Dining tables have also changes the look of a dining room or the living room in which a dining table is placed. The arrival of various dining table designs in different colors and shapes have changed the concept of a dining table to a stylish way of decorating home which matches with the color of the walls, the pieces of furniture in the house etc. You may also See Corner Dining Table Designs

Small Round Dining Table

The small round dining table which can be placed anywhere in the corner or in a small area is the most useful and flexible piece of furniture. With living areas becoming smaller, the sizes of the furniture have to chosen based on the space available.

small round dining table

Kyle Schuneman | Live Well Designs

Small Glass Dining Table

When you have a beautiful view from the corridor, the small glass dining table with a pair of chairs is a perfect romantic set up to enjoy the dinner under moon or tea with cool breeze from the trees.

small glass dining table

Kimball Starr Interior Design

Small Dquare Dining Table

When there is space in the corner of the living area which can be used to place a dining table a small apartment, the square shaped dining table with two chairs go perfectly well. It brings out a classic an country look to the room as well.

small dquare dining table

Oak Furniture Land

Expandable Dining Table for Small Space

Small spaces are common in cities all over the world due to lack of space. Small spaces need furniture which can be folded inside the wall or kept aside when not in use. The expandable table shown above is best for small spaces which can be folded inside the wall and the space can be used for other purposes.

expandable dining table for small space

Louise de Miranda

Small Rectangle Dining Table

Small rectangle table is best suitable for small to medium houses as they won’t occupy much space. Space being a major issue in small spaces, the size of the furniture should be always considered as the house may look clumsy if big size furniture is placed in small spaces. You may also See Stone Dining Table Designs

small rectangle dining table

Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

Small Rustic Dining Table

The rustic table brings a country look to the kitchen and creates a ambient atmosphere in the kitchen. This rustic table is a perfect piece of furniture in a garden, a patio can be placed in anywhere in the corner of a house to create a cozy corner.

small rustic dining table

Kemp Hall Studio

Small Oval Dining Table

A oval dining table looks perfect in a kitchen or a living room. The beautiful oval shape creates a ambient space and won’t take up much space which is good for small spaces as well. The oval table is a perfect choice for small and medium sized houses.

small oval dining table

Lindy Donnelly

Small Outdoor Dining Table

A small outdoor table in a garden, in the midst of beautiful flowers can create a magical atmosphere or a romantic evening for a couple sitting and having tea. A garden with a small beautiful table gives a scope to enjoy the nature with dinner or tea on a sunny day.

small outdoor dining table

Barnes Walker Ltd - Landscape Architects

Small Marble Dining Table

A small marble dining table adds a cozy touch to the living area or kitchen where ever it is placed. The beauty of marble table is its shiny surface and it goes well in office spaces and common shared spaces where the size of the space matters.

small marble dining table

Sacha Jacq Interiors LLC

Small White Dining Table

A small white dining table near the widow with some chairs can make anyone go for that space as it gives a chance to have a look around or at the street from the window. It is a good way to create a peaceful and cozy corner where one can relax with a coffee or a snack. You may also See Extendable Dining Table Designs

small white dining table

Caruso Kitchens

The small dining tables are perfect for small spaces and limited ares whether is a small apartment or a small house. The small dining tables can be considered as modern dining table which have a simple yet sophisticated look.

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