These days, beach theme is very commonly used for interior design. It is mostly the choice for bathrooms and there are some people who like beach theme bedroom design. This them can be incorporated with master bedroom ideas or it can be the main theme for a small spaced bedroom design. Basically, a light blue bedroom design can pass for a beach themed room. A summer bedroom with beach accessories is another good option if you want to go for this theme.

Beach Themed Master Bedroom

beach themed master bedroom

Design by Nefer Garcia

An under-the-sea designed wallpaper turned this master bedroom into a beach themed paradise. The water wall further enhanced the design. Other features and decorative pieces – like the jellyfish pendant lights and sea weed curtains – add beachy feel.

Beach Themed Bedroom for Teenagers

beach themed bedroom for teenagers

The teenage boys’ bedroom may be small in size, but it is definitely not small in design details. The nautical theme is achieved through the use of two white rings as wall decorations. The blue accents on white background enhanced the beachy appeal.

Vintage Beach Themed Bedroom Design

vintage beach themed bedroom design

For this beach style bedroom, the blue on white motif introduced the nautical feel. To add more beachy details, oars are placed on the accent wall and a miniature sail boat provides accent on the rustic wooden table. The two round windows are designed like ship windows. You may also see summer bedroom designs.

Children Beach Themed Bedroom

childrens beach themed bedroom

This children’s bedroom is filled with beach features that include; a life-like tropical mural, sailboat abstract framed artwork, canopy-style window accent, and terrycloth bedspread. The whole setting gives the bedroom the feeling of one fine beach day.

Yellow Beach Themed Bedroom

yellow beach themed bedroom

If living in a tropical paradise is one of your dreams, you can choose to have your bedroom designed like this one. The bed’s woven headboard and the white wainscot provide the backdrop for the beach concept. To add more nautical details, seashell and oars are used for decorations.

Small Beach Themed Bedroom Design

small beach themed bedroom design

The decorative features of this small bedroom are responsible for the beachy feel. The blue window shades and the pillow cases are made of sailboat designed fabric. The wall arts – sailboat paintings (one is inside the life ring frame) – provide more nautical feel into the interior design.

Beach Theme Bedroom Interior Design

beach theme bedroom interior design

This white bedroom has a hint of beachy feel because of the blue pillows and the starfish decorations on the wall above the head of the bed. The setup is simple, yet very relaxing and appealing.

Rustic Beach Theme Bedroom

rustic beach theme bedroom

The headboard decorated with oars is enough to show that this bedroom has a beach theme design. The blue printed bedsheet and pillows are additional nautical features.

Cottage Beach Theme Bedroom

cottage beach theme bedroom

Design by Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

You could never go wrong with the perfect blue and white combination if you want a beach themed bedroom. That color combo is used in most features in this room – curtain, bedding, pillows and the rug. The painting on the wall gives the final beachy touch.

Beach Theme Bedroom Lighting

beach theme bedroom lighting

This bedroom is designed to provide the feeling of spending the night on the beach. The upper deck bed is supported by wooden poles and ropes and then surrounded by a fishing net. The string lights and the hammock add more beachy feel into the design setting.

Beach Theme Guest Bedroom

beach theme guest bedroom

Beach Theme Bedroom Design

beach theme bedroom design

Creative Beach Theme Bedroom

creative beach theme bedroom

Wooden Beach Theme Bedroom

wooden beach theme bedroom

Kids Beach Theme Bedroom

kids beach theme bedroom

Design by Bradford C. Smith Architect

Modern Beach Theme Bedroom

modern beach theme bedroom

Beach Boat Theme Bedroom

beach boat theme bedroom

Beach theme can be easily incorporated into your bedroom interior design. It is a good option especially for small bedroom ideas because it does not really require much space, decorative pieces, and features. Basically, a blue and white color combo should be enough. If you want some additional accents, you can use miniature sailboats, beach-theme printed wall paper or seashells. You may also see small master bedroom designs.

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