Dining rooms are now equipped with new and innovative dining table designs. One such is the corner dining table design meant for a cozy dinner or lunch. Also, they are perfect for small spaces, since they are located in the corners, proper space utilization is done and hence less clutter. Below is a selective collection of corner dining table designs exclusively for you!

Small Corner Dining Table

small corner dining table


This small dining table placed in the corner of the dining room has mismatched chairs which come in several pastel colors such as blue, pink, gray etc. The corner placed dining table paves the way for ample space and does not create clutter, making it look neat and clean

Round Corner Dining Table

round corner dining table


This is a round corner dining table inside a transitional dining room in an apartment. The theme of the room is white and black and so is the dining table with the black glass top and a white standing leg. This is a very classy idea in a black and white color theme dining room.

Wooden Corner Dining Table

wooden corner dining table


This wooden corner dining table is very classy with white modern chairs. It is a rectangular dining table placed in the corner and is small. It does not occupy much space but it is clean and tidy. These kinds of tables are perfect to be placed in contemporary homes, ideally apartments. You can also see Stone Dining Table Designs

Corner Bench Dining Table

corner bench dining table


This is a bench style table located in the corner of the empty dining room with minimal décor. It features two large pendant lights with plain walls and plain dark flooring. The dining table is placed in the corner along with the chairs that are in mismatch colors

White Corner Dining Table Design

white corner dining table design


This white corner dining table in the contemporary room is very elegant and sophisticated. The dining table is white and in round shape, placed at the corner of the room along with matching white chairs. This dining room also features a large black drum shade ceiling fan.

Country Corner Dining Table

country corner dining table


This dining table and chair set in the corner is a large rectangular wooden table in brown with black chairs is classy and minimalist. With hardwood light beige flooring and white walls, this is a lovely combination of dark and light embedded in one room.

Corner Sofa Dining Table

corner sofa dining table


This is a traditional style dining table with a corner sofa instead of chairs. It features a round dining table with brown leather chairs on the two sides and a large sofa on the other with matching cushions and a white pendant light hanging from above the ceiling.

Corner Glass Dining Table Idea

corner glass dining table idea


This beautiful little dining table in a glass makes for an attractive décor in the room. The dining table is accompanied by a large sofa set in pastel green and is a flexible dining table with one single leg and a glass top

Modern Corner Dining Table

modern corner dining table

Design by Pix 3D

This modern style corner dining table features two colors , that is black on one side and white on the other. It also features creative tile flooring and mismatched dining chairs. It has a minimalist décor with a wall clock on one side and a photo frame with a funky quote on another.

Triangle Corner Dining Table

triangle corner dining table


This is a corner dining table in a triangle shape, having a black matte finish with the triple clock chord design and paired with white chairs. Since it is a corner dining table, the triangle design is perfectly suited here.

Small Corner Dining Table Furniture

small corner dining table funiture


Corner Dining Table Wall Art

corner dining table wall art


Combo White Corner Dining Table

combo white corner dining table


Traditional Corner Dining Table

traditional corner dining table


Vintage Corner Dining Table

vintage corner dining table

Design by : Brandon Architects, Inc.

Industrial Corner Dining Table

industrial corner dining table


Contemporary Corner Dining Room

contemporary corner dining room


Today, there are several creative designs out there when it comes to dining tables and that of the space saving ones are the corner dining tables. They save a lot of space, invite warmth and keep the space looking clean and clutter free.

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