The idea that dark walls make the interior dull is fast becoming absolute. Now it is considered that walls painted in the dark colors like brown give a more sophisticated and elegant look. Brown gives a warm and comfortable feeling to your living room.

Brown living room offers a certain cozy and a rich warm feeling. Traditionally brown is considered to be the color of stability and composer. Brown in combination with orange, green and yellow became popular in living rooms decor in 1970’s. It was used excessively in the scoop chairs, wood flooring, coffee tables, linoleum and rugs.

Airy Purple and Brown Living Room

airy purple and brown living room

Designed by Mariah O’Brien Interiors

Black White and Brown Living Room

black white and brown living room

Photo by American Furniture Warehouse

Transitional Brown Living Room

transitional brown living room

Brown leather sofa is considered to be a classic piece of furniture that is  also a part of the contemporary interior especially when decorating living rooms.  It gives your living room and elegant and luxurious look.

Eclectic Brown Living Room Storage

eclectic brown living room storage

Cozy Brown Den With Plush Sofa and Throw Pillows

cozy brown den with plush sofa and throw pillows

Photo By: David Clark

Burnt Orange Accents Pop in Brown Living Room

burnt orange accents pop in brown living room

Photo By: Mitzi Beach

Traditional Brown Living Room With Blue Rug and Fireplace

traditional brown living room with blue rug and fireplace

Photo by Kristi Nelson

Traditional Brown Living Room Is Sophisticated Inviting

traditional brown living room is sophisticated inviting

Orange Accents Brighten Brown Living Room

orange accents brighten brown living room

Brown Living Room With Space-Saving Dining Table and Global Accents

brown living room with space saving dining table and global accents

Brown Contemporary Living Room With White Sofa

brown contemporary living room with white sofa

Photo by Troy Beasley

Brown Traditional Living Room With Wood Mantel

brown traditional living room with wood mantel

Photo By: Nancy Mikulich

Brown Traditional Living Room with Blue Floral Area Rug

brown traditional living room with blue floral area rug

Photo by Kristi Nelson

Brown Traditional Living Room With Built In Bookshelves

brown traditional living room with built in bookshelves

Brown Rustic Great Room With Window Wall

brown rustic great room with window wall

Brown Contemporary Living Room With Tray Ceiling

brown contemporary living room with tray ceiling

Brown Traditional Living Room With Wood Framed Nautical Mirror

brown traditional living room with wood framed nautical mirror

Contemporary Family Room With Brown Sectional

contemporary family room with brown sectional

Casual Great Room With Brown Sectional

casual great room with brown sectional

Brown Traditional living Room With White Sofa

brown traditional living room with white sofa

Brown Sealing with Furniture Mediterranean Living Room

brown sealling with furniture mediterranean living room

Brown Wooden Floor Contemporary Room

brown wooden floor contemporary room

Beautiful Brown Wooden Floor Eclectic Living Room

beautiful brown wooden floor eclectic living room

Elegant Brown Contemporary Living Room

elegant brown contemporary living room

Designed by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

If you want to give a more elegant look to your living room, more mild and blended shades of brown are recommended. Blending the dark and light shades of brown can give balance to your living room.

Color brown adds warmth to your living room that is why it is important to understand which shade can enhance it more. You can use it to create dramatic contrast or elegant blend.

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