Garden design is a process of creating and designing plans that would result in a layout for landscaping and gardening. It is an art because it requires imagination, creativity. Creating garden designs also require an open mind for new and innovative features and concepts. Garden designing cannot just be done by professional gardeners or landscaping experts. Homeowners with enough creativity and imagination can also easily and effectively come up with beautiful and inviting garden design ideas.

Backyard Garden Designs

One of the most common places for gardens is the backyard. It is always a good idea to have a backyard garden if the front space of the house is not big enough for the garden. One of the benefits of having a backyard garden is that you and your family can have nice, relaxing and quiet time in the garden in complete privacy.

Backyard Vegetable Garden Design

backyard vegetable garden design

Small Backyard Garden Design

small backyard garden design

Backyard Raised Garden Design

backyard raised garden design

Small Garden Designs

The important thing to consider when designing a garden with limited space is the kind of plants to use. Trees may not be ideal, unless they are Bonsai trees. A small patch of lawn surrounded by pretty flowery bushes is a good example of small garden design.

Contemporary Small Garden Design

contemporary small garden design

Paved Small Garden Design

paved small garden design

Rock Garden Designs

Designing a rock garden is creating a space that connects you to nature. This type of garden brings a rugged and natural beauty to your yard. The good thing about designing a rock garden is that you can be very random. You can use rocks and stones of different shapes and sizes and you will surely come up with a miniature natural outdoor scene right within your premises.

Small Rock Garden Design

small rock garden design

Photo By: DK - Small Garden

Rock Flower Garden Design

rock flower garden design

Japanese Rock Garden Design

japanese rock garden design

Cottage Garden Designs

Basically, a cottage garden is one that does not look designed. It looks as if the plants and the flowers just grew and prospered there. The romance of the cottage extends to the garden especially so if it is filled with traditional favorites likes peonies, snapdragons, roses, and columbines.

Front Cottage Garden Design

front cottage garden design

Small Cottage Garden Design

small cottage garden design

Front Yard Garden Designs

It is always nice to be greeted by colorful front yard gardens when visiting family and friends. One of the best things about designing a front yard garden is that you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to the plants. But of course, you need to consider a good landscaping too since the garden will be your welcoming feature.

Modern Front Yard Garden Design

modern front yard garden design

Front Yard Flower Garden Design

front yard flower garden design

Front Yard Rock Garden Design

front yard rock garden design

Patio Garden Designs

A patio is the space the extends from the house and goes directly to the outdoors. In most cases, a patio is paved and furnished with garden sets. By surrounding this specific space with different kinds of colorful plants, you can create a relaxing patio garden design.

Small Patio Garden Design

small patio garden design

Backyard Patio Garden Design

backyard patio garden design

Patio Herb Garden Design

patio herb garden design

Roof Garden Designs

The beauty of a roof garden is that you protect your home from direct solar heat during summer. This means you keep your home cool even when it’s gone really hot outside. A roof garden also makes use of a space that usually goes unused. Most people use their roofs in building roof gardens for small vegetable and fruit farming.

Roof Deck Garden Design

roof deck garden design

Roof Terrace Garden Design

roof terrace garden design

Modern Roof Garden Design

modern roof garden design

Balcony Garden Designs

A balcony garden is the best idea if you live in an apartment building. This is where planters and pots come in handy. Since access to ground area is not possible, plants are arranged in pots or planters, which are then arranged beautifully in the pocket balcony space.

Small Balcony Garden Design

small balcony garden design

Balcony Vegetable Garden Design

balcony vegetable garden design

Zen Garden Designs

To create a Zen garden design, you basically need four things – rocks, sand, water, plants and a Japanese garden feature. A traditional Zen garden is unique because it does not require and living element like plants. Sometimes grass is used to provide color, but mainly rocks and sand is enough combination. In a modern Zen garden, water and plants are the main features.

Japanese Zen Garden Design

japanese zen garden design

Indoor Zen Garden Design

indoor zen garden design2

Zen Rock Garden Design

zen rock garden design

Square Garden Designs

A square garden makes effective use of a square shaped lot. The center of the square can be a beautifully landscaped lawn surrounded by pretty flowery bushes. Or you can have that square filled with the plants that you want and need. Adding some features like rocks, mini statues and benches provides variety into the set up.

