The curtain is considered to be an important detail in the living room. It is an incredible decor that can make the room warm and comfortable. Curtain has always been an important part of the interior decoration and that why many different trends have ruled customer’s attention in different times.

The trends in the living room curtain has changed over time, but broadly the traditional curtain are slightly pulled on the floor and offer a rich and luxurious look whereas, the contemporary style curtain are more crisp with a panel fall flush.

Eclectic Living Room with Patterned Curtain

eclectic living room with patterned curtain

Traditional Cream Living Room With Green Draperies

traditional cream living room with green draperies

Photo by Kristi Nelson

Living Room With White and Polka Dot Drapes

living room with white and polka dot drapes

In the past and even now, the primary emphasis while choosing a living room curtain is one the fabric. The quality and texture of the fabric determines how the curtain will work and function in the future. The other important detail to consider is the selection of the ideal color for the room. The curtain’s color fades in the sunlight and if the room gets a lot of sunlight, dark colors are not recommended.

Living Room With Orange Curtains

living room with orange curtains

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Living Room With Green Satin Drapes

transitional living room with green satin drapes

Photo by James Rixner

Living Room with Gold Color Curtains

living room with gold color curtains

Coral Curtains in Lovely Living Room

coral curtains in lovely living room

Photo By: Sarah Wittenbraker

Living Room With Luxurious Green Curtains

living room with luxurious green curtains

photo by CG Creative Interiors

Eclectic Living Room With Graphic Curtain

eclectic living room with graphic curtain

Photo by Nicole Curtis

Living Room with Flowing Curtains

living room with flowing curtains

Designed by Nancy Leffler Mikulich

Living Room With Velvet Curtains

living room with velvet curtains

Brown Living Room with Plaid Drapes

brown living room with plaid drapes


Transitional Family Room with Neutral Curtains

transitional family room with neutral curtains

Living Room with Patterned Drapes

living room with patterned drapes

Living Room With Cool White Curtains

living room with cool white curatins


Eclectic Living Room Flora Designed Curtains

eclectic living room flora designed curtains

Traditional Living Room With Elegant Curtains

traditional living room with elegant curtains

Elegant Living Room With Curtains

elegant living room with curtains

Beach Style Family Room With White Pattern Curtains

beach style family room with white pattern curtains

Living Room With Beautiful Curtains

living room with beautiful curtains

Pleasant Gray Curtains in Living Room

plesant gray curtains in living room

These days silk, Linen, velvet and fax silk are preferred when it comes to the living room curtain as they hang the best, are durable, stylish and elegant.

The choice of the living room curtain depends on the user, but it is always recommended to get the window treatment customized rather than buying from the shelf.

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