There are various kinds of pedestal dining table, namely, single pedestal, drop leaf pedestal, oval pedestal and multiple pedestal tables. Table pedestals are also available which can be used in such a way that you can fold them while using on a long journey in a passenger train. An Iranian palace reflects at the time of a chic table. Trestle tables advanced in its form and gave rise to different forms of dining tables. Refectory tables and stone dining table made up of different schematic representations are also used to support a banquet.

Round Pedestal Dining Table

round pedestal dining table

These are round shaped and looks really marvelous with a traditional setting. It is generally found in the houses of London. The country theme is widely expressed in these kinds of dining rooms.

White Pedestal Dining Table Design

white pedestal dining table design

It offers a stereotypical outlook, thereby, providing a contemporary view of the living room. Plenty of freestyle handicraft materials and other decorating accessories are used along with this to enhance the virtue of the living room.

Oval Pedestal Dining Table

oval pedestal dining table

Design by Ian Engberg

This kind of pedestal setting can be seen mostly in New York. It seems to be a bit out of the trend and the innovative impression is given to the room. It is similar to the Bridgehampton modern dining room.

Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table

rectangular pedestal dining table

The rectangular shaped pedestal dining room has a variant dimension along its length and breadth. It is the most common style that you can across in most of the houses. Yet, it still, retains its decency and the place looks really beautiful and simple.

Double Pedestal Dining Table

double pedestal dining table

The double pedestal dining table can be observed mostly in farm houses. These are durable and is not at all fragile. It is quite strong and you do not need to worry about its terms of utility. It can be commonly used for a regular purpose. You may also see small dining table designs.

Square Pedestal Dining Table

square pedestal dining table

Again, the contemporary dining room gives with the settings of the square shaped pedestal dining table. It is dimensionally equal from all sides. You can order this according to the size of your rooms. These are even made of wood and are really simple in usage.

Pedestal Oak Dining Table

pedestal oak dining table

Most of the houses in Boston have this kind of dining room setting. Private residences are usually equipped with this variety of pedestal dining tables. It reminds you of the transitional history.

Modern Pedestal Dining Table

modern pedestal dining table

Design by Fanny Zigdon Interiors

Colored theme with well-decorated fittings and fixtures fit the western culture regarding the modern developments of the pedestal dining table. It is a very glowy and bright characteristic depicted that can be even emphasized by adding the different kinds of lights and LEDs.

Glass Top Pedestal Dining Table

glass top pedestal dining table

Design by Atmosphere Interior Design

This can be.used for sitting, gossiping for hours and you can even have your meals on it. These glass tables usually have a single foot over which the entire body of the table stands. The surface of the table is layered with glasses and are usually freestanding.

Antique Pedestal Dining Table

antique pedestal dining table

In the middle of the dining room, it acts as a counter piece model or interior home decor material. It has a flat top with strands of legs at the bottom. It has got an apparent unique and modest sight.

Rustic Pedestal Dining Table

rustic pedestal dining table

Small Pedestal Dining Table

small pedestal dining table

Amazing Pedestal Dining Table

amazing pedestal dining table

Design by : Ron Nathan

Tiny Wooden Pedestal Dining Table

tiny wooden pedestal dining table

Pedestal Dining Table Design

pedestal dining table designs

Rectangular Oak Pedestal Dining Table

rectangular oak pedestal dining table

Design by : Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Victorian Pedestal Dining Table

victorian pedestal dining table

Traditional Pedestal Dining Table

traditional pedestal dining table

The dining tables are the places of our home that occupy a large space of the rooms. Round dining room table is a classy and emphasizing part of the room. Not only dining tables are concerned at the time of the meals, but a proper position is required. The grandeur of the room is altered and the overall surface of the table is composed of glass which needs proper maintenance at regular intervals.

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