Wall art is an important part of an interior design. Using walls for creative ideas has always been a good way to decorate a room. If you want something unique, you can try to scrabble wall art. Basically, you can just use large scrabble tiles to spell names for a personalized scrabble wall art. You can also use scrabble number tiles, decorative tiles or framed artworks to achieve the kind of wall you desire. The way you assemble the tiles or frames would showcase your creative nature.

Scrabble Wall Tiles Design


Using tiles of different styles and textures is a good way to create a very beautiful and pleasing wall art. For this bathroom, the decorative scrabble tiles have similar size and shape, but the difference in the designs and textures make the entire ensemble truly amazing.

Bright Scrabble Wall Art

Designed By : Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This room has a natural stone wall decorated with a simple and bright scrabble wall art. The piece is a perfect match to the rich colors of the hardwood floor, as well as the shiny piano. The floating mini sculptures on the other wall add magnificence to the setup. You may also See Japanese Wall Art Designs

Living Room with Brown Scrabble Wall


This house is accented with dark brown walls that are decorated with large art pieces. The good thing about the whole design is that each wall has a theme. Like for the living room, three Mirang Wonne artworks, while another wall has Japanese characters.

Stone Wall with Scrabble Art


The gray stone wall separating the dining room from the rest of the house is simply, yet elegantly decorated with large abstract wall art. The white background of the painting stands out in all the grayness of the room.

Colorful Scrabble Wall Bathroom

Designed By : Janet Brooks Design

This bathroom is simple perfection in its design. The standalone tub is set beside a wall with wide and long glass window, making it easy to enjoy a bath and the view. The single art wall on one wall is huge enough to compete with the beauty of nature seen from the window. To add diversity to the design, nine small wall arts are arranged beside the glass window. You may also See Flower Wall Art Designs

Butterfly Scrabble Wall Art


Blue butterflies soaring up high – this is the theme used for the scrabble wall art idea on this almost all-white living room. The butterflies are perfectly arranged as they seem to be flying outside to enjoy the blue skies and the calm sea.

Trendy Scrabble Wall Art for Kids

Designed By : J. Tight Interiors

Color is abundant in this kids’ bedroom – from the bed to the couch to the pillows and to the two decorative wall arts on the light yellow wall. The images on the painting are just as colorful as the room.

Scrabble Wall Art in Bed Room

Designed By : Design Shop - Interiors & Staging

The light green wall of this bedroom is saved from being plain and boring by the wide wall art called the Kaleidoscope Sky. You may also See Wood Wall Art Designs

Wooden Scrabble Wall Art Idea


The lighted wooden tile sculpture used for this bedroom is a good example of creating a beautiful and functional scrabble wall art.

Victorian Scrabble Living Room Wall Art

Designed By : Kimberley Bryan

This loft living room has a simple interior design. The color scheme is neutral and the only bright feature is the wide wall art behind the long sofa. You may also See Chinese Wall Art Designs

Awesome Scrabble Art Idea


Alphabets Scrabble Wall for Kids

Designed By : Masterpiece Design Group

Kitchen Scrabble Wall Design

Designed By : Heather Merenda

Gray Living Scrabble Room


Modern Scrabble Bedroom

Designed By : Joel Kelly Design

Shabby Chic Scrabble Wall Art

Designed By : Tucker Design

Multi Color Scrabble Wall Art


Wooden Wall Scrabble Art


Scrabble Green Wall Art Idea


Stone Wall Horse Scrabble Art Design


Funny Scrabble Wall Art Idea


When choosing wall arts, there are a lot of things to put into consideration. For instance, the size of the tiles or frames should be an ideal match with the rest of the room features. The same is true with the design or image in the tiles or frames. For example, colorful images are the best for kids’ rooms.

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