When you think of a living room with a fireplace, the image that comes to your mind is a room with some cozy chairs placed around a stone fireplace which keeps the room warm. Of course, the idea of a fireplace in living rooms does crop up for exactly the same reason. 

However, with the changes that have taken over home décor, even the fireplaces have transformed drastically. They are no more confined to a corner as an essential but are actually designed to add to the entire look of the room. In case you have been thinking of adding a fireplace to your living room, here are some ideas to get you started.

Modern Living Room Fireplace

modern living room fireplace


If you have done up your living room in a trendy way, it would be a good idea to carve out a fireplace within one of the walls. Go for a sleek, rectangular design and paint the edges in black or gray to give it a trendy look. A few white pebbles neatly arranged within the hearth will accentuate the appeal of the fireplace.

Retro Living Room Fireplace

retro living room fireplace


Thinking of putting up a fireplace in your living room that adds to its classic décor? Why not add in a fireplace on the wall and add a marble projection over it? You can fix it up with horizontal shutters to keep it closed when not in use. Add in an elegant shelf below the fireplace that runs through the whole length of the wall. Place a few trendy vases and craft pieces on this shelf to enhance the look of your living room.

Mid Century Modern Living Room With Fireplace

midcentury modern living room with fireplace


In case you want to give your living room a mid-century appeal and are thinking of adding in a fireplace, look for a wall with a projection in the middle. You can even get this projection built into the wall. Build in a square-shaped fireplace into this wall and accentuate it with a white marble border. Add a piece of the marble across the length of the fireplace on the floor. Line the inner walls of the fireplace in bricks to give it a rustic look. Paint the wall a dark gray shade and add in an ornate mantelpiece carved from the white marble.

Nice Living Room with Fireplace

nice living room with fireplace


Thinking of giving a cozy look to your living room? Put in a brick wall and design a fireplace into it. Use dark wood panels to create an elegant border for the fireplace. Paint the brick wall in a dark, muted shade like slate gray. Instead of the conventional mantelpiece, line the wall with teakwood panels. This would give the whole room a very inviting look.

Modern Living Room Fireplace With Rough Hewn

modern living room fireplace with rough hewn


Add an elegant in-wall fireplace to your living room that has been done up in a contemporary fashion. Go for metallic inner lining for the fireplace which will make it look brighter and chic. Paint the outer border in black. You can also go for a granite border to give it more trendy look. Pick an unpolished panel of wood which is the same length as the wall in which the fireplace inbuilt. Put this up above the fireplace to double up as a mantelpiece.

Eclectic Green Living Room With Fireplace

eclectic green living room with fireplace1

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson

Not sure what kind of fireplace to add to your green colored living room? Well, go for a traditional fireplace design with an ornate mantel. Accentuate the borders of the fireplace with beige designer tiles and paint the mantel in ivory white. Add a small shelf designed out of cream granite in front of the fireplace, on the floor.

Living Room With in Wall Fireplace

living room with in wall fireplace


Transitional Living Room With Fireplace and Furniture

transitional living room with fireplace and furniture

Photo By: Amy Studebaker

White Living Room With Fireplace

white living room with fireplace


Living Room Fireplace With Large Marble Tile

living room fireplace with large marble tile

Designed by David Bromstad

Green Living Room With Fireplace

green living room with fireplace

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson

Southwestern Living Room With Fireplace

southwestern living room with fireplace


Modern Living Room With Fireplace

modern living room with fireplace


Transitional Living Room With Fireplace

transitional living room with fireplace

Photo By: Amy Studebaker

Cozy Neutral Living Room With Fireplace

cozy neutral living room with fireplace


Formal Living Room with Fireplace

formal living room with fireplace

Photo By: Lisa Vail

Eclectic Living Room With Fireplace

eclectic living room with fireplace


Pink Eclectic Living Room With Fireplace

pink eclectic living room with fireplace1


Outdoor Living Room With Fireplace

outdoor living room with fireplace


Neutral Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace

neutral contemporary living room with fireplace


Elegant Living Room with Fireplace

elegant living room with fireplace


There is no compulsion that you should stick to the traditional designs when building a fireplace in your living room. You can build a two-way fireplace that acts as a partition between the living and dining area and keeps both of them warm. You can even go for drum fireplaces or free standing fireplaces. However, make sure that these are in sync with the décor of your living room. Do you have any more living room fireplace design ideas? Share these with us.

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