A fireplace is a cozy addition to your bedroom. Cozying next to a nice bedroom fireplace especially on a cold winter night is likely to evoke some sweet dreamy feelings. While we draw most of our fireplace inspirations from the living room, there are a number of sleek and minimalist fireplace designs that can beautifully fit into our bedrooms.

Although conventionally fireplaces are located centrally and in front such that they form the room’s focal point, it needn’t be like that always. A design with fireplace positioned at the room’s corner looks great and it’s ideal for saving some valuable space especially for small bedrooms.

Master Bedroom with Pocketing Fleetwood Doors

master bedroom with pocketing fleetwood doors

Lapis Hawaii Design

Beautiful Fireplace Design Idea

beautiful fireplace design idea

AB Design

Bedroom Tranquil Focal Point with Fireplace

bedroom tranquil focal point with fireplace

Photo By: Jeffrey Aron Photography

Contemporary trends in design tend to lean more towards neat, well defined lines and bedroom fireplace designs are no exception. An impressive gas fireplace set in a stone wall is excellent for giving your bedroom an inviting warmth and modish look.

White Paint on The Brick Fireplace in Bedroom

white paint on the brick fireplace in bedroom

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Luxurious Bedroom Fireplace’s Shape Coordinates

luxurious bedroom fireplaces shape coordinates

Photo By: Baker Design

Elegant White Fireplace Design in Bedroom

elegant white fireplace design in bedroom


Hillside Home Bedroom Fireplace Design

hillside home bedroom fireplace design


Awesome Stone Fireplace Design in Bedroom

awesome stone fireplace design in bedroom

Forum PHI Designs

Retro Style Fireplace for Bedroom

retro style fireplace for bedroom

Bess Jones Interiors Design

Peaceful White Fireplace Bedroom Design

peaceful white fireplace bedroom design


Contemporary Standing Fireplace Idea for Bedroom

contemporary standing fireplace idea in bedroom


Fireplace Interior Decor Design for Bedroom

fireplace interior decor design for bedroom

Davignon Martin Designs

Italian Lime Plaster Fireplace Design for Bedroom

italian lime plaster fireplace design for bedroom


Fireplace Marbal Design for Dark Bedroom

fireplace marbul design for dark bedroom


Fabulous Master Bedroom with Fireplace Design

fabulous master bedroom with fireplace design

Synthesis Design

Modern Art Fireplace Design for Bedroom

modern art fireplace design for bedroom

Design By: Dufner Heighes

Dream Home Bedroom with Fireplace Design

dream home bedroom with fireplace design


Bricks Wall Design for Bedroom Fireplace

bricks wall design for bedroom fireplace

Ownby Design

Custom Designed Fireplace in Bedroom

custom designed fireplace in bedroom

Design By: Clawsona Architects

Amazing Interior Design with Fireplace in Bedroom

amazing interior design with fireplace in bedroom


Simple White Wall with Fireplace Design

simple white wall with fireplace design for bedroom

Ike Kligerman Barkley

A hanging fireplace design that gives an impression of a spaceship from a Sci-fi movie will undoubtedly give your bedroom a spectacular appearance. Designs with a trim around the fireplace look imitable. With such a design, you can opt for marble, tile, limestone, glass, chrome or any other material that matches well with your bedroom theme.

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