When at home especially during the weekend, many women spend their time in the kitchen preparing delicious family meals. That is why the right ambiance of the kitchen is crucial. With the ideal curtains, you can give the kitchen access to natural lights and accentuate the theme of the room. Curtains help dress the kitchen window in a way that reflects your style. So if you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen then check out the following kitchen curtain designs. You may also see Living Room Curtain Designs

Kitchen Window Curtain Designs

While there are many kitchen window curtain designs, you should opt for those that complement the theme of the home and style of the window. You can choose from pleated drapes, embroidered designs to layered valances. You also need to consider the length of fabric and rods.

Small Kitchen Window Curtain

small kitchen window curtain

Driggs Designs

Modern Kitchen Curtain Designs

Modern kitchen curtain designs are suitable for kitchens with modern appliances. These curtains tend to be in black or sheer designs and tend to make the windows the center of attention. Even though they focus on minimalist designs always consider size and shape of the windows. You may also see Bedroom Curtain Designs

Modern Kitchen Window Curtain Design

modern kitchen window curtain design


Country Kitchen Curtains

Country kitchen curtains are popular with many homeowners as they feature earth tones which will easily complement any décor. They exude a warm vibe that makes the kitchen a comfortable place to entertain guests or to spend time with other family members.

Simple Country Kitchen Curtain

simple country kitchen curtain


Lace Kitchen Curtain Ideas

When renovating your kitchen in a way that blends vintage and feminine style, adding kitchen curtains made of lace will complete your look. Lace curtains in a floor length size are stunning and can work to camouflage odd looking windows.

Lace Kitchen Window Curtain

lace kitchen window curtain


Vintage Kitchen Curtains

Whether in a floral pattern or solid colors, vintage kitchen curtain can make a remarkable impact on your room. They suit homeowners with vintage fixtures or decors. Curtains that are flame resistant and machine washable puts kitchen safety top priority.

Vintage Floral Kitchen Curtain

vintage floral kitchen curtain


Plaid Kitchen Curtains

Plaid kitchen curtains are suitable for people who are looking to add a formal appeal to their space. With many different color combinations, you can choose plaid shades that match your dining room chairs.

Brown Plaid Kitchen Curtain

brown plaid kitchen curtain


Kitchen Cabinet Curtain Ideas

Do you want to hide what is in your kitchen cabinets? If yes, then opt for kitchen cabinet curtains. They are practical options for cabinets with no doors. Instead of using standard plain curtains why not opt for those with an image of cutlery or printed words. You may also see Shower Curtain Designs

Kitchen Cabinet Door Curtain

kitchen cabinet door curtain


Floral Kitchen Curtain Designs

Floral patterns will make a bold statement and what better way to express your style than with floral kitchen curtains. Large floral are ideal for large windows and can even work to camouflage a small window.

Floral Print Kitchen Curtain

floral print kitchen curtain


Striped Kitchen Curtain Designs

Stripes can make your space look timeless, and you can add this theme to your kitchen by covering your windows with striped curtains. Stripes in a color that matches the style of the kitchen is ideal for creating a mix and match design.

Green and White Striped Kitchen Curtain

green and white striped kitchen curtain


Cottage Kitchen Curtains

If you have decorated dining room furniture which is situated in the kitchen, then go for curtains with a cottage style. These curtains feature a weathered finish made from natural fibers in colors like light apricot, sunflower yellow and dusty pink.

Beach Cottage Kitchen Curtain

beach cottage kitchen curtain


Polka Dot Kitchen Curtains

Polka dots are amazing circle shaped symbols which come in different color combinations and sizes. The circle shape symbolizes wholeness-making these curtains perfect for anyone moving into their first home or couple who are moving in together.

White Polka Dot Kitchen Curtain

white polka dot kitchen curtain


Ruffled Kitchen Curtains

Whether only on the hem or on the whole fabric, ruffled kitchen curtains are a must have for any homeowner who wants to make their space to look romantic. They are very feminine hence ideal for single ladies living alone.

Ruffled Kitchen Cabinet Curtain

ruffled kitchen cabinet curtain

Photo by Kristen Wright

Patterned Kitchen Curtains

Be it asymmetrical or with geometric shapes, adding patterned curtains to your kitchen window can speak volume about your personal style. When choosing these curtains ensure the design color matches with the wall or is in a lighter shade.

Green Patterned Kitchen Curtain

green patterned kitchen curtain


Contemporary Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Contemporary kitchen curtains are for modern dwellers that are mostly living in the city. They tend to feature straight lines in either vertical or horizontal designs, have solid colors and less texture.

Contemporary Kitchen Door Curtain

contemporary kitchen door curtain


Chevron Kitchen Curtains

Easy to spot and maintain, chevron kitchen curtains are a must-have for any homeowner who wants their kitchen to have a bold style. The wavy pattern will make any kitchen window whether small or large to stand out.

Chevron Print Kitchen Curtain

chevron print kitchen curtain


Colorful Kitchen Curtain Designs

Brighten up your kitchen by using colorful window curtains. They work to complement simple kitchens and brighten up the room especially in dark environments. A contrasting color to the wall can help put more focus on the windows. Prints and patterns suit kitchens with wallpapers.

Colorful Kitchen Window Curtain

colorful kitchen window curtain


Small Kitchen Curtain Designs

Small kitchen curtains are ideal for homes with small windows. Small plaid or floral patterns will look good on small windows. To avoid the curtains from trapping odors go for those that are light and in an exact size of the window.

Small Kitchen Vanity Curtain

small kitchen vanity curtain


Fabric Kitchen Curtain Ideas

From lightweight to heavy materials, there are many kitchen curtain fabrics. Cotton is the favorite fabric because it is lightweight, easy to clean and durable. Heavier fabrics are ideal for maintaining privacy and blocking out most of the sunlight.

Bright Blue Fabric Kitchen Curtain

bright blue fabric kitchen curtain


Daisy Kitchen Door Curtains

Decorating your kitchen door with daisy pattern can bring life into the room. You can opt for curtains that match with the windows or those that contrast in a way that creates the right color balance.

Traditional Daisy Kitchen Curtain

traditional daisy kitchen curtain


Kitchen Pantry Curtain Designs

If you are remodeling or giving your pantry a makeover, then you can simply add curtains to keep all your food items away from guest’s eyes. You can opt for matching kitchen curtains to frame your pantry in a clever way. You may also see Bathroom Curtain Designs

Dark Kitchen Pantry Curtain Design

dark kitchen pantry curtain design

Design by Closet People

Choosing the ideal curtains for your kitchen window is a great way to express your own style. They help transform the kitchen in a way that inspires the cook or people who make family meals on a regular basis. With many kitchen curtains available you can choose a design for aesthetic values and privacy.

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