Furniture occupies a considerable majority of the space in your house. Among these furnitures, tables are some of the most customised assets. There are two primary utilities of a table. They are of high functional utility, besides adding to the inherent beauty of the room. Tables have vast and varied designs, and people tailor them according to their tastes and requirements. Tables are almost indispensable when you think of interior beautification. Here are twenty trending Table Designs that might help you to get a sophisticated home.

Coffee Table Designs

Coffee tables are generally rectangular and low. Traditional coffee tables offer a lot of architectural designs. Modern coffee tables are made of glass and bring a splendid look to the room. There is a single wooden or glass deck under these tables. Opt for a lighter or a darker shade of wood for these tables, maintaining good compatibility with your room.

Modern Coffee Table Design

modern coffee table design

Kitchen Table Designs

Kitchen tables are customised for cooking purposes and placing kitchen accessories. You can opt for high wooden tables for this purpose. You can go for a round or rectangular tables for kitchens, as per your aptitude. Get a wooden floor in your kitchen to complement the looks of the table.

Small Kitchen Table Design

small kitchen table design

Round Kitchen Table Design

round kitchen table design

Dining Table Designs

Dining tables are fully customised furniture for dining rooms. You can add an aesthetically enriched furniture in your room when you opt for a matching dining table. If you have light coloured walls, you can go for a chocolate brown dining furniture set.

Glass Dining Table Design

glass dining table design

Folding Dining Table Design

folding dining table design

Study Table Designs

Study tables come with adequate storage space. You may opt for a small study table with drawers or a large one with wooden decks for storage. The larger ones have beautiful colour contrasts, with light and dark shades of wood incorporated to perfection.

Corner Study Table Design

corner study table design

Wall Mounted Study Table Design

wall mounted study table design

Office Table Designs

Office tables are sophisticated and have a formal look. You can choose a glass table for your office, or go for ‘L’ shaped tables. There are several elegant wooden table designs that you can pick for formal purposes. These come with adequate storage spaces and drawers.

L Shaped Office Table Design

l shaped office table design

Side Table Designs

Side tables are placed beside sofas or chairs to place small gadgets and articles. Considering the interior design of your house, you may go for wooden, metal or glass side tables. It is recommended to buy tabled with multiple decks as you will find more storage space in the furniture.

Small Side Table Design

small side table design

Side Table Design for Living Room

side table design for living room

Picnic Table Designs

Picnic tables are modified folding tables. There are benches on the opposite sides for sitting arrangements. You can choose a light colour for these tables. The planks are of light wood so that you may find it easy to carry. These tables are customised for outdoor use.

Folding Picnic Table Design

folding picnic table design

Square Picnic Table Design

square picnic table design

Round Table Designs

Round tables are popular in lounges and drawing rooms. You may choose a glass top for the tables for an elegant and polished look. If you have a taste for vintage furniture, you can go for burnished wooden round tables. These tables generally rest on tripods.

Small Round Table Design

small round table design

Rustic Table Designs

Rustic tables have weathered wooden surfaces. These look old yet classy. You may incorporate these tables in your basement or balcony. When you buy a rustic table, make sure that you have a wooden floor in your house for utmost compatibility.

Bedside Table Designs

Bedside tables are small and of medium height, as you have a limited number of accessories to place on them. These tables have a couple of drawers. Match up the colour of the table with that of your bedframe.

Contemporary Bedside Table Design

contemporary bedside table design

Farmhouse Table Designs

Farm house tables are wide and spacious. If you need a table for your farmhouse, go for a wooden and durable one. You can opt for a table with a polished surface for further sophistication.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Design

farmhouse kitchen table design

Design by Weaver Custom Homes

Farmhouse Dining Table Design

farmhouse dining table design

Photo by Colin Cadle

Modern Table Designs

Modern tables are of vast and varied designs. You may go for glass tables or wooden tables with a sun mica finish. These are innovatively designed and have multiple decks for storage.

