When you crave to live up to the trends of the decade, you need to incorporate the right furniture in your rooms. Among the various types of mirrored furniture that deliver a shiny look to your interior, a mirrored coffee table remains unmatched in terms of elegance and sophistication can opt for Square Coffee Table, round tables or curved tables, as per your requirement and taste. Here are ten classy mirrored coffee table design ideas that will live up to your taste.

Small Round Mirrored Coffee Table

small round mirrored coffee table


If you look out for seamless sophistication in the room, go for a small Round Coffee Table in your drawing room. It is compatible with a beige carpet in the room, and you need to paint the walls in the same color so that you gain a good visual balance. The table has sleek legs and the gold and brown color combination with a clear mirror in the centre looks classy.

Antique Mirrored Coffee Table

antique mirrored coffee table


If you are fond of antiquity, you can incorporate this particular mirrored coffee table design in your room. It is rectangular in shape with dark borders and goes well with a patterned couch in the room. Apart from the glass top, the antique accessories on the table refine the image of your room. You can also see Denmark Furniture Designs

Square Mirrored Coffee Table

square mirrored coffee table


In many vintage-styled sitting rooms, a grey interior looks compatible with a square coffee table with a mirrored top. The mirror has a silver-grey look, and the elevated top adds and extra dimension to the inherent beauty of the room. Install grey furniture in the room to create a perfect ambience.

Modern Mirrored Coffee Table

modern mirrored coffee table


When you desire to live up to the best of luxury, you can get in touch with a modern mirrored coffee table. Here, the copper-finish of the thin rods look elegant and this is the perfect piece of furniture that complements the mantelpiece. Go for white walls, floor and other accessories in the room.

Oval Mirrored Coffee Table

oval mirrored coffee table


Elegant living rooms have a teal-and-brown colour combination, and in these rooms, you can opt for an oval mirrored coffee table. The glass top rests on a light wooden stand polished to yield its inherent beauty. Light brown floors and mauve walls complement the coffee table.

Art Deco Mirrored Coffee Table

art deco mirrored coffee table


Contemporary living room patterns crave for fitting coffee tables, and you can opt for an art deco mirrored coffee table for the purpose. This goes well with the black and white zigzag patterns on the floor of the room. The square table looks crystalline and you can install blue couches in the room for utmost compatibility of looks.

Vintage Mirrored Coffee Table

vintage mirrored coffee table


If you have a vintage-styled sitting room with beadboard walls, you can opt for this particular design for the sitting room. The fibre-cement panels on the walls are ideal for the room and the white walls and ceiling bring the right ambience in the room.

Black Mirrored Coffee Table

black mirrored coffee table


Black colored furniture is rich in look, and when you want to refine the looks of your sitting room, you can opt for a black mirrored coffee table. There are matching couches along with it, and paint the walls cream in order to yield eh inherent beauty in your room. A dark wooden flooring will further amplify the beauty of the room.

Mirrored Glass Coffee Table

mirrored glass coffee table


When you look out for a formal attire for your living room, go for the gold framed coffee table with mirrored glass. The elongated coffee table has two detachable sides, perfectly fitted with mirrors. The blue and white colour combination for the sitting accessories in the room look great.

Rectangle Mirrored Coffee Table

rectangle mirrored coffee table


If you have a gorgeous interior in your mind, go for this particular mirror with glass top and body. It is an excellent piece of furniture in a sitting room. Dark red couches and a lighter shade of red in the floor look compatible with the room.

Mirrored Coffee Table Design

mirrored coffee table design


Dark Oval Mirrored Coffee Table

dark oval mirrored coffee table


Classic Mirrored Coffee Table Design

classic mirrored coffee table design


Victorian Mirrored Coffee Table

victorian mirrored coffee table


Black Square Mirrored Coffee Table

black square mirrored coffee table


Unique Mirrored Coffee Table

unique mirrored coffee table


Attractive Mirrored Coffee Table

attractive mirrored coffee table


Mirrored Coffee Table Wall Art Design

mirrored coffee table wall art design


These tables can be customised according to shapes and sizes that are compatible with you. You can opt for the Wooden Oval Coffee Table, round coffee table or square ones, according to the interior of your room. Apart from these variations and mirror designs, you too can come up with your own mirrored coffee table ideas. let us know about the new coffee table designs that you innovate.

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