Everybody knows that the color blue represents masculinity. We apply that to our everyday lives and one solid example is clothing your newly born baby boy in blue. However, did you also know that back in the 16th to the 17th century, the color blue is considered to represent femininity?

Blue And Brown Living Room Idea

blue and brown living room idea


Dark Blue Living Room Idea

dark blue living room idea


Blue living room design is one of the latest crazy nowadays when it comes to interior designing. However, there are some who are a little skeptic about the color blue. If you are one of the skeptic bunch, always remember that the colors soft gray, white, and apple green can always soften the color blue. Throw in some wooden furniture and you can never go wrong in making the room look and feel cozy.

Blue Living Room Furniture Set

blue living room furniture set


Simple Blue Living Room Idea

simple blue living room idea


Stylish Blue Living Room Decor

stylish blue living room decor


Blue Living Room Furniture Idea

blue living room furniture idea


You can start with the shade tiffany blue just like the color of the box of Tiffany jewelries, match it with a little white or gray and you’ll be surprised at how soft, tranquil, and feminine your living room will look.

Classic Blue Living Room Design

classic blue living room design


Sky Blue Family Room Wall Paint

sky blue family room wall paint


Light Blue Living Room Furniture

light blue living room furniture


Small Blue Living Room Interiors

small blue living room interiors

Brian Benda Designs

Soft Blue Living Room Idea

soft blue living room idea


Classy Blue Living Room Interiors

classy blue living room wall interiors


Simple Blue Living Room Wall Paint

simple blue living room wall paint


Modern Living Room Interior Design

modern living room interior design


Blue Living Room Decorating Idea

blue living room decorating idea


Cool Blue Living Room Wall Design

cool blue living room wall design


Leopard Print Living Room Decor

leopard print living room decor

Pawleys Island Posh

Blue Country Living Room Idea

blue country living room idea


Living Room Furniture Set Idea

living room furniture set idea


You can also use pastel or powder blue for a more feminine look. If you are going for the masculine look, go with navy or royal blue matched with darker gray. Remember, the lighter you go, the more feminine it becomes. If you want to add some more touch of elegance, a deep green or emerald green will do the trick.

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