Elegance can mean different things for different people. The word may also have various connotations across design styles. An elegant traditional setting may look too old-fashioned to some. Austere, minimalist interiors may look too simplistic and cold for some. Everyone defines elegance according to their own taste so decide what is going to be your recipe for design aesthetics.

Elegant Transitional Dining Room Design

elegant transitional dining room design


Elegant Neutral Dining Room Is Classy

elegant neutral dining room is classy

Photo By: Larry Hanna

Elegant Dining Room with White Chairs

elegant dining room with white chairs


A modern or a transitional design may give you a more elegant look than a traditional design, which may end up looking too charming or quaint. Use subdued colours for the walls with wooden paneling at the lower end. Choose a dining table that neither looks starkly modern or too ornate. Set off the dining table set with upholstery of a contrasting color. If you need a fireplace, let it be made of masonry, which can extend towards the ceiling. Use a horizontal mirror for one wall or a painting or some framed photographs.

Elegant Traditional Dining Room Design

elegant traditional dining room design


Dining Room With Elegant Chandelier and Chalkboard

dining room with elegant chandelier and chalkboard


Elegant Traditional Dining Room is Feminine

elegant traditional dining room is feminine

Photo By: Paula Grace Halewski

Traditional Dining Room With Elegant Chandelier

traditional dining room with elegant chandelier

Photo By: Ben Rollins

White Transitional Dining Room Is Elegant

white transitional dining room is elegant

Karen B. Wolf Interiors

Elegant Neutral Dining Room With Artwork

elegant neutral dining room with artwork

Go with a stainless steel, granite or marble counter top with wood cabinetry for the kitchen. Install a double sink for added grace as well as for utilitarian purposes. You may hang a chandelier of your pet design over a bowl of fresh flowers on the table. You could also line the center of the dining table with tall, ornate lamps.

Elegant Dining Room Design With View of Kitchen

elegant dining room design with view of kitchen


Elegant Dining Room Design is Simple

elegant dining room design is simple

Photo By: Kristie Barnett

Elegant Dining Room Design With Wine Rack

elegant dining room design with wine rack


Neutral Eclectic Dining Room is Elegant

neutral eclectic dining room is elegant


Elegant Dining Room Design With Custom Bookcases

elegant dining room design with custom bookcases

Photo by Jo Ann Alston

Elegant and Eclectic Neutral Dining Room Design

elegant and eclectic neutral dining room design


Elegant Transitional Living and Dining Room Design

elegant transitional living and dining room design


Royal Elegant Dining Room Is Spacious

royal elegant dining room is spacious

Photo By: Gateway Interior Design

Green Dining Room with Understated Elegance

green dining room with understated elegance


Traditional Dining Room With Elegant Decor

traditional dining room with elegant decor

Photo By: Jill Wolff

Elegant Dining Room With Grape Chandelier

elegant dining room with grape chandelier

Barry Dixon Interiors

Transitional Neutral Dining Room Design Is Spacious Elegant

transitional neutral dining room design is spacious elegant


Formal Dining Room Feels Elegant in Red and Cream

formal dining room feels elegant in red and cream

Photo By: Jill Wolff

Elegant Spanish-Style Dining Room Design

elegant spanish style dining room design

Photo By: Jill Wolff

Elegant Cream-Colored Dining Room Design

elegant cream colored dining room design


Elegant Black and White Dining Room Design

elegant black and white dining room design


Elegant Dining Room Design With Swanky Blue

elegant dining room design with swanky blue


Avoid asymmetry at all costs. It may impart a casual flavor sometimes; however, symmetry greatly enhances the grace and sophistication of a room. Dedicate a tall, stylish stand for a vertical flower vase. Or seed a tall plant with an umbrella type foliage in a round or square wicker basket. Frame the dominant window, or small windows with a design and color, which matches the walls or contrasts them gracefully.

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