A roof is an integral part of a building, and people try to personalise the roof designs to achieve optimum architectural splendour. The colour and material of the roof complement the structural integrity of a building. Poorly constructed roofs endanger the people living in a building, so you need to make the roof compatible to the rest of the building in a well-engineered style. You may find it difficult to choose the right roof design for your mansion, so scroll down to find twenty popular roof designs that you can incorporate in your home.

Patio Roof Designs

A patio roof can be made quite innovative. Depending on the external areas of the place, you can opt for a wooden or glass ceiling. The roof rests on supporting poles. Paint the beams and poles in a contrasting colour to yield maximum visual pleasure.

Covered Patio Roof Design

covered patio roof design

Design by Cornerstone Builders Inc

Glass Patio Roof Design

glass patio roof design

Photo by Adrian Lambert

Metal Patio Roof Design

metal patio roof design

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Porch Roof Designs

Porch roof designs can be made sophisticated. Opt for a sloping roof supported by beams. You can paint the roof white if you want an elegant finish. You can add a rustic touch to your home by choosing a wooden roof for the porch.

Front Porch Roof Design

front porch roof design


Back Porch Roof Design

back porch roof design

Design by Morehouse MacDonald & Associates

Porch Flat Roof Design

porch flat roof design

Design by Bruce Clodfelter and Associates

Flat Roof Designs

Flat roof designs are quite common in residential buildings. There is no great architectural splendour in these roofs. You can go for an extended roof that covers a few feet outside the external walls of the house. This design is often incorporated to add to the beauty of the house.

Flat Garage Roof Design

flat garage roof design

Design by Mosby Building Arts

Flat Sloped Roof Design

flat sloped roof design


Shed Roof Designs

Shed roofs are commonly found in ranch houses, farm houses and cottages. There is a central beam supporting the structure. Additional wooden or metal beams are fixed to retain the structural integrity. You can opt for symmetrical as well as asymmetrical shed roof designs.

Wood Shed Roof Design

wood shed roof design

Design by Feldman Architecture

Porch Shed Roof Design

porch shed roof design

Design Guild Homes

Modern Roof Designs

Modern roofs are made of a mixed bag of materials. You can incorporate steel, concrete and wood in appropriate proportions and in the right areas to get a contrasting roof design. Some of these roofs are tailored to have pointed angles.

Modern Gable Roof Design

modern gable roof design

Design by CVG Architects

Modern Hip Roof Design

modern hip roof design

Design by Classic Urban Homes

Ultra Modern Roof Design

ultra modern roof design


Sloped Roof Designs

Sloped roofs are common in houses in hilly areas and in cottages. Urban houses too have sloped roofs and attics that add to their structural valour. Contrasting colours like white and royal blue or red and yellow are used to paint the houses and roofs.

Low Slope Roof Design

low slope roof design

Coates Design Architects

Sloped Shed Roof Design

sloped shed roof design


Garage Roof Designs

Garage roofs can be arched, sloping or flat, depending on your taste and aptitude. If there is an open area around the garage, you can opt for a wooden garage roof as well. If you choose a sloping roof for the garage, paint the walls white and the roof in a darker shade like chocolate brown, blue or green.

Green Roof Garage Design

green roof garage design

Photo by Jim Bartsch

Garage Roof Deck Design

garage roof deck design

Design by Bridgewater Construction

Car Garage Roof Design

car garage roof design


Deck Roof Designs

Houses with external decks need a sleek and tidy roof. You need to get a neat roof design, resting on a few wooden or metal poles. Concrete pillars too, serve well for the purpose. Or you can go for a wooden roof install contrasting wooden railings in the desk.

Wood Deck Roof Design

wood deck roof design

DDB Design Development & Building

Small Deck Roof Design

small deck roof design

Design by Vitalmark Constructions

Covered Deck Roof Design

covered deck roof design


Outdoor Roof Designs

Roofs in outdoor kitchens and patios look gorgeous when you go for the wooden finish. Sometimes you just need to arrange the beams in an orderly manner to yield perfect beauty, with a patch of sky peeping through a skylight.

Outdoor Kitchen Roof Design

outdoor kitchen roof design

Photo by Ken Vaughn

Outdoor Glass Roof Design

outdoor glass roof design


Curved Roof Designs

If you have a resort or beautiful villa, you can opt for a curved roof. These roofs are architecturally sound and visually pleasant looking. Wooden beams are sometimes bent to create beautiful roofs. You can paint these roofs in bright and contrasting shades.

Curved Metal Roof Design

curved metal roof design

Design by Hatch Ulland Owen Architects

Curved Patio Roof Design

curved patio roof design

Design by Farinelli Construction

Balcony Roof Designs

There are various themes for balcony roof designs. Flat and extended roofs over the balcony continues to be a part of the popular trend. Apart from these, you can choose sloping or cottage-styled roofs for your balcony.

