Living Room designs that hold a rustic touch having a traditional style and that which are cozy, warm and comfortable are labeled as chalet designs. A chalet living room design features antique décor and warm-toned lighting that sets the mood and further enhances it. A chalet room is sure to remind you of your good old days. With the right furniture and décor, you can oomp up any living room with a chalet design. Below is a list of chalet living room designs exclusively selected for you as follows:

Ski Chalet Living Room

ski chalet living room

This rustic chalet living room has a very romantic ambiance where the walls are made out of carved stone woods and below is a fireplace to warm up. The furniture and décor also hold a traditional touch to it including the chandelier light, sofas, coffee table, rugs etc.

Rustic Chalet Living Room

rustic chalet living room

This beautiful rustic theme chalet living room has made use of earthy warm color tones such as beige, brown and gold. It features a large animal faced statue, a stone carved wall with fireplace, a round wooden coffee table, a large set of golden sofas and lights.

Cottage Chalet Living Room

natural chalet living room

This is a traditional chalet living room which is built in a cottage style and has a natural touch of interiors. It consists of two sofa sets arranged opposite to each other in a natural beige color, a round coffee table in the center, vases in brown, some green plants kept inside and curtains. You can also see Retro Living Room Designs

Luxury Chalet Living Furniture Design

luxury furniture chalet living design

This is a lavish living room featuring luxurious furniture and has a contemporary style built. Featuring a hardwood flooring in chocolate brown, stone carved pillar walls in the two corners and contemporary wall organizers, this beautiful living room calls for an ultra modern chalet design.

Large Chalet Living Room Design

large chalet living room design

This contemporary living room is very large and spacious with a chalet design. It features a pitched ceiling having western interiors. The colors used for décor are mostly wooden and rustic. The ceiling is made of hardwood and has focus light setting. Apart from that, there are comfortable leather sofas in gray that complement the theme of this living room design.

Open Concept Chalet Living Room Idea

open concept chalet living room idea

Design by Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc.

This is yet another beautiful living room with a rustic style but having an open concept design. The room is very large with the furniture and décor altogether placed in one. It has a wooden ceiling with small ceiling lights affixed to them. The coffee table is also made of wood and to match that is the rug placed in the center that is in color beige.

Creek Chalet Living Room Idea

creek chalet living room idea

This chalet living room is inspired by the creek style and has chocolate brown colored interiors used ranging from the sofas to the fans and the stone carved ceilings and borders. It is the main living room with a divider for the kitchen. All the interiors are made out of natural stone that is perfect for a chalet living room design.

Chalet Style Living Room Design

chalet style living room design

This beautiful and traditional chalet-style living room design is exceptional. Consisting of a stone fireplace, with wooden ceilings in the cottage style and all traditional décor, it calls for an ideal chalet-style living room design and can be incorporated in farmhouses and the like.

European Ski Chalet Living Room Idea

european ski chalets living room idea

This rustic living room idea with European ski chalets has a stone carved wall with fireplace for a good warm up session. To match the décor are all the accessories and furniture used ranging from the sofa sets to the rug and the lighting.

Classic Chalet Living Room Design

amazing chalet living room design

This amazing chalet living room is of a contemporary style having a stone-carved wall on one side with the fireplace and a tan roof with detailed border ceilings. It features a number of comfortable sofas in white and another antique décor.

Purple Chalet Living Room Sofa

purple sofa chalet living room

Chalet Living Room Interior Design

chalet living room interior design

Design by : Chalet

Modern Ski Chalet Living Room

modern ski chalet living room

Traditional Chalet Living Room

traditional chalet living room

Classic Ski Chalet Living Room

classic ski chalet living room

Small Chalet Living Room Idea

small chalet living room idea

Eclectic Chalet Living Room Design

eclectic chalet living room idea

Chalet living room designs are beautiful, unique and one of a kind. They remind us of the memories and bring about old vibes. Draw inspiration from the above chalet living room designs and incorporate one in your own house.

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