Decorating a tiny living room offers many challenges, but with a little creativity and innovation you can make your living room cozy, comfortable and inspiring. The first and the most important target are to eliminate the cramped look and feeling. This can be done by adding up light in the room. Properly lighting the room is extremely importance. The lights should be place in a manner that it draws the attention upwards, giving a more spacious look to your living room.

In the past it was considered that dark colors should not be used in the tiny living room, but in the contemporary interior, bold colors are recommended in small quantities. It is also recommended that, in one room, maximum three basic colors should be used.

Tiny Eclectic Living Room & Kitchen

tiny eclectic living room kitchen

Tiny Home Living Room With Multipurpose Furniture

tiny home living room with multipurpose furniture

Photo By: Mieke Zuiderweg

Rustic-Meets Modern Tiny Home Living Room

rustic meets modern tiny home living room

The space available in the tiny living room is limited that is why it is important to unify the room space. Mirrors can give a spacious and elegant look to it.

Tiny Home Living Room and Kitchen With Fireplace

tiny home living room and kitchen with fireplace

Tiny House Living Room With Wood-Paneled Walls

tiny house living room with wood paneled walls

Tiny Home With Sectional

tiny home with sectional

Photo By: Mieke Zuiderweg

Eclectic Living Room Tiny

eclectic living room tiny

Tiny House Living Room With Wood Walls

tiny house living room with wood walls

Eclectic Tiny Wooden Living Room

eclectic tiny wooden living room

Tiny Contemporary Living Room

tiny contemporary living room

Beautiful Tiny Black and White Living Room

beautiful tiny black and white living room

Tiny Contemporary Family Room

tiny contemporary family room

Elegant Blue Tiny Living Room

elegant blue tiny living room

Tiny Modern Living Room

tiny modern living room

Tiny Farmhouse Living Room

tiny farmhouse living room

Awesome White Tiny Living Room

awesome white tiny living room

Midcentury Tiny Living Room

mid century tiny living room

Elegant White Tiny Living Room

elegant white tiny living room

Asian Tiny Living Room

asian tiny living room

Modern Tiny Living Room

modren tiny living room

Simple Tiny Farmhouse Living Room

simple tiny farmhouse living room

Selecting the sofa for the tiny living room can be tricky and there is a wide range of contemporary sofa styles that offer elegance with utility. Avoid overloading the room with furniture. The furniture lined with the wall is not recommended as it makes the room look smaller. At the same time it is important to avoid clutters.

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