Incorporating flowering plant Hydrangea is one of the popular ways to landscape your garden area. Hydrangeas don’t just offer a captivating display of flowers but can also be easy to manage with the right growing conditions. Even the color of the Hydrangeas flowers can be easily manipulated by simply altering the ph level of the soil.

Considering all the advantages that Hydrangea offers we have put together 10 best ways, how you can include the flowering plants in your garden and enjoy the bloom in summers.

Hydrangea Rose Garden

hydrangea rose garden

What better way to welcome the guest than with the entryway planted and decorated with hydrangea flowers. If the entryway in your home gets ample amount of sun in the morning and also receives afternoon shade this flowering plant can be an ideal inclusion to your home.

Japanese Hydrangea Garden

japanese hydrangea garden

Design by : LaMond Design

Hydrangeas bloom for a long period of time and are beautiful to look at, so planting them outside your house or in the front garden is a good idea if you wish to wake up to a beautiful view.

Shade Hydrangea Garden

shade hydrangea garden

If you have a long walkway or driveway try including the blooming hydrangea flowers for a colorful and stunning view. This addition alone can help to make the drab and dull walkways into a colorful and appealing site.

Blue Hydrangea Garden

blue hydrangea garden

Design by : Michelle

Hydrangeas come in various varieties and colors, choose the one that suits your climate and preference. Blue and purple hydrangea garden is the perfect way to add a subtle yet colorful view to your garden space.

Hydrangea Garden Beds

hydrangea garden beds

Design by : Westover Landscape Design, Inc.

Landscape your garden space with hydrangeas, climbing roses and lilies to bring in a mix of variety in your garden. You can also include Japanese forest grass in the edge to give a modern look to the otherwise suburban looking garden. Including a high-low, variety brings in a vibrancy and warmth to the look of your garden.

Landscape Hydrangea Garden

landscape hydrangea garden

Design by: Frank & Grossman Landscape Contractors, Inc.

Hydrangeas look simple and elegant in the borders of the garden. Choose the color of your choice and add a flowery charm this summer. You can also grow the Hydrangeas in a partial shadow of a tree.

White Hydrangea Plants

white hydrangea plants1

Including the elegant white Hydrangeas flowers across the lush green lawn makes the entire view of your garden more fresh and captivating. You can also choose to include flower beds of Hydrangeas in your garden for a look that is beautiful as well as extensive.

Hydrangea Flower Garden

hydrangea flower garden

Design by : Grow Landscapes, Inc.

If you have patio garden in your home, try and include multicolored hydrangeas in the space. Make sure to include the flowers in the spot where your home receives the maximum sunlight.

Purple Hydrangea Garden

purple hydrangea garden

Design by :

Include purple hydrangea in your garden to give the regular looking shrubs an interesting and colorful twist. You can also mix the purple hydrangea with other perennial flowers to liven up your garden space.

Small Hydrangea Plants

small hydrangea plants

Hydrangea can also be planted in small secluded sections if you don’t wish to go for an expanded flower look to your garden. Planting them in specific section helps to capture the eye of the visitors and make them the focal point of the garden.

Pool Side Hydrangea Garden

pool side hydrangea garden

Center Furnished Hydrangea Garden

centre furnished hydrangea graden

Design by : Michelle

Backyard Hydrangea Garden

backyard hydrangea garden

Design by : Westover Landscape Design, Inc.

Entry Rose Garden

entry rose garden

Design by : Glenna Partridge Garden Design

Driveway Hydrangea Garden

driveway hydrangea garden

Green Hydrangea Garden

green hydrangea garden

Light Pink Hydrangea Garden

light pink hydrangea garden

Monette Landscape Garden

monette landscape garden

Fountain Flower Garden

fountain flower garden

Colorful Floral Garden with fountain

colorful floral garden with fountain

Whether you choose to grow Hydrangea in your entire garden or in a small section, the look will certainly give you the impression of refreshing summer with its versatility and multi-colored patterns.

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