To incorporate the country style charm in the house, one doesn’t necessarily need to live in farfetched countryside areas to experience that feel. You can create the perfect country charm by adding some dimensions to your home. Country style is a collective style combining of vintage furniture and dull color paints with a rustic theme and much more. It is a very homey design giving utmost importance to comfort.

Below is a list of elegant country interiors summed up as follows:

Modern Country Interior Design

modern country interior design

Modern meets traditional in this beautiful and cozy Master bedroom featuring modern country interiors. It features dark wooden flooring with huge arched windows. It has framed pictures on the wall just above the bed, two lamps beside the bed and comfy beddings.

Hill Country Interior Idea

hill country interior idea

This beautiful looking transitional room features modern country interiors including the furniture. It is a large and spacey living room with a dusky beige color scheme, features a fireplace, gold curtains, large rug, mirror, lighting and a center coffee table.

French Country Interior Design

french country interior design

This is a French country kitchen in a traditional style and design featuring a center island that has a khaki glaze. It also features a dining table area with a chandelier above with candle lights. It is a large kitchen featuring several cabinets in a white tone.

Country Style Cottage Interior

country style cottage interior

Design by Daisy Chubb

This country style cottage interior has an old school touch and the use of rustic colors. It features a wood stove inside the fireplace and the color scheme is soft muted colors with a rustic finish and an excellent shelving idea. It also features a large sun themed gold frame on the wall.

Vintage Country Interior Design

vintage country interior design

Design by Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

This is a vintage traditional living room designed in a country style. It features brown hardwood floors with rustic beige sofas, an island in brown wood with a beige countertop, dining table with yellow chairs and several types of lighting including pendant lights, chandelier light etc

Scandinavian Country Interior

scandinavian country interior

Design by Total Spaces Design

This country kitchen designed in Scandinavian interiors is exotic and has a unique blend of colors. It is an L- shaped kitchen design with a bright yellow backsplash with yellow lights, light hardwood floors, a farmhouse sink and stainless steel appliances and white cabinets.

Rustic Country Style Interior

rustic country style interior

This is a rustic country style interior with dark brown ceiling containing detailed interiors. It features a large center coffee table in the wood along with light soft beige sofas and brown fur cover. The chandelier has the original rustic design with candle lighting.

Country White Interior Design

country white interior design

This transitional bedroom in white with quilted bed design and cushions is very elegant. It features patterned drapes and an end of bed bench and a rustic turquoise blue paint color of a soft hue. The room also features a large window with white recliners.

Country Shabby Chic Interior

country shabby chic interior

This country shabby chic living sunroom is designed in a traditional chic style and interiors to have a beautiful detailing. It makes use of neutral hues to create a cohesive look. There is a high mismatch of furnishings that add to the shabby chic look. In this rustic room, the green chairs and pillows add color and brightness. You can also see Kids’ Room Modern Interior Designs

Classic Country Design Interior

classic country design interior

This classic country design interior features several pendant lights, a brick orange colored sofa and rustic colored furniture. It has a classic design with minimalist furniture and hardwood flooring. The walls are painted in light gray which is the perfect depiction of country style interiors. You can also see Home Office Interior Designs

Boutique Country Interior Design

boutique country interior design

Design by John Jernigan

Country Interior Dining Room

country interior dining room

Modern Country Interior Furniture Design

modern country interior furniture design

Country Kitchen Interior Renovation

renovation of country interior kitchen

Country Living Room Interior Wall Art

country interior living room wall art

French Country Bathroom Interior

french country interior bathtub design

Country Interior Porch Idea

country interior porch idea

Country Interior Design

country interior designs

Country style Interiors that are although a traditional style but it is incorporated in most modern and contemporary homes. You could incorporate the above classic country style interior design ideas in your home to recreate a beautiful countryside feel inside your house.

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