Having an edible garden allows you to have fresh produce to use for your daily meals. This means that you can serve your family with natural and highly nutritious food. You can save money by not having to buy vegetables from the market. And you save your family from illnesses that can be caused by artificial fertilizers and chemicals used for commercial vegetable cropping. You can start planning for your edible garden design even if you have a small garden or even a rock garden. All you need is creativity and the edibles, of course.

Front Yard Edible Garden Design

front yard edible garden design


Using raised beds for your edible garden design is definitely a good idea. This set of wooden raised veggie beds provides an ideal housing for the vegetables and additional decorative feature for this simple garden.

Edible Cottage Garden Idea

edible cottage garden idea


For a cottage lawn that has been neglected, turning it into an edible garden is surely a good idea. The lawn is filled with raised beds, which were then filled with leaf mold and organic soil. The result is a simple garden that provides vegetables from spring to late fall. Some of the vegetables include; beets, lettuces, peas, tomatoes, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, basils and other herbs.

Urban Edible Garden Design

urban edible garden design


Urban living should not prevent you from having your own vegetable garden. One of the best ways you can do is to use raised wooden beds for your edibles. If you want a decorative setup, you can create a vegetable garden with different shapes of raised beds. For this garden, in particular, four L-shaped beds are displayed surrounding a star-shaped bed. Since the beds are raised, you can be assured of no back pains.

Small Edible Garden

small edible garden


This is one French style traditional garden that contains vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries. The arrangements of the plants in between the paving system allow for the small space to be filled with several and different kinds of edibles.

Modern Edible Garden Design

modern edible garden design


If you have no backyard or lawn, you can build an edible The best feature to use is raised beds. You can go for wood, or you can use metal or galvanized containers. This garden is a good example. The vegetables are housed in reusable galvanized steel containers that you can easily purchase from any livestock store.

Backyard Edible Garden Idea

backyard edible garden idea


Keeping your edibles separated by category is one good way of ensuring proper growth. By having their own spaces, you give the edibles the chance to fully grow and develop nutrients. This backyard garden, for instance, has perfectly arranged beds surrounded beautifully with light-colored gravel paths.

Edible Flower Garden

edible flower garden


This formal garden is designed in a circular form with sectioning for the beds and graveled paving in between. The middle round bed had beautiful flowers, while the rest of the beds have edibles and flowers.

Edible Herb Garden Design

edible herb garden design

Design by The Todd Group

Having an estate allows people to have big spaces for different gardening ideas. If you have a wide enough space and you want a fresh supply of veggies and herbs all year round, then you should get some hints from this edible garden. The white fence and arched gate separated the garden from the estate house. That means the garden is an individual haven on its own.

Edible Garden Landscape Design

edible garden landscape design


For a multi-leveled path, you can easily transform it into an edible garden by using the sides as vegetable beds.

Edible Perennial Garden

edible perennial garden


Including perennials in your edible garden allows you to have a beautiful lawn with a nice mixture of colors. This edible garden is filled with vegetables, herbs and perennials and the grassed path adds aesthetic appeal to the design.

Edible Garden Design

edible garden design


Large Edible Garden Design

large edible garden design

Design by Danny Flanders

Edible Herb Wall Garden

edible herb wall garden

Design by Danny Flanders

Edible Vegetable Garden

edible vegetable garden

Design by Danny Flanders

Unique Edible Garden Design

unique edible garden design


Small Traditional Edible Garden

small traditional edible garden


Outdoor Landscape Edible Garden

outdoor landscape edible garden


Decorative Edible Garden Design

decorative edible garden design


You have several options to create a garden. You can go for a beautiful flower garden, a nice succulent garden or a useful edible garden. If your choice is the edible kind, then you need to plan if you want to use raised beds or go for the traditional ground planting scheme.

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