Fireplace Mantel adds an immediate style to your space. There are various fireplace designs that you can consider to give your space the look of your choice. Rustic, Victorian or contemporary, fireplace designs always attract attention. Indoor or outdoor fireplace mantels can be used intelligently to add beauty to your fireplace. You can keep your fire mantel simple or extend it till the ceiling. These fire mantel ideas will definitely help you decide what you want. You may also see Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

Modern Fireplace Mantels

Converting the entire fireplace concealing mantel in a textured wall gives an impression of an inbuilt fireplace. A marble shelf below the fireplace mantle looks sleek and stylish. You can also extend the mantle till the ceiling. You may also see Fire Pit Designs

Cool Modern Fireplace Mantel

cool modern fireplace mantel1

Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Go for the stone to give a rustic look to your fireplace. You can extend the mantel till the ceiling of keep it restricted to the fireplace. Mount the mantel with old wood shelf.

Simple Rustic Fireplace Mantel

simple rustic fireplace mantel

Corner Fireplace Mantels

If you have small space use the corner of your living room to built a cozy fireplace. The triangular shelf made above this mantel can be decorated using flower vase or candles. You can also use this space to keep a small sized television. You may also see Corner Fireplace Designs

Modern Corner Fireplace Mantel

modern corner fireplace mantel

Vintage Fireplace Mantels

Go back to Victorian age with antique cast iron mantel. You can also use carved wooden mantel for the rich look. If not wood, try marble for the Victorian look you wanted.

Simple Vintage Fireplace Mantel

simple vintage fireplace mantel

Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

A sleek concrete mantle around an inbuilt fireplace in a modern house adds to the minimalistic look. To improve the looks mount a slim wooden shelf above it. A ribbon fireplace with mantle extended to give room to inbuilt shelves looks modern and functional. You may also see Fireplace Designs

Contemporary Living Room Fireplace Mantel

contemporary living room fireplace mantel

Floating Fireplace Mantels

Use a sleek dark wood plank above your fireplace to make a beautiful floating mantel. To enhance the rustic look go for old wood. For modern interiors, you can choose polished wood with clean lines.

Modern Floating Fireplace Mantel

modern floating fireplace mantel

White Fireplace Mantels

White adds class to ay design. White fireplace mantels suit almost any kind of interior. You can have a white concrete fireplace mantel with clean edges for a modern look. Go for painted, carved wooden mantel for a Victorian look.

Contemporary White Fireplace Mantel

contemporary white fireplace mantel

Outdoor Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantels made in stone or bricks change the look of your outdoors completely. You can extend the mantel to make an inbuilt seating arrangement. For cozy poolside evening, opt for an open fireplace with classy surrounding mantel. You may also see Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

Outdoor Wood Fireplace Mantel

outdoor wood fireplace mantel

Traditional Fireplace Mantels

Traditional fireplace mantels can be plain or sometimes carved. It is mostly made out of wood. They can be marble mantels as well. Cast iron is also used in giving a traditional look to your fireplace mantel.

Traditional Wood Fireplace Mantel

traditional wood fireplace mantel

Small Fireplace Mantels

For a small fireplace opt for an inbuilt mantel instead of an external mount. It can be a mantel made out of concrete, slim on both sides while wide at the top to make enough shelf space. You can decorate it with candle stands, flower vase or can even convert it into your media corner.

Small Modern Fireplace Mantel

small modern fireplace mantel

DIY Fireplace Mantel Designs

It is easy to add a floating mantel to your fireplace. Usually, mantels are 60 inches above the floor. Take the measurements and fix a wooden shelf, antique or clean to change the look of your fireplace yourself.

Cool DIY Fireplace Mantel

cool diy fireplace mantel

Photo by Dana Nichols

Luxury Fireplace Mantels

Consider wide heavily carved wooden mantel to add luxury to your fireplace. Cut and polished stone mantels also add to the richness. Marble in itself is a symbol of luxury and when polished it adds oodles of style and luxury to your interiors.

Luxury Wood Fireplace Mantel

luxury wood fireplace mantel

Wood Fireplace Mantels

Give a touch of sculpture and architecture to your fireplace with ornately curved and cut wooden fireplace mantels. For a classier look consider a painted white floating wooden mantel on a stone wall. A mantel made of dark wood around a fireplace made in a brick wall looks rustic and adds texture to the interiors. A traditional fireplace with wooden mantel can be the classic and easiest addition to your living room.

Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel

rustic wood fireplace mantel

Country Fireplace Mantels

For a country-style fireplace mantel, consider wooden mantel on a clean concrete wall decorated with elaborate vases with fresh flowers. Nothing adds to a country look like an extended stone mantel meeting the beams on the ceiling.

Traditional Country Fireplace Mantel

traditional country fireplace mantel

Carved Fireplace Mantels

Carved fireplace mantels add luxury to your interiors. If you are the one to appreciate old world charms then carved fireplace mantel will give your interiors the best look. They look amazing in Victorian interiors as well. Decorate the space above with Victorian art pieces to complete the look.

Carved Fireplace Mantel for Bedroom

carved fireplace mantel for bedroom

Fireplace mantels enhance the beauty of your interiors. With new designs and innovations, it has become possible to give your space the look of your desire. Whether you want to get the feel of Victorian age or ass a bit of luxury you have an option to do it all and in style.

A fireplace is incomplete without a fireplace mantel. Fireplace mantels are important to keep the surroundings safe and clean. While selecting the fireplace mantels you need to keep your interiors in mind. An ornately carved mantel-piece would never compliment minimalistic modern interiors. If you want to add the coziness of a fireplace without burning your pocket then you can also opt for inbuilt fire pits in your outdoors. They are innovative and occupy less space.

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