When you plan to you customised your house, the architectural designs play a decisive role. There are several variations in the height and floor plans of the houses that you may like to know. When you have the right Exterior Elevation Design, you can get some of the best looks in your house. Here are ten of the most innovative exterior elevation designs that you may love to incorporate.

Contemporary Exterior Elevation

contemporary exterior elevation


You can enjoy a splendid look in your home when you have a balcony garden, with bright lighting in the upper floors. The mansion has a garden entrance with front door planters. It is a classy design, with dock steps and rendered walls.

Exterior Elevation Remodels

exterior elevation remodels


This is a house with Exterior Front Elevation and you will like the beautiful design idea, with vinyl sidings and raised ranch. It has picture frame windows and split entry. The cottage-like roof matches it perfectly well.

Exterior Elevation Tiles

exterior elevation tiles

Design by Jinx McDonald Interior Designs

This house has a Stone Exterior Elevation that offers a spacious cobblestone driveway. It is a beautiful house with a parking area and a curved fence. The roof grand manor tiles and split entry make the house really ecstatic.

Modern Exterior Elevation

modern exterior elevation


You may like this Residential Exterior Elevation with balcony railings that are perfectly suited for a hillside house. It brings you a garage entry with townhouse decks. Use the light and dark combination in the wall paint and frames of windows.

External Elevation Staircase

external elevation staircase


When you have a rock landscape in the outdoors, you can choose the winding staircase idea that leads to the upper floors of the house. The patio stone paver is ideal for the ribbon driveway. The house comes with a grill roof and exposes great elegance.

Brick And Stone Elevation

brick and stone elevation


The brick and stone combination in the exterior of the house is ideal for the half circle driveway in front of it. It has beautiful front doors and windows. The outdoor water fountain adds an extra dose of royal look to the house.

Exterior Front Elevation Stairs

exterior elevation wall design

Design by : Hendricks Construction

This is a home with a beige exterior and a faux dormer. It has multiple roof lines and an arch door. The front elevation stairs made of stone looks beautiful when the house is well lighted. You will like this if you are fond of country homes.

Front Elevation Stone Cladding

front elevation stone cladding


This is a variation from the others, with a ranch style, driveway entrance to the home. The courtyard idea is complemented with the grey siding and screen porch glass panels in the house. The wood deck with stone patio is ideal for the contemporary trends.

Exterior Elevation Garage Design

exterior elevation garage design


If you want a luxurious garage in front of the house, get in touch with glass garage doors. The wooden frame is sleek and you can paint in a darker shade of brown. The cam lights in the garage look beautiful and you will like the setting, compatible to the house.

Exterior Elevation Lighting

exterior elevation lighting


Perfect lighting and sloping driveway in the ranch styled home looks beautiful. With brown brick exterior, the indirect garden lighting goes well with the corner landscaping in the house. Get some wide glass window panes to make the exterior a perfect treat to watch.

Exterior Front Pool Elevation

exterior front pool elevation


Exterior Fountain Elevation Idea

exterior fountain elevation idea


Exterior Elevation Garden

exterior elevation garden


Traditional Exterior Elevation Design

traditional exterior elevation design


Luxury Exterior Elevation

luxury exterior elevation


Exterior Duplex Elevation

exterior duplex elevation


Backside Exterior Elevation

backside exterior elevation


Modern Wood Exterior Elevation

modern wood exterior elevation


Thus you can really bump up the Exterior Elevation Design of your house. The garden, fencing, garage, patio and the overall looks of the walls combine to form a complete picture. You can also have new ideas to make the exterior of your home picture-perfect. Let us know what you have in mind.

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