When your house gives you a space for fireplace it would be a gruesome crime to not utilize it. As the outside temperatures have started to go low it is time to heat up the inside with a beautifully designed mantel. Fireplace mantels do not just help to set the ambiance but also act as a centerpiece to knit the whole gathering together. If you are looking for some fireplace inspiration, we have today compiled a list of 10 designs that are as functional as beautiful.

1. Stainless Steel Fireplace

stainless steel fireplace1


This stainless steel fireplace gives a beautiful contrast to the walnut clad walls of the elegant home in Lebanon. The design is beautiful and it carries the sleek sophisticated look which is well complemented with armchairs.

2. Stacked Stone Fireplace

stacked stone fireplace1


This stacked stone fireplace along with being an impressive feature in the room acts as a divider as well as a centerpiece in the room. The brick fireplace matches beautifully with the reclaimed oak, windows and doors.

3. Oak Fireplace

oak fireplace


The beautiful oak mantel acts as a decorative focal point for the rest of the living room. The brick panels along with an extend fence accentuate the look further.

4. Black Fireplace

black fireplace


The white panels in the home are beautifully contrasted with the black trim fireplace. Contemporary and traditional at the same time, the fireplace helps to add the missing interest and color to the home.

5. White Fireplace

white fireplace


This beautiful and shiny white fireplace mantel is matched with paintings and library shelving. Traditional and simple in its appeal, the fireplace is definitely one of the cozy designs to come home to.

6. Marble Fireplace

marble fireplace


This marble fireplace with candles placed on the edges on the mantle makes the design no less than a beautiful piece of artwork. Paired with a wrought iron gate, the fireplace adds a distinctive Mediterranean touch to the living room.

7. Vintage Style Fireplace

vintage style fireplace


The craftsmen carved stone turns the fireplace into an artistic focal point of the room. Sometimes even the most unbelievable things can be the biggest decorative element in the living room.

8. Dark Grey Fireplace

dark grey fireplace


This dark grey colored mantel not just brings the deep hued contrast to the white shelves and cabinet but also make the regular TV look grand. If your home carries a subtle tone, this fireplace is definitely one way to transform the look.

9. Antique Fireplace

antique fireplace

This distressed antique finish fireplace carries a 19th-century look that adds a timeless charm to the burning fireplace.

10. Old Meets New Fireplace

old meets new fireplace


This charming fireplace reflects a vintage style with the surrounding accent edge deep brown hue. The Plexi-Craft coffee table exhibits a contemporary value that matches well with the casement windows and roof.

Take inspiration and redo your fireplace with these unique and refreshing designs.

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