Square Front Garden Design

square front garden design

Square Flower Garden Design

square flower garden design

Square Back Garden Design

square back garden design

Vegetable Garden Designs

You can have a vegetable garden on your backyard space. If you don’t have that, you can use planters and build a container vegetable garden. The second option is ideal for a balcony, deck, porch or patio. The best benefit of having a vegetable garden is having guaranteed organic, healthy and better meals for you and your family.

Raised Vegetable Garden Design

raised vegetable garden design


Enclosed Vegetable Garden Design

enclosed vegetable garden design

Design by: Teich Garden Systems

Small Vegetable Garden Design

small vegetable garden design

Modern Garden Designs

A modern garden is one with a minimalistic approach in design. It lacks the statues and other garden features (like birdbaths, fountains, and antique pots or planters). What’s usually fitted into a modern garden are outdoor furniture, concrete square planters (with grass and minimal plants and flowers) and pavers.

Ultra Modern Garden Design

ultra modern garden design

Modern Sloping Garden Design

modern sloping garden design

Raised Garden Designs

This can also be considered as a garden design DIY. It is the type of garden that provides your open space with beautiful and affordable landscaping design. Creativity is really garden benches, required in coming up with the layout of placing and arranging the wooden planters.

Raised Flower Garden Design

raised flower garden design

Raised Herb Garden Design

raised herb garden design

Victorian Garden Designs

A Victorian garden is a very formal garden. It’s main features include; the perfect lawn, trees, shrubs, fencing (cast iron is the best choice), seating (garden benches, cast iron chairs, wicker chairs), decorative structures (pavilions, gazebos and trellis) and ornaments (statues, sculptures, urns, sundials, birdbaths, fountains).

Small Victorian Garden Design

small victorian garden design

Victorian Terrace Garden Design

victorian terrace garden design

Victorian Rose Garden Design

victorian rose garden design

Courtyard Garden Designs

A classic courtyard garden is a space that provides a private sanctuary for the family. It is usually built with features like a small fountain, low hedges, beautifully trimmed boxwoods, gravel paths and small pond.

Tropical Courtyard Garden Design

tropical courtyard garden design

Glenna Partridge Garden Design

Tuscan Courtyard Garden Design

tuscan courtyard garden design

Rustic Garden Designs

Giving your garden a country look is turning it into a rustic garden. Some people do this by incorporating rustic and unique elements with the usual garden features. For instance, by going to a garage sale or a flea market you may be able to buy stuff that you can turn into one of a kind rustic garden feature.

Rustic Garden Furniture Design

rustic garden furniture design

Rustic Vegetable Garden Design

rustic vegetable garden design

Rustic Rock Garden Design

rustic rock garden design

Contemporary Garden Designs

One of the best ways to go contemporary in your garden designing is to use the most common plants and flowers. You should stay away from antique features and use of several trees. A nice green lawn is usually a great center piece and a few bushes in the corners can finish off the design.

Contemporary Front Garden Design

contemporary front garden design

Contemporary Vegetable Garden Design

contemporary vegetable garden design

Vertical Garden Designs

No space on the ground for a garden? Go for the vertical garden. This concept is unique, fresh and innovative. It requires an open mind because it is a process of creating and building a green space that stands up. All you need is either a blank wall or bare fence and you are good to go. Start beautiful the vertical space with your choices of plants.

Indoor Vertical Garden Design

indoor vertical garden design

Vertical Herb Garden Design

vertical herb garden design

Vertical Wall Garden Design

vertical wall garden design

Traditional Garden Designs

A traditional garden is one that has plants, flowers, trees, and the usually accessories, decorative pieces and features. Of course, there is no need to include of all those things in a traditional garden. Sometimes, the plants and the trees are enough (they just need to be planted and arranged properly and perfectly).

Traditional Front Garden Design

traditional front garden design

Traditional Cottage Garden Design

traditional cottage garden design

photo by Becky Harris

Traditional Small Garden Design

traditional small garden design

Not all gardens are created equal. There are several types of gardens. You can go traditional, modern or rustic. You can even have a garden on your roof, balcony or porch. A garden is a garden as long as it has plants. It can be built on the ground or you can use planters or raised beds.

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