Modern Balcony Roof Design

modern balcony roof design

Sawhorse Design & Build

Flat Roof Balcony Design

flat roof balcony design

Photo by Brigid Arnott

Cottage Roof Designs

Cottage roofs are innovative and beautiful. You need to install a symmetrical sloping roof for the cottages. Attics and windows in the roofs are common in cottages. Stone roofs also go well with these structures.

Thatched Roof Cottage Design

thatched roof cottage design

Design by Dodson Bros Thatchers Ltd

Cottage Metal Roof Design

cottage metal roof design

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Flat Roof Cottage Design

flat roof cottage design


Living Room Roof Designs

In living rooms, people love to go for bright and vibrant ceilings. A tray ceiling can make a living room elegant. Fix small pendant lights in the ceiling. Indirect lighting also makes these roofs enriched with beauty. Paint them white to achieve maximum marvel.

High Roof Living Room Design

high roof living room design

Mary Washer Designs

Modern Living Room Roof Design

modern living room roof design

Photo by Chris Snook

Outdoor Living Room Roof

outdoor living room roof


Garden Roof Designs

Garden roofs are often semi-covered to allow light to stream in. A wooden structure goes well in gardens. Concrete or steel roofs also serve well in these cases. Garden patios look beautiful with this design.

Terrace Garden Roof Design

terrace garden roof design

Design by Tandem Architecture & Construction

Garden Shed Roof Design

garden shed roof design

Design by Clear View Homes, LLC

Small Roof Designs

Small houses can look beautiful and compact when you go for a small roof design. You can incorporate a sloping roof in these houses. Paint them in contrasting colours like white and maroon. Extended roofs supported by pillars also go well with these houses.

Small Porch Roof Design

small porch roof design

Design by Crisp Architects

Small Shed Roof Design

small shed roof design

Design by Studio Shed

Kitchen Roof Designs

Kitchen roofs are generally flat and rich with intricate designs. You can incorporate pendant lights in the roofs. Wooden roofs, too, go well with kitchens. If you have a commercial kitchen or narrow kitchen, tray ceilings serve the purpose best.

Kitchen Glass Roof Design

kitchen glass roof design

Photo by Woide Angle

Kitchen Extension Roof Design

kitchen extension roof design1


Triangle Roof Designs

Triangular roofs are comparatively new to housing trends. These are found in commercial buildings are resorts. Triangular roofs add to the architectural beauty of your house. One side of these roofs hand over the ground without vertical support.

Minecraft Triangle Roof Design

minecraft triangle roof design

Design by Goforth Gill Architects

Triangle Glass Roof

triangle glass roof


Verandah Roof Designs

Verandah roofs crave for the open concept. An arched roof supported by pillars and beams look compatible with structures. You can opt for concrete or wooden roofs for the verandah.

Flat Roof Verandah Design

flat roof verandah design

Photo by Darren Kerr

Modern Veranda Roof Design

modern veranda roof design

Eisner Design

Contemporary Roof Designs

Contemporary roofs have vast and varied patterns. You can go for large hanging roofs with a single pillar as support. Triangular roofs can also be modified to follow the extended or hanging pattern. Steel and concrete are judiciously incorporated to make these roofs.

Contemporary Porch Roof Design

contemporary porch roof design


Contemporary Gable Roof Design

contemporary gable roof design

Design by whiteBOX architects

Round Roof Designs

Round roofs are fashionable and stylish. If you want an innovatively designed structure, you can choose the round design. These roofs are generally supported by a central pillar and have an open area around. A round roof can be designed in a conical shape for areas.

Round Roof Bedroom Design

round roof bedroom design


Uses of Roof Designs

A perfect roof design serves more than a cap for the house. It adds to the architectural beauty. There must be a parity between the walls, interior architecture and the roof of a house. Some houses have extended roofs that add to the external beauty. There are different layers in a roof. The outer layer is decorated to make a beautiful floor for the top area. The inner side can be designed to get a compatible ceiling for the rooms inside. Thus, you can yield maximum beauty from the roof of your home.

Roof Decorating Tips

  • You can incorporate different designing ideas to make your roof look beautiful. Here are some tips that you might find helpful.
  • Fabric stripes in roofs are popular in many parts of the world. You can be quite innovative in applying the colours.
  • A complex geometric architecture can make a roof architecturally enriched.
  • A wooden roof with copper elements adds splendour to your house.
  • If you want a cool interior, go for a glass ceiling.
  • You can make a ceiling creative in design by incorporating letters and alphabets in it.

A wooden touch looks aesthetically rich in a modern house.Apart from the roof designs stated above, there are several other variations in architecture. When you design your roof, keep in mind that you need to strike the right balance in colour, material and engineering aspects. Even a good looking ceiling may turn out to be vulnerable if it is architecturally weak. So, you need to create a compatibility among all these elements when you opt for a particular roof design. You may have your own roofing ideas for your home. If you come up with new roof design ideas, you can share them with us.

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