Are you ready to make your life awesome? Well, if you are a boat house owner, it already is! However we can help you make your boat house the most awesome thing in the neighborhood. It is necessary that your private boathouse rightly captures the essence of the lifestyle you believe in. Using architecture, a variety of materials, colors, layout and décor, you can hope to build something that has never been seen before! Here are some boathouse design ideas that should blow your mind!

Floating Boat House Design

floating boat house design

The most exciting thing about a boat house is that they float. However, you can always have fully fledged quarters for a complete living experience. It doesn’t matter if you use the boathouse in the weekends or rent it to guests. Go for a wooden and glass construction that will imbibe in the sun and nature around and will also look good from both outside and indoors.

Small Boat House Idea

small boat house idea

A boat house needs to provide the very basics of living. You don’t need luxurious quarters when you can float on the water! Consequently, a small boat house with a sturdy construction and quaint rooms is enough for any use. Apart from the material design and the base structure, everything can look just like a real home on land.

Modern Boat House Design

modern boat house design

People have been making awesome pieces of living architectures using anything they come across. Well, when you have a whole lot of tin, the opportunities are exciting. Several boat houses made of insulated tin and other lighter materials floats on private water bodies across the globe. As long as you are planning a stable shape of your home, you can always have a boathouse.

Boat House Interior Design

boat house interior design

Again, there’s really no barrier to the amount and type of décor you can bring into a boathouse construction. In this example, the owner has used an all wood setup that looks rich and beautiful. A highly spacious room, rightly supporting the boat house basics is well laid out. You don’t just have the view but also the experience of the nature around!

Cottage Boat House

cottage boat house

Cottage designs are a perfect fit for boathouses. They are quaint, they are cozy and they come in structures that are ideal to be recreated into a boat house. It’s not just the exteriors but you can also have the same cottage style décor inside your boathouse. The only striking thing is that there will be a lot of wood around!

Simple Boat House Idea

simple boat house idea

The simplest boat houses come in a rectangular shape with a flat base and a flat ceiling. The quarters will be of any shape or size you may desire. Well, as shown in this example, you can always make the design look more exotic by sprucing up the roof and the base.

Single Slip Boat House Design

single slip boat house design

With just two quarter on either side of the main channel, you are seeing at an example of the most rustic boathouse design. Spending a night or two in such boat houses can be worthy but this cannot be a permanent home for anyone.

Classic Wooden Boat House

classic wooden boat house

The classic wooden boathouse seems to keep the garage (this time for the boat) at the center place of the design. The living quarters are established higher but you certainly will not be able to make it out from outside.

Lake Boat House Design

lake boat house design

Design by Erin Colson / Sotheby's International Realty

After seeing this example, you must have realized that there is really no limit to the intricacy of architectural design you can ask for your boat house. Talk to your designer and we hope you come up with something that suits your fantasies!

Rustic Boat House Idea

industrial boat house design

Boat House, by definition is rustic enough. All you need to do is use a lot of rich wood and have some warm lighting around.

Lake Burton Boat House

lake burton boat house

Boat House Lighting Design

boat house lighting design

Wooden Boat House Design

wooden boat house design

Design by Erin Colson / Sotheby's International Realty

Traditional Boat House Design

traditional boat house design

Rustic Modern Boat House

rustic modern boat house

Trendy Boat House Design

trendy boat house design

Design by Erin Colson / Sotheby's International Realty

Industrial Boat House Design

rustic boat house idea1

Beach Style Boat House Idea

beach style boat house idea

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