

neutral contemporary dining room with brick wall

Dining Room With Blue Accent Walls

dining room with blue accent walls

Photo By: Nadia Molinari

White Modern Dining Room With Silver Accent Wall

white modern dining room with silver accent wall

Dining Room Textured Brown Walls

dining room textured brown walls

Photo By: Matt Herp Photography

Modern Dining Room With Exposed Brick Wall

modern dining room with exposed brick wall

The Ranch Mine

Dining Room With Curved Wood Wall Design

dining room with curved wood wall design

Dining Room With Blue Accent Wall Design

dining room with blue accent wall design

Photo By: Nadia Molinari

Modern Dining Room with White Geometric Wall Design

modern dining room with white geometric wall design

Designed by Anthony Carrino

Dining Room with Vibrant Blue Accent Wall

dining room with vibrant blue accent wall

Photo By: Nadia Molinari

Dining Room With Red Accent Wall design

dining room with red accent wall design

Modern Dining Room With Red Glass Feature Wall design

modern dining room with red glass feature wall

Your dining space is that special section of your home where your entire family gathers for a homely dinner. The ambiance of that place should be reflective of the taste and lifestyle of your family members.

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