The table in a dining room acts as the focal point. In case you are thinking of remodeling your dining room then you should start with the table. Dining room table designs come in many forms, shapes and styles to help you find the right design for your dining area. For today’s post, we scoured across the web to find the perfect examples for round dining table designs and we are sharing them with our readers.

Round Glass Dining Tables

Whether you go for a pedestal or a four leg base you can be sure that the glass top design will make your round table look magnificent. The transparency of the glass makes ideal for small spaces that need style.

Round Black Glass Dining Table

Maxim Goryachev

Small Round Glass Dining Table

Round Wooden Dining Table Designs

Most homeowners choose wooden dining tables in order to achieve a classic look. You can get them in every style ranging from vintage to eccentric and are suitable for every dining room. The designs with pedestal base have incredible looks.

Round White Wooden Dining Table


Round Antique Wooden Dining Table

Modern Round Dining Table Designs

Modern designs come with fabulous layout and stunning details that make all the deference. Their minimalistic approach on the dining room theme adds a futuristic style to their base while their top can range from polished to sleek finish types.

Modern Wooden Round Dining Table

Modern Round White Dining Table


Small Round Dining Table Ideas

Small dining tables are suitable for small dining rooms. Their style though surpasses their size bringing you an abundance of designs to choose from. Seating comfortably four people you can say for sure that small round tables are the best.

Small White Round Dining Table

Small Formal Dining Table

Large Round Dining Tables

Whether your family is large or you enjoy the majestic look of a large dining table design the round shape will make it look even better. You can go for a classic design with a single or double pedestal for extra style.

Large Black Round Dining Table

Large Antique Round Dining Table

Round Outdoor Dining Table Designs

Round tables are suitable for outdoor spaces too. You can find many different designs to choose ranging in metal, wood and glass allowing you to find the best choice for your space. Choose the style depending on the desired look. You may also see Stone Dining Table Designs

Outdoor Wood Round Dining Table

Antique Round Dining Tables

Antiques have the most irresistible classic design. Available with various base types you can find the right one for your space based on the design that appeals to your personal tastes. A nicely sculptured design will bring extra classic personality.

Antique Wooden Round Dining Table

Rustic Round Dining Table Ideas

Defined details are going to make a huge difference in a rustic table design. You can find incredible dining tables in round shape that are made of wood, concrete and glass bringing you remarkable designs to choose for your space.

Rustic Oak Round Dining Table

Contemporary Round Dining Table Designs

You can get a round table with a sophisticated design that will complete your dining room with elegance and style. The designs available come with many different combinations of materials and colors to choose for a stunning dining room.

Contemporary Black Round Dining Table

Contemporary White Round Dining Table

Round Marble Dining Tables

If you aim for an ultra luxurious design then you should consider marble tops. These designs come in various color combinations with sleek surfaces to choose the design that fits your needs. The round shape will add a soft touch.

Elegant Round Marble Dining Table

Round Granite Dining Table Ideas

As an alternative to marble, the granite tops will help you achieve a sleek design with a visual interest that will draw everyone’s eyes. You can find many designs with metallic or wooden base to choose to style your space.

Small Round Granite Dining Table

Round Patio Dining Table Designs

Patio tables have a stylish design that will make your space look elegant and sophisticated. You can go for a wooden or a metallic design with a round top that you can match with a set of chairs in same style.

Outdoor Patio Round Dining Table

DIY Round Dining Table Ideas

For a fashionable diy dining table you need to find a creative base as well as a round top to create your design. Make sure that the materials you are going to use are compatible with each other for excellent results.

DIY Wooden Round Dining Table


Expandable Round Dining Tables

Expandable tables have a convenient build that allows you seat more people than the classic four or six. You can get a round table that expands into a larger design so that you will never worry about large dinner parties.

Large Expandable Round Dining Table

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. You can go for a modern design or for a classic one with a round table that will bring everyone together for many memorable meals. We are hoping that our collection managed to give you fresh ideas.

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