Dining tables are considered as the heart of the home. It is where families mostly gather for dining . There are several designs and shapes when it comes to dining tables. A rectangular dining table is the best and most popular dining table design. It typically is 36 inches in width and serves a good number of people. Below is a list of rectangular dining table designs. You may also see small dining table designs.

Small Rectangular Dining Table

small rectangular dining table


This small rectangular dining table in a luxurious transitional dining room features a dark wooden oak dining table in a rectangular shape. It has white quilted seats which are thick, fluffy and comfortable. It contains a large chandelier and lamp lights along with a silver mirror.

Glass Rectangular Dining Table

glass rectangular dining table


This is a glass top dining table in a rectangular shape which has been placed in a contemporary room. It features light green chairs and a vase in the center. It has medium tone wooden floors with ceiling lights. The dining area is right next to the kitchen.

White Rectangular Dining Table Design

white rectangular dining table design

Design by MINOSA

This is a white natural stone dining table that is glossy and shiny and has wooden décor to match. It features black seated chairs with wooden handles and the flooring is light beige. All the interiors and décor has been built in contemporary style.

Rectangular Outdoor Dining Table

rectangular outdoor dining table


This is a rectangular dining table with vertical stripes that has been placed outdoors. It features gray chairs along with the black tile in the contemporary deck. It is a nice idea for outdoor dining table as it is simple, cheap and functional.

Extendable Rectangular Dining Table

extendable rectangular dining table


This rectangular dining table in light beige wood is extendable from the sides. It features beautiful printed wallpaper and wall frames that match perfectly well with the dining table. The dining table has complementary gray chairs with black borders.

Granite Rectangular Dining Table

granite rectangular dining table


This is a granite black rectangular dining table with complementary black chairs with brown borders. The wall features several wall frames and natural stone walls. The flooring is white and beige with a black border and is a very luxurious traditional dining room.

Industrial Rectangular Dining Table

industrial rectangular dining table


This industrial dining room in rectangular shape has a glossy white deco countertop with three complementary off-white chairs on both sides. It has a white backdrop with beautifully painted white walls, ceilings, window borders etc.

Modern Rectangular Dining Table

modern rectangular dining table


This is a modern rectangular dining table with a minimalist design in the dining room. It features a classy wooden dining table with black chairs, a chandelier on top, a large painting stuck in the wall, medium tone wooden flooring and several vases and pots placed in the center of the dining table.

Rectangular Metal Dining Table

rectangular metal dining table


This is a very beautiful contemporary dining room which features a large rectangular metal dining table with stylish black chairs and a large white chair for the head of the family. It is a customized zinc top table which is very elegant and rustic in appearance.

Narrow Rectangular Dining Table

narrow rectangular dining table

Design by Sanctum Design

This is an awesome beach style contemporary dining room which features a large beige light wood dining table and elegant white chairs. It caters to almost 10 members. The décor of the room is all complementing with each other and the pendant lights in white are also beautiful and functional.

Rectangular Dining Table & Chairs

rectangular dining table chairs


Sunlight Rectangular Dining Table

sunlight rectangular dining table


Black Rectangular Dining Table

black rectangular dining table


Rustic Rectangular Dining Table

rustic rectangular dining table


Small Wooden Rectangular Dining Table Idea

small wooden rectangular dining table idea


Rectangular Dining Table Marble Floor Idea

rectangular dining table marble floor idea


Rectangular Dining Table Lighting Idea

rectangular dining table lighting idea


Traditional Rectangular Dining Table

traditional rectangular dining table

Design by Kara O'Connor

A dining room is an important room of the house. It is also where the family dines together, where big time bonding takes place. The above rectangular dining table designs are exclusively selected for you to take inspiration. You can look at these designs to create an amazing dining table. You may also see classic dining room table designs.

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