Have you ever thought to incorporate a gender factor in home style? The masculine style consists of characteristics that are part of the straightforward nature of men. This means effective and practical furniture, raw and rough materials, straight lines and dark or neutral colors. This style can be chosen by both men and women regardless. If you are in pursuit of some inspiration then keep on reading for our ten great masculine dining room ideas. You may also See Dining Room Designs Trends

Masculine Furniture Design

The furniture should follow straight and simple lines. Also a neutral color scheme is applicable to attain a masculine style for your dining room. In case you want to include a fireplace in your dining area go for a minimalist design in a simple Corinthian style of neutral color.

masculine furniture design


Oak Wood Masculine Dining

This modern dining room brings the 70s style back in this amazing masculine style. The simple lines of the furniture blend with the natural color of the oak wood. The chevron pattern of the floor adds a strong vibe of character that completes the masculine ambience of this spacey room.

oak wood masculine dining


Scrabble Wall with Candle Masculine Room

Use a dark color to set a strong feeling in your dining room. Like this traditional one, the dark grey color of the wall is broken by the photo frames that adorn it. The black details of the table and the metal light fixture provide an industrial look.

scrabble wall with candle masculine room

Designed By : Chango & Co.

Luxurious Masculine Dining Hall

You can get inspired by this contemporary dining room and consider installing masculine dining room lighting. The combination of metal and crystal is a compelling one that states a strong vibe of masculinity.

luxurious masculine dining hall

Designed By : Orange Coast Interior Design

Southwestern Masculine Dining Room

Create a warm and still masculine style for your dining room by adding pops of color. In this southwestern styled room, the wood grains of the flooring add a hard contrast to the woven colorful rug.

southwestern masculine dining room


Industrial Dining Room Idea

Incorporate masculine elements in an industrial styled dining room. Choose simple modern lines for the furniture and use dark colors for the hardwood flooring. A chainmail chandelier will add a tone of elegance in the setting.

industrial dining room idea

Designed By : jamesthomas Interiors

Awesome Masculine Room

The simplicity and the honesty in the glass as material can give you a great example of masculine style. The glass dining table adds a transparent element in the dark grey leather chairs bringing a contrast in the room. Line a wall with large stone tiles for a stunning look. You may also See Living Room Dining Room Combo Designs

awesome masculine room


Trendy Mirror Masculine Dining

Bring together a synthesis of metal and wood to create a strong masculine atmosphere. Use these materials in metal framed chandelier and complete the look with a large intricate mirror to adorn your wall.

trendy mirror masculine dining


Vintage Style Masculine Dining Hall

You can attain a rustic style with dining room masculine chairs. The black leather will bring a strong character to your room that you can complete with a wood paneled wall for an appealing look.

vintage style masculine dining hall

Designed By : Urban Purpose

Wooden Spring Masculine Room

This simple lined dining room has the basic elements of the masculine style. The raw materials of the wood and the marble add a vivacious ambience that gets a warm edge with the fabric textures.

wooden spring masculine room


Rustic Masculine Square Table

rustic masculine square table


Round Masculine Dining Hall

round masculine dining hall


Masculine Dining Room Wall Art

masculine dining room wall art

Design by : Atmosphere Interior Design

Wood Chair Masculine Dining Area

wood chair masculine dining area


Use materials that have strong appearance. Apart from wood, metal and leather incorporate other materials with rough surface like bricks, stone or you can add slick surfaces like glass and marble for décor and accessories. Create a fierce setting with bold dark colors or a subtle one with neutrals for a modest dining room. Also hard raw recessed lighting will add to the general look of the room. You may also See Spacious Dining Room Cabinet Designs

The masculine style can be adopted by both women and men. It does not constrain the personal style of genders instead it can be adapted to anyone’s personality and tastes. Don’t hold back. Go for this style and be sure to be rewarded by both family and friends for your style.

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