Modern Side Table Design

modern side table design

WUNDERGROUND architecture + design

Modern Dressing Table Design

modern dressing table design

PPDS - design + interiors

Patio Table Designs

Tables for outdoor sue in patios are large and glossy. Buy a wooden table with a classy burnished surface. Plank tables are generally preferred for outdoor purposes.

Outdoor Patio Table Design

outdoor patio table design

Design by Architectural Gardens

Wood Patio Table Design

wood patio table design

Walnut Hill Landscape Co

Folding Table Designs

Folding tables are used in gardens, balconies or hotels. When you crave for a light and portable table for your garden, go for a light coloured folding table. I case you want a small table for your balcony, choose darker shades with a reddish tinge.

Wall Folding Table Design

wall folding table design

Design by Michael K Chen Architecture

Wood Folding Table Design

wood folding table design

Design by Jim Burton Architects

Computer Table Designs

Computer tables have generic features like key-board and CPU space. You need to choose the right colour of computer table, so as to complement the wall colour of your home. You can incorporate curved computer tables in your room for a change.

Computer Corner Table Design

computer corner table design

Desktop Computer Table Design

desktop computer table design

Design by Michael K Chen Architecture

Bar Table Designs

Bar-tables need to be customised for high-end customers. These tables have elegant exteriors and offer a lot of space. You can go for glass or steel bar tables, according to other interior accessories. There are curved bar-tables as well, and you just need to choose the right design and size.

Outdoor Bar Table Design

outdoor bar table design

Olive Branch Integrated Outdoor Design

Small Bar Table Design

small bar table design

Photo by Scott Pease

Small Table Designs

Small tables are incorporated in residential houses or hotels. These can be quite innovatively designed, with overlapping decks and personalised legs for support. These tables do not have drawers but provide enough surface space on which you can place necessary accessories.

Small Study Table Design

small study table design

Small Wooden Table Design

small wooden table design

Mark Dodge Design

Corner Table Designs

Corner tables are customised to save the living space in your home. These tables are generally crafted with a traditional touch, with well-burnished surface and semi-circular decks. You can choose the right shed or burnish when you buy them.

Modern Corner Table Design

modern corner table design

Building Solutions and Design

Corner TV Table Design

corner tv table design

Design Line Construction

Center Table Designs

Center tables are commonly installed in lounges and well-organised drawing rooms. These are positioned between several chairs or sofas. You need to maintain the colour contrast and compatibility with the rest of the furniture when you buy these tables.

Sofa Center Table Design

sofa center table design

Design by GM Construction

Center Glass Table Design

center glass table design

Dressing Table Designs

Dressing tables are personalised furniture and come with an adequate storage space for lifestyle and beauty accessories. There are shelves and drawers incorporated in these tables. The wood is burnished and well-polished. You may find the dressing tables with open decks perfect for use.

Dressing Table Design for Bedroom

dressing table design for bedroom

Lompier Interior Group

Small Dressing Table Design

small dressing table design

International Custom Designs

Why is Table Important for Your Home?

When you think of a refined lifestyle, you need to incorporate suitable furniture in your house. There are different chambers inside your house, for instance, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and so on. Each of these areas need a specific type of table. In fact, the factor of customisation comes to play here. You need to place the desired accessories on tables, and these vary from your living room to bedroom and so on. Evidently, it becomes crucial for you to get the tables customised.

Present Trends of Tables

Tables are subjected to personalisation in apartments, offices, kitchens, commercial areas and so on. Living styles are changing and you will find Table Designs everywhere. Coffee tables are generally rectangular, for instance, while study tables come with drawers for storage. Computer tables have a specific intricate design. Thus, you need to opt for the tables which offer an optimum balance between functional and aesthetic values.

In modern homes, tables are highly customised to fit specific areas. Dressing tables, study tables, corner tables and other varieties of tables deliver maximum utility in their specific areas. Outdoor tables too, are of a wide variety. Patio tables, pergola tables, garden tables, tables for outdoor bars and balconies are personalised for specific uses. People are incorporating innovative Table Designs in their homes for compatibility and style. If you have new table design ideas at the back of your head, feel free to let us know about them.

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