There are times when you long for a place to rejuvenate your senses, rest your nerves and have a wide look around your house. A balcony provides you the privacy and pleasure, blended in the right proportions. A balcony is not only aesthetically refined arena of your home, it adds comfort to the living space and redefines lifestyle. People look out for innovative Balcony Designs to live up to the best of cosiness. Here are twenty popular balcony designs that you may find interesting.

Small Balcony Designs

If you have just a little space in your house, a small balcony can chip in with its comfort and aesthetic value. The corners of houses are generally preferred for these balconies. You can also go for hanging balconies. Get cane or bamboo chairs for sitting arrangement here.

Small Outdoor Balcony Design

small outdoor balcony design

Laura Garner Design

Small Bedroom Balcony Idea

small bedroom balcony idea

Shelby Wood Design

Apartment Balcony Designs

The balconies in apartments can be spacious or small, according to the available space. Fix small pendant or hanging lights in these balconies to create a nice ambience. A small glass table with a couple of cushioned chairs around can be the best place to absorb the comfort.

Modern Apartment Balcony Design

modern apartment balcony design

TOPOS Design Studio

Outdoor Apartment Balcony Design

outdoor apartment balcony design

Causa Design Group

Balcony Garden Designs

Balcony gardens can be quite innovative. You may attach glass decks by the sides and place small flower-pots there. You can also have a grilled balcony with tall indoor herbs and seasonal plants glorifying the area.

Balcony Vegetable Garden Design

balcony vegetable garden design1

Design by Conte & Conte

Contemporary Balcony Garden Design

contemporary balcony garden design

Photo by Paul Dyer

Outdoor Balcony Designs

Outdoor balconies are spacious and have a lot of breathing space. You can arrange for a luxurious sitting area here, shrouded by greenery. Fix some potted plants around and enjoy the beauty. Wooden floors with sheds at the top also deliver a refined look.

Outdoor Balcony Flooring Idea

outdoor balcony flooring idea

Terra Firma Design

Outdoor Balcony Lighting Idea

outdoor balcony lighting idea

Terrace Balcony Design Ideas

Terraces are fine areas to craft luxurious balconies. You can install wrought iron furniture or well-cushioned sofas in these areas. Place some plants along the railings. If you are fond of night-views, go for some appealing lights with suitable colour variations.

Terrace Balcony Garden Design

terrace balcony garden design

Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

Roof Terrace Balcony Design

roof terrace balcony design

Photo by Chris Snook

Bedroom Balcony Designs

Bedroom balconies are popular in houses with a lot of open space around. These houses have curtains separating the bedroom and balcony. There is no wall between these two chambers, literally joining them to a single room. You may opt for this particular balcony design if you look for a sound and comfortable place to sleep.

Master Bedroom Balcony Design

master bedroom balcony design

Photo by Eric Rorer

Bedroom Window Balcony Design

bedroom window balcony design

Design by A. Perry Homes

Enclosed Balcony Designs

Enclosed balconies are generally incorporated in offices and corporate houses. The main advantage if having an enclosed balcony is that it keeps out the noise around you. You can enjoy the views through the wide glass frames. Arrange for necessary siting arrangements for comfort and style.

Enclosed Balcony Interior Design

enclosed balcony interior design

Joie Wilson Design Studio

Glass Enclosed Balcony Design

glass enclosed balcony design

Design by IQ Glass UK

Front Balcony Designs

Houses with front balconies look aesthetically enriched when you look at them from outside. These are mostly hanging balconies, or rest on pillars. You can further enhance their looks by installing plants along the railings.

Modern Front Balcony Design

modern front balcony design

Swell Homes Perth Greensmart Builder

Arched Front Balcony Idea

arched front balcony idea

Westover Landscape Design

Balcony Interior Designs

When you look for comfort in a balcony, interior decoration and accessories matter the most. Fix a mid-sized wall unit for storage of small accessories. You can opt for a sofa-cum bed in the balcony. You can sit or rest your bones as and when necessary.

Small Balcony Interior Design

small balcony interior design

Ernesto Santalla, PLLC

Apartment Balcony Interior Idea

apartment balcony interior idea

Design by Maria Killam

Covered Balcony Designs

Covered balconies are mostly incorporated in residential apartments as they protect you from rain and sunrays. There are different railing designs and you need to strike a good compatibility between the ceiling and railing. Go for a sloping shed if you find it pleasing.

Glass Covered Balcony

glass covered balcony

Covered Balcony Garden Design

covered balcony garden design

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Rustic Balcony Designs

If you look forward for a rustic lifestyle, the best option is to go for well-furnished balconies. Weathered wood is used in the railings. Get some vintage furniture for sitting. You can also opt for plank floors to get the right touch of elegance.

