Garden fencing is done to provide privacy to the garden, it also solves the problem of external noise entering your house. You could add privacy to your garden with a stylish touch by giving it a fence which also adds structure to the garden. You can make your garden fence creative with DIY ideas that save a lot of your bucks too. Below is a list of garden fencing designs that are creative and functional.

Vegetable Garden Fence Design

vegetable garden fence design

This is a traditional vegetable garden landscape that features a whole lot of greens and fresh flowers along with fresh vegetables. The garden has a hog wire panel fencing that will protect your garden and prevent trespassers from entering inside, also allowing you to enjoy and water it. You can also see Formal Garden Design Trends

Contemporary Garden Fence

contemporary garden fence

This is a cottage garden with a traditional landscape but it has a contemporary style garden fence. The garden features a bed of raised vegetables that lay within a white picket fence. It is a painted fence which reminds us of the vintage garden landscapes

Bamboo Garden Fence Idea

bamboo garden fence idea

This is a wonderful bamboo garden fence which is built in a traditional Japanese style. It is a backyard fence which has an amazing Japanese style gate that is built with bamboos and it is also economical and cheap. The best part about this fence is that you can build it on your own.

Small Garden Fence

small garden fence

This is a small garden fence with a farmhouse landscape which is a backyard garden and contains vegetables. It contains raised vegetable beds and planters.

Front Garden Fence Idea

front garden fence idea

This is a traditional cottage with a front garden fence in a lovely vintage style in color white. It is a painted white picket fence and has a traditional cottage style entry making this front garden a truly vintage garden landscape.

Raised Bed Garden Fence Design

raised bed garden fence design

This raised garden bed fence design has a garden bed on a slope which features bamboos. The stone walls are a timeless way of defining a garden space, be it an organic garden or grid-shaped. The garden has a very interesting design with elements that add definition to the space.

Rustic Garden Fence

rustic garden fence

This traditional landscape in a rustic style features a garden fence that is a great way of protecting grazing animals from entering the garden. It is a standard fence with an additional deer fence and has a little fenced off area to stop the dog digging.

Garden Metal Fence Design

garden metal fence design

This is a front yard landscape which has a metal fence design which gives a very beautiful exterior appearance. Moreover, it also extends the security and privacy of the house. The fencing design and idea of this house matches beautifully with the exteriors.

Japanese Garden Fence

japanese garden fence

This is a Japanese garden fence that is horizontal and is made of cedar stones. The brick wall is leading up to the fence and although this is a non-solid horizontal fence, there is still a lot of space which makes the garden appear brighter.

Cedar Garden Fence Idea

cedar garden fence idea

This is a small home with a traditional patio with a garden backyard fence featuring outdoor tables and chair for seating. The fence walls are high enough to protect from the outside nuisances.

Exterior Garden Fence Idea

exterior garden fence idea

Backyard Garden Fence Design

backyard garden fence design

White Garden Fence Design

white garden fence design

Design by GreenCraft Associates

Floral Garden Fence Design

floral garden fence design

Courtyard Garden Wood Fence

courtyard garden wood fence

Farmhouse Garden Fence Idea

farmhouse garden fence idea

English Garden Iron Fence

english garden iron fence

Design by Zachary Baker

Backyard Garden Stone Fence Idea

backyard garden stone fence idea

Design by Harrison Design

A garden fence is necessary in order to have privacy and protect from the outside noises. Nowadays garden fencing ideas range from creative to stylish and they add the much needed privacy to the gardens in the best way possible. Not only do they offer protection but also add to the beauty of the house.

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