When you look out for personalised living room ideas, you need to consider the intricate designs of the room. Choosing the right country room design requires a deep understanding of home decorative ideas. If you go for a French country living room, you can seek the beauty of innovative fabric patterns and patterns in the room. Well, if you are passionate about housing, you can just scroll down and have a look into ten French living room designs that you can incorporate in your home. You may also see Outdoor Living Room Design.

Modern French Country Living Room

modern french country living room

Design by Hendricks Construction

This country room idea from France brings you a beautiful interior, with wooden beams designed to support the ceiling. The room has a cream paint. A grandfather clock high in the wall looks elegant. The room has green couches and the tables are arranged behind them. With artistic furniture and wooden floor, you can yield the perfect mix of beauty in the room.

Rustic French Country Living Room

rustic french country living room


If you have taste in Rustic Living Room designs, opt for hardwood flooring and dark brown beams supporting the ceiling in the room. The room has built-in cabinets on the walls. The fireplace has a stone-finish, further enhancing the look. The dark brown doors complement the beams in the ceiling.

Blue French Country Living Room

blue french country living room


A French country living room can be modified into a when you go for the right interior settings. The blue accent walls in the room goes well with white plantation shutters in the room. The tan shutters go well with small pendant lights decorating the room. A light brown floor with the white ceiling is ideal for the room.

French Country Cottage Living Room

french country cottage living room


The French country rooms, when designed in lines with cottages, have splendid interiors. There are decorative beams for the ceiling in the room. The windows are rich in architecture. The room has elegant light brown cabinets along the walls and beige coloured furniture, and these yield a good compatibility with the walls.

Contemporary French Country Living Room

contemporary french country living room


When you wish to have a wooden landscape for a spacious French country living room, you can go for an expansive floor to ceiling windows. A tray ceiling is perfect for this setting, with pendant lights along the sides. With rounded balconies, dark hardwood floors and white furniture, the room is a really a great asset to enjoy.

Cozy French Country Living Room

cozy french country living room


If you look out for a modern living shrouded by cosiness, go for a Tudor interior. The room has an embroidered carpet with matching sofas in red and white. A dark wooden table in the centre looks classy. The windows too, are personalised for the setting. Get appropriate lighting for the room to enhance its beauty.

French Country Shabby Chic Living Room

french country shabby chic living room


This is an excellent open concept living room idea, but has a classy look written on the walls. The room has denim walls and chairs. Paint the walls in white and it creates the perfect match with the white furniture in the room. The white pillows look classy and you will enjoy the looks when you incorporate the theme in your living room.

Small French Country Living Room

small french country living rooms


People with a modern blend of housing taste look for sophisticated wall colours. You can go for cream walls with portraits over the sofa. It has a black door and the pottery barn table looks classy indeed. The room looks beautiful with the antique brown sofa with trendy pillows.

Traditional French Country Living Room

traditional french country living room


If you have an aptitude for traditional themes for your home, you can go for the traditional French country living room design. The ornamental ceiling and stone fireplace looks elegant. The black-trimmed windows go well with the white interior and ceiling with this setting.

French Country Living Room Interior Design

french country living room interior design


The interior design in a French country room determines the degree of sophistication you yield. Here, the rooms with the green sofas complement the green walls. It has a rock-designed fireplace and the faded red and green combination goes well with carpet the floor. large glass windows are ideal for the room.

Decorative French Country Living Room

decorative french country living room

Design by Markay Johnson Construction

Free Space French Country Living Room

free space french country living room


French Country Soft Living Room

french country soft living room

Design by Sarah Wilson

French Country Living Room Design

french country living room design


French Country Style Living Room Design

french country style living room design

Design by Stephani Buchman

French Country Living Room Shelves Idea

french country living room shelves idea


French Country Living Room with Stone Fireplace

french country living room with stone fireplace


The choice of individual are subject to variation, and you may opt for different French country living room designs like Small Living Room, cottage styled rooms, traditionally designed rooms, among other categories. Apart from these designs, you may come up with your own innovations as well. You can let us know about your new ideas when you incorporate them in your house.

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