Rustic Balcony Furniture

rustic balcony furniture

Design by On Site Management, Inc

Rustic Balcony Garden Design

rustic balcony garden design

Window Balcony Designs

Houses with window balconies have look amazing from outside. These houses have airy rooms, as the open windows allow breeze to flow in through the balconies. Go for matching colours for railings and window frames.

Glass Window Balcony Design

glass window balcony design

Loft Window Balcony Design

loft window balcony design

Victorian Balcony Designs

These balconies excel in architectural beauty. You need to go for brighter shades like white or cream to yield the best degree of sophistication. There is exotic art work in the railings and ceilings. These balconies are featured by conical tops or sloping roof.

Victorian Terrace Balcony Design

victorian terrace balcony design

Victorian Metal Balcony Idea

victorian metal balcony idea

Design by Tyler Mandic Ltd

Balcony Roof Designs

There are some houses with a few rooms on the roof. You can fancy an open area in these chambers for utmost pleasure. Go for modern roof balconies with metal beams and slanting roofs. Fix some plants around to refine the look of the area.

Modern Balcony Roof Design

modern balcony roof design1

Photo by Brigid Arnott

Flat Roof Balcony Design

flat roof balcony design1


Modern Balcony Designs

In modern balconies, there are glass railings that add amazing splendour to the architecture. These balconies look more spacious than they really are. You can also enjoy the sophisticated edge when you incorporate these balconies.

Modern Glass Balcony Design

modern glass balcony design

Modern Balcony Furniture Idea

modern balcony furniture idea

Mark Brand Architecture

Living Room Balcony Designs

Houses with spacious living rooms look beautiful when there is a balcony attached to it. There are glass doors separating the balcony from the living room. Well-lit living rooms with balconies have marvellous looks, and you can incorporate exotic sitting arrangements in the balconies.

Modern Living Room with Balcony

modern living room with balcony

Small Living Room with Balcony

small living room with balcony

Hanging Balcony Designs

If you are fond of hanging balconies, make sure that you arrange enough plants and flowers around. Hanging balconies are generally small, while in large apartments there are more spacious balconies. Some hanging potted plants will also look compatible here.

Modern Hanging Balcony Idea

modern hanging balcony idea

Design by The Bazeley Partnership

Condo Balcony Designs

Condo balconies are generally narrow and sleek. You can opt for planked wooden floors here. the sides may be open or glass-covered. Fix some hanging lights from the top to enhance the beauty.

Small Condo Balcony Design

small condo balcony design

Condo Balcony Flooring Idea

condo balcony flooring idea

Britto Charette Interior Design

Condo Balcony Furniture Design

condo balcony furniture design

Your Space By Design

Concrete Balcony Designs

Concrete balconies are a part of old tradition. You can opt for ‘L’ shaped concrete balconies for a change. Make sure that the external colour of the balcony enjoys a good contrast with the rest of the building.

Concrete Apartment Balcony Design

concrete apartment balcony design

Ridgeline Construction Group

Concrete Balcony Flooring Idea

concrete balcony flooring idea

Kitchen Balcony Designs

Kitchen balconies are comparatively new to the trend. This type of balconies allows you to enjoy the open areas in your home while cooking. Get a steel kitchen island and other accessories for the balcony. Glass railings are ideal for these balconies.

Outdoor Kitchen Balcony Design

outdoor kitchen balcony design

Design by Danny Broe Architect

Apartment Kitchen Balcony Design

partment kitchen balcony design

Design by Skyring Architects

Balcony Decoration Tips

Here are some useful tips for making your balcony even more appealing.

  • Attach a sophisticated handrail perch in the railing of your balcony. It will enhance its looks.
  • Install some pop-up furniture in the balcony to refine its looks and save space.
  • Buy some flower pots and get a green patch in the open area of your home.
  • Handrail lights also contribute to the sophistication of a balcony.
  • Fix planters and seats along the railings.
  • Look out for compatible wall units for decorating the balcony.

Uses of a Balcony

There is a popular belief that a balcony adds better looks and comfort to your home. You can enjoy the aerial view of the surrounding places from your balcony. There are some other less known benefits of a balcony too. A house with a balcony has more resale value than a house without it. houses with balconies look better from outside, so it adds to its aesthetical value. Apart from these, you find a place to rest and enjoy the soft cushions when you install the right furniture in the balcony.

Trends of living are never static. Innovation is always on the roll when it comes to Balcony Designs. So, you will find new balcony designs coming up every year, keeping a good compatibility with architectural aspects. Kitchen balconies, too, have become popular in many countries. If you have something innovative about balcony designs, you would definite incorporate it in your home. Well, you can share those ideas with us too.

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