Are you among the many homeowners who wants to grow their own herbs? Well, it can be an interesting project and even be a part of the interior/exterior décor. Herbs come in a variety of textures, sizes, and colors and can be a great addition to any part of the house. Here, we have selected some of the unique hanging herb garden ideas from across the globe to give you an idea. Start with one and get addicted to health and beauty! You may also see Indoor Herb Garden Designs

Small Hanging Herb Garden Idea

small hanging herb garden idea

Herbs can be grown in your kitchen. Herbs like mint, parsley and cilantro do well in an indoor environment as long as you don’t forget to regularly water. To make the arrangement less dirty, you can always use coconut husks at the base of the soil such that soil particles don’t come pouring down whenever you water. You may also see Flower Pot Garden Designs

Simple Hanging Herb Garden

hanging herb garden

Design by : DK - Simple Steps to Success

A porch will be the perfect place to bring in some herb plants. You can arrange the pots along the floorboards or even put them up in the walls as shown in this example. Depending on the herb you choose and the size of the pot, you will need to ensure a strong way to fix up the pot on the walls. That’s easy if you have the right tools.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

indoor hanging herb garden1

Photo by Chris Snook

As already suggested, there would be several varieties of herbs that do perfectly fine in an indoor setting and without sunlight. Just make sure you water them regularly. Some will even do with just a small pinch of salt every often. As shown in this example, you can get highly creative when it comes to hanging them in your laundry room.

Diy Hanging Garden Design

diy hanging garden design

For people who don’t have a lot of space to come up with a real garden, there will always be opportunities to bring in some green into the scheme. Your boundary walls, the walls of your house or even the fixed metal doors can be a perfect place to hang some pots and have some interesting flowering plants and herbs in them.

Wall Hanging Herb Garden

wall hanging herb garden

The best thing about most herbs is that they need little maintenance. They can grow in any place if you give them the opportunity for it. Creepers like this can make the outdoors look quite interesting and liven up the whole space.

Cool Hanging Herb Garden

herb hanging basket

Hanging flower baskets are an interesting way to bring in interesting plants and flowers into your premises. With time and maintenance, the flowers will look as if hanging from nowhere, right in the middle of your ceiling!

Hanging Window Garden

hanging window garden

If you have a window railing, it could be the perfect spot to put up some flower and herb pots. They not only make the outdoors look more interesting but are also a healthy addition to the property.

Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

hanging kitchen herb garden

There are several interesting ways of bringing in herbs into your kitchen. They don’t just lighten up the space, but also keep the herbs handy!

Mason Jar Hanging Herb Garden

mason jar hanging herb garden

Mason jars have been a popular way of going through a DIY herb garden designing. Well, it could be the most interesting thing to do this weekend! You may also see Summer Garden Designs

Wooden Wall Hanging Herb Garden

wooden wall hanging herb garden

Design by : Sarah Natsumi Moore

Exterior Hanging Herb Garden Design

exterior pot herb garden design

Unique Hanging Herb Garden

unique hanging herb garden

Modern Wall Herb Design

modern wall herb design

Colorful Pot Herb Garden Design

colorful pot herb design

Design by : The Cousins

Contemporary Hanging Herb Garden

contemporary hanging herb garden

Design by Katz + Nuñez Architects

So, start getting your hands dirty and bring in some healthy greens. Do ensure that you have done the proper research into what kinds of herbs to choose for your indoor/outdoor garden. Do share your designs with us!

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