A coffee table is an inseparable part of every living room and your choice of one also defines your taste. Traditional, modern or contemporary a glass coffee table easily fits every design. Transparency of glass makes it look light but by looks, it adds class and style to your living room. There are endless ways of using a glass coffee table to suit your interiors. Here are a few design ideas to help you add one in your living room. You may also See Rustic Coffee Table Designs

Modern Glass Coffee Table Designs

For modern interiors consider a glass coffee table with patterned steel base frame. A simple rectangular glass table in a steel or wooden frame will look sleek and stylish. You can also consider an all glass coffee table.

modern glass coffee table designs


Round Glass Coffee Table Designs

There are endless designs of round glass coffee tables to match every style of interior design requirement. For a modern look you can use round glass table with criss-crossed wooden legs. A round frame with embedded round glass top is a more traditional design. A round table with sleek patterned copper legs looks light but classy.

round glass coffee table designs

Jeneration Interiors

Glass Top Coffee Table Designs

A sleek rectangular table with glass top makes for a perfect coffee table in your living room. Mount your wooden table with a glass top and add class to your interiors. You may also See Kitchen Table Designs

glass top coffee table designs

Kimball Starr

Oval Glass Coffee Tables

Experiment with shapes. Instead of traditional round, rectangle or square go for an oval glass coffee table. Oval as a shape takes less space and looks more sleek and stylish. To add a little colour use stained glass instead of transparent glass.

oval glass coffee tables

Blue Garnet Design/The Design Mill

Square Glass Coffee Table Ideas

If you have enough space to accommodate a table, go for a square glass table. If offers more space and looks rich. It can be a minimalistic design with glass mounted over sleek steel legs or embedded on a heavy dark wood frame adding luxury to the space.

square glass coffee table ideas

Bear Mountain Builders

Small Glass Coffee Tables

If you think your space is already bulky because of wooden furniture, add small glass coffee tables. It will save space and also make your living room look lighter. It is best for people who love open spaces. Have your coffee and move them to the corner.

small glass coffee tables


Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables

Glass top resting on stacked wooden planks looks classy. An all glass table supported on one side with an intricately designed metal leg redefines contemporary style. A three-sided dark wood box with clean straight lines mounted with a stained glass looks plush.

contemporary glass coffee tables


DIY Glass Coffee Table Ideas

Polish your old chest and mount it with clear glass to get an antique glass table to your living room. Need a coffee table in your rooftop garden? Mount you planters with a glass top by extending the legs on the upper side leaving enough breathing space for plants.

diy glass coffee table ideas

Rendall & Wright

Curved Glass Coffee Table Designs

Curved glass table needs no frame. They are the most evolved, contemporary and sleek design innovations. Select the glass as per your interiors and you are done. They are light, look classy and need no extra embellishments.

curved glass coffee table designs


Vintage Glass Coffee Tables

Glass tables with intricately designed metal frames can add the vintage look you wanted in your living space. Heavily carved wooden tables with glass tops can also do the trick. Use of copper and brass in frames can add to the vintage look.

vintage glass coffee tables


Black Glass Coffee Tables

Black glass gives you freedom to imagine style and class at the same time. Black glass table with steel frame looks classy and can complement modern interiors beautifully. Curved black glass table immediately enhances the looks of a contemporary living room. You may also See Outdoor Table And Chair Designs

black glass coffee tables


Two-Tier Glass Coffee Table Designs

If you are the one who loved to read, it is a good idea to design your table with some space to keep your magazines or books once you are done. An extra shelf under your glass top can also be used to keep small decorative.

two tier glass coffee table designs

Diamond Custom Homes, Inc.

Industrial Glass Coffee Tables

A glass table with legs made of industrial pipes will give you an instant industrial look. If you have a broken wheelbarrow, convert it into a table with glass top and be surprised with its aesthetic value.

industrial glass coffee tables1

Domiteaux + Baggett

Rustic Glass Coffee Table Ideas

Bring the piece of old log from your garden and mount it with a glass to get an ultimate rustic look. A glass table with unpolished wooden frame faintly painted with visible grains gives the required rustic look.

rustic glass coffee table ideas1

Arete Culture

Glass and Wood Coffee Table Designs

It is a perfect combination which can be used intelligently to give a modern and a Vintage pattern with equal ease. Get a vintage look with carved legs or go modern with clean straight wooden legs for your table.

rustic glass coffee table ideas


Coffee tables are a must-have for any living room and with ever evolving designs you are spoilt for choices. You can go for traditional round coffee tables, square, rectangular and oval as well. Use of glass changes the look of your table completely. A table with glass top looks less bulky but adds more style. You may also See Library Table Designs

With endless options available it is not an easy task to select the right coffee table. While choosing a coffee table you should make sure of the space to be filled. Once that is done the distance between seating arrangement and table should not interfere with your natural movement. Select the design intelligently as per you interiors; a curved glass coffee table will never look good in a heavy furniture vintage interiors. You will get exactly the look you desire by selecting a coffee table smartly.

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