Coffee tables come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Some people prefer round coffee tables, while others go for rectangular coffee tables. If you do not like the rounded style and you think a rectangle table is a little too big, then you may want to consider a square coffee table. Out of the many table designs, the square tables are usually the best option for rooms with limited spaces. You may also See Sofa Table Designs

Large Square Coffee Tables

If you have a big living room a large square coffee table is a good option. Most coffee tables of this design come with storage systems, and that is a very nice feature.

large square coffee tables

Square Glass Coffee Table Designs

There are different types of square glass coffee table designs. You can go for a coffee table with wooden frame or one with steel or metal frame and then a glass top. There are also coffee tables with glass tops and then wooden storage.

square glass coffee table designs

Bear Mountain Builders

Rustic Square Coffee Tables

And all-wood coffee table can be considered rustic in design especially so if the wood is distressed. The good thing about rustic square coffee tables is that they are the perfect furniture for a living room in rustic or country interior design.

rustic square coffee tabless

Square Wood Coffee Tables

Polished wood is always a nice feature in a living room. If you like the beauty and class of polished wood, you should go for a square wood coffee table made of Fir, Walnut, and Oak. You may also See Bar Table Designs

square wood coffee tables

Sticks and Stones Design Group inc.

Modern Square Coffee Tables

Modern square coffee tables complement the modern interior design of the space. Some are designed to actually not look like a coffee table. A good example is a very low square coffee table designed with the combination of glass and wood top. Another good design is a layered square coffee table – a small square on top of a larger square.

modern square coffee tables

Small Square Coffee Table Designs

If you have a small-spaced living room, your best option is a small square coffee table. The square shape allows you to make better use of the space, and the small measurement allows you to decorate your living room without making the space look too cluttered or crowded.

small square coffee table designs

Industrial Square Coffee Tables

Metal framing is essential for square coffee tables with industrial design. It is the metal that really defines the term industrial. Most coffee tables in this category have wooden tops and wooden under shelves.

industrial square coffee tables

Square Metal Coffee Tables

A square metal coffee table can have a wood or glass top. The good thing about a metal coffee table is that it can be used in almost any kind of living room setting.

square metal coffee tables

Yaniv Schwartz - Photographer

Stone Square Coffee Table Ideas

Stone is durable and it is a beautiful choice of material for tables. A square coffee table made of stone adds aesthetic appeal into a living room space setting. A solid stone coffee table is a good choice, as well as a stone slate coffee table (this choice allows you to organize your stuff like magazines and remote control).

stone square coffee table ideas

Boscolo Interior Design

Square Leather Coffee Tables

Leather has that rich classic look that provides a classy appeal into a room setting. A square leather coffee table makes a perfect match to your leather sofa. The richness of dark leather will surely stand out and make your coffee table a great living room centerpiece. You may also See Kitchen Table Designs

square leather coffee tables

Outdoor Square Coffee Table Designs

For your outdoor space like garden, backyard, pool side or patio, it is important to choose a coffee table made of a high-quality material that can withstand the harsh outdoor weather. This means that your best options would be concrete/stone, wood/wicker or metal.

outdoor square coffee table designs


Contemporary Square Coffee Tables

A square coffee table in contemporary design is one that you can easily blend in with your contemporary interior. You do not have to go for the eccentric design, a layered or slate coffee table is a good type of contemporary square coffee table.

contemporary square coffee tables

Vintage Square Coffee Tables

The vintage look is popular because it allows an interior to look classic and traditional without the need to spend money on authentic furnishings. Richly polished wood top with intricately designed table legs is the kind of styling that would be ideally vintage.

vintage square coffee tables

Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

Square Coffee Tables with Storage

Storage system is a nice feature in a coffee table, and a square coffee table makes storage option very possible. You can choose a wooden coffee table with full storage or you can opt for the single shelf storage.

square coffee tables with storage

White Square Coffee Tables

White is a really pretty color theme and if you want a white square coffee table, you can choose one that is made of white-painted wood or a coffee table made of solid white stone. You may also See Round Dining Table Designs

white square coffee tables

Marie Burgos Design

There are different designs for coffee tables. A round coffee table is common and so is a rectangular shaped coffee table. Most people though go for the square coffee table because of its better functionality and space -saving quality. For square coffee tables, your choices include, metal, wood, glass and stone.

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