Are you wondering about what kind of coffee table will match your modern living room? If yes, keep the words sleek and geometric in mind to make things a lot easier for you. Also, modular designs in furniture is the latest craze and when it comes to coffee table, that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

DIY Rustic Coffee Table Design

diy rustic coffee table design

Classic Square Coffee Table Idea

classic square coffee table idea

Wide Wooden Oval Coffee Table

wide wooden oval coffee table

A modular style coffee table won’t only look smart in your living room – it will also help you save some valuable space. Round-shaped table are still around, but you might want to tone down the curves because circle furniture are known to eat up corner spaces. Nowadays, people consider space very valuable that is why they prefer rectangular or square coffee tables.

Classy Rustic Coffee Table Idea

classy rustic coffee table idea

Small Glassy Square Coffee Table

small glassy square coffee table

Modern Oval Coffee Table Design

modern oval coffee table design

Large Rustic Coffee Table Design

large rustic coffee table design

Loft Square Coffee Table Design

loft square coffee table design

Gray Wooden Oval Coffee Table

gray wooden oval coffee table

Rustic Rectangle Coffee Table Model

rustic rectangle coffee table model

Modular Square Coffee Table Design

modular square coffee table design

Antique Rustic Coffee Table Design

antique rustic coffee table design

Dark Oval Coffee Table Design

dark oval coffee table design

RKI Interior Designs

Wooden Coffee Table and Chair

beautiful coffee table design

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Stylish Loft Coffee Table Design

stylish loft coffee table design

Image Source

Rail Cart Coffee Table Design

rail carts coffee table design

Image Source

Creative Wooden Coffee Table Idea

latest coffee table design

Image Source

L Shape Coffee Table Design

l shape coffee table design

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Wooden Oval Coffee Table Idea

craft coffee table design

Image Source

Classic Coffee Table Design

westen coffee table design

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Rectangle Coffee Table Design

rectangle coffee table design

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If you feel that squares or rectangles are too sharp to look at, you can soften them by choosing one that’s made up of wood. There are also coffee tables that boasts curves and angles at the same time to help you steer clear from making your living room look a little clinical. Color also plays a huge part in softening down the strong angles, so choose soft brown and beige if you want a little softness. If you are all for sharpness, feel free to choose ones that use tinted glass or metal as materials. No matter what you do, keep the angles and you will do just fine in keeping your place look modern.

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