Most of the people prefer colorful bedrooms to make them look stylish and modern, but only a few opt for and think of having colorful dining rooms too. Have you planned to give a makeover to your dining room ? This is the right place for you! Here are a few tips and designs of colorful dining rooms that you can have.

Modern Dining Room with Decorative Wall

modern dining room with decorative wall

Mia Karlsson Interior Design

If you want to make your dining room look attractive and modern, add colorful chairs with a white colored dining table. The wall opposite to the dining table should be textured or you can add a wallpaper that is appealing and goes complimentary with the other furniture. Let the other walls and the flooring be white in color.

Traditional Dining Room Design Idea

traditional dining room design idea

This design always stays evergreen irrespective of the current trends. Wooden furniture can never go wrong for any dining space. Add a neutral color to the walls of the dining room to make the room look elegant and traditionally rich. You can also keep a carpet on the floor a little far from the dining table.

Gorgeous Dining Room with Chandelier

gorgeous dining room with chandelier

Avalon Interiors

To get this modern look, keep a simple wooden dining table and each chair of a different color. The rest of the furniture should also be wooden and simple because you cannot keep everything colorful and bright. The wooden furniture will compliment the rest of the colors. Also, if you have a window around the dining table, keep colorful curtains on them as it will make the room look attractive and gorgeous.

Red and White Dining Space Interior

red and white dining space interior

The combination of red and white colors looks amazing together. You can paint your walls half red and half white and have dark colored wooden furniture in your dining room. Also, add dark yellow or mustard curtains if you have a window nearby and add a chandelier of similar hue on the ceiling above the dining table to make it look more stylish.

Contemporary Dining Area with Blue Chairs

contemporary dining area with blue chairs

Eminent Interior Design

Pair up your wooden table with chairs of blue shade to give a contemporary look to your dining room. Also, keep a colorful carpet that covers the dining area to make it look richer. To add glamor to your room, you can keep chandeliers or small hangings above the dining table. Make the windows look colorful by putting up colorful drapes around them.

Green and White Dining Room with Fireplace

green and white dining room with fireplace

Crisp Architects

A combination of green and white is trending recently and when complimented with the dark colored wooden furniture, it will make your dining room look modern. You can paint the walls in the dining room half of one color and the other half of the other color. Also, add a small fireplace in your dining room to make it look richer.

Eclectic Dining Room Furniture Design

eclectic dining room furniture design

Add neutral and light colors to your dining room to make it look elegant and royal. Add chairs of three to four different colors and add a chandelier in the ceiling. Make the room lit with different colored lights to make it look brighter.

Contemporary Dining Room with Orange Wall

contemporary dining room with orange wall

Make your dining room look brighter by choosing hues of orange and red. Add a colorful painting on your wall beside dining table and it will change the look of your dining room. This design and color will suit if you have a dining room that is not very spacious. It doesn’t have much furniture and hence makes the room look spacious.

Colorful Dining Room with Polished Floor

colorful dining room with polished floor

Michael Knowles, Architect

Have light-colored wooden furniture for your dining table and chairs and make the rest of the room colorful by choosing colorful walls. However, give the floor a wooden finish but make it polished. This will change the look of your room and make it look elegant. Also, add chandeliers or hanging lights if you wish to. You can also keep small vases or candles on the dining table.

Transitional Dining Room Decorating Idea

transitional dining room decorating idea

Inspired Interiors

This design is for spacious dining rooms or if you have a bigger family. Choose a wooden table with glass top and gray colored chairs with a wooden finish to compliment the look of the dining table. Choose a color of the wall that is darker than the shade of the color of the chairs and it will make your dining room look beautiful. You can also add a rectangular shaped chandelier that has candles to make it look prettier.

Cool Blue and White Dining Space

cool blue and white dining space

W Design Interiors

Tropical Style Dining Room Design

tropical style dining room design

John David Edison Interior Design

Beautiful Dining Room with Wooden Table

beautiful dining room with wooden table

Fabulous Dining Room with White Chairs

fabulous dining room with white chairs

Kenneth Davis Lux International

Colorful Dining Room with White Roof

colorful dining room with white roof

Modern Dining Room Furniture

modern dining room furniture

Helios Design Group

Retro Dining Room with Hanging Lights

retro dining room with hanging lights

Fine Craft Contractors

Lavish Dining Room Design

lavish dining room design

Photo by Marcel Page

Wonderful Designed Chairs for Dining Room

wonderful designed chairs for dining room

Scandinavian Kitchen with Dining Room

scandinavian kitchen with dining room

Bhavin Taylor Design

Black and White Penthouse Dining Room

black and white penthouse dining room

We hope these designs were helpful to you in making a wise choice for getting a colorful and modern looking dining room. Go ahead and give a classy makeover to your dining